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  • Everyone here has pretty much slept with Peter Jackson. Yes, that's what we're getting to.

  • It was one of the most anticipated films of the year, so of course we jetted to Berlin

  • for the European premiere of The Hobbit - but we're not gonna lie me mainly went there to

  • try out some German schnitzel and to meet this guy.

  • Big ol' role in this one. How does it feel being the dog? It's lovely. It's great

  • fun. Yeah, in the title and all that. It's great fun, great fun. And look at that. That's

  • just... That's something else.

  • It's you! I know, basically that is me. That's how I

  • wake up every morning.

  • What do you do to get into character as a badass dragon?

  • Well, the book is fantastic obviously, and then I did a little research. I went and watched

  • kimono dragons at Regent's Park and just sort of threw myself around, sort of squished my

  • legs together, tried to crawl on just my belly and my hands and my forearms and dragon-ed

  • it up I guess.

  • However Benedict wasn't the only eye candy on the red carpet. Introducing newly single

  • Orlando Bloom, although he seemed to have a problem remembering his lines.

  • What's your favourite line from the film? Um...

  • I would say...

  • What is it? My favourite line from the film is... Um...

  • Do you know what? I've seen the film once.

  • I saw half the movie once in LA, and I can't give you my favourite one at the moment. Sorry.

  • I literally just got off a plane from New York. I'm thinking... There's one line that

  • Thorin says... What is that line that Thorin says?

  • Yeah, let's give up on that one.

  • However, it wasn't only the gorgeous gents who were looking might fine.

  • Good work! Gorgeous dress. Thank you.

  • Have you gotten used to this level of fan attention yet?

  • Yeah, I mean... I think Lost was... when it first hit the scene, it was a little bit of

  • phenomenon as well, and it's very much the same fan base. It's all the Comic Con nerds

  • who love Lost and love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, so I feel right at home. I feel

  • like these are my people.

  • Very quickly. Could you tell us your favourite line from the film?

  • Favourite line from the film. My favourite question.

  • Don't you want to search me? I could have anything in my pants... or nothing.

  • And you can always trust Martin Freeman for some career advice.

  • Well, my lack of any talent. I had to overcome that, but I got it with sleeping with the

  • right people and it's always the way forward, I find. If you've got it where it counts.

  • Yeah, we really hope he's joking. Then James Nesbitt revealed all about the boys' drinking antics.

  • He said that Freeman and Cumberbatch are good drunks.

  • Well, I was probably too drunk to have seen that. Cumberbatch isn't a good drunk. Who

  • told you that?

  • Ed Sheeran. He said he's a right gentleman.

  • Ed Sheeran? Ed Sheeran's about 15. Two pints of the good ol' Snakebite and he's gone. Cumberbatch,

  • couple of glasses of Babycham and he's history.

  • Then look who rocked up. It's only our favourite red-head. Well joint favourite with Prince

  • Harry.

  • So first of all, tell us, how did you get involved in this massive project?

  • I got an email from Peter, saying can you do a song in a week? You have to come to New

  • Zealand, and I said yes. So I did.

  • Oh Ed, he's such a pro. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits UK cinemas on the 13th of December.

  • Come now. Don't be shy. Step into the light.

Everyone here has pretty much slept with Peter Jackson. Yes, that's what we're getting to.


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本尼迪克特-康伯巴奇和奧蘭多-布魯姆出席《霍比特人:史矛革的毀滅》首映式。 (Benedict Cumberbatch and Orlando Bloom at The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug premiere)

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