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  • Fresh clashes broke out between Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenian forces over Nagorno Karabakh, a day after talks in Washington were held in an effort to end the bloodshed.


  • Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry reported conflicts in and around the mountainous breakaway area considered part of Azerbaijan but populated and controlled by ethnic Armenians.


  • It said that some areas have come under rocket and artillery fire from inside Armenian territory In the Gorno Cara back, local officials accused Azerbaijan's forces of firing missiles into residential buildings in Stepanakert, the largest city in the region, which they deny.

    它說,一些地區遭到了來自亞美尼亞境內的火箭和炮火襲擊。 在戈爾諾-卡拉後方,當地官員指責阿塞拜疆部隊向該地區最大城市斯捷潘納克特的居民樓發射飛彈,但他們予以否認。

  • US.


  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had separate discussions with the foreign ministers of both countries to try and put a stop to the deadliest fighting in the Nagorno Karabakh enclave in more than a quarter of a century.


  • The collapse of to Russia brokered ceasefires had already dimmed the prospects of a quick end to fighting, which broke out in September.


  • Azeri forces say they have made territorial gains, including full control, over the border with Iran.


  • Armenia denies this.


  • Nagorno Karabakh's ethnic Armenian administration says its forces have repulsed attacks.



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