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  • Where's the Appalachian Trail in the United States?


  • The Camino de Santiago in Spain and a confident in Sweden?


  • There are some of the most famous hiking trails in the world, and now China hopes it can add one of its own to the list.


  • This is a share fun trail stretching 60 miles across China's southwestern Yunnan Province.


  • The trail runs from the mountains.


  • Off rushing to the wetlands are cinnamon very, very rich culture and the landscape, because agriculture plays a very, very important role for China.


  • Thing is who is from Hunan Province, and he worked with a local team to design China's first world class hiking trail, one that will offer a window into an unseen part of the country.


  • I am from this province on, then, having living abroad for this long.


  • I do understand that actually, this place is eyes that amazing that will, um, you know, meet the demands for the Western audience.


  • He teamed up with Leon McCarron and Evan Adventurer, who spent six months in 2012 walking across China from the Gobi Desert to Hong Kong.

    他與Leon McCarron和Evan Adventurer合作,在2012年花了6個月的時間,從戈壁沙漠徒步穿越中國到香港。

  • Thistles just tryingto bottle that experience that I find eight years ago across 5000 kilometers of walking in China on condense it down into 100 kilometers and something that people can do in a week off work.


  • But what makes a hiking trail world class first, Ah, hiker should be able to walk the trail without having to follow someone else.


  • The trail starts with a 10 mile track from Hu Sheng Xiang Ah, Mountain village at 4330 ft and takes you on a steady climb to the Asian rice terraces off Shan Bay.


  • There are multiple ways in which Heidrick and navigate along the path, so they have digital data.


  • They have paper maps, they have descriptions of the day stages, and they're also be way markings along the trail, which is just, uh, strip serpent.


  • That's help someone orientate themselves in the right direction.


  • The trail mix use off ancient abandoned paths that even locals never knew existed.


  • We have members of our trail crew who are from this wider local area on ground up in those mountains.


  • Way had people who live in some of those little villages on assumes.


  • We took them even just two or three kilometers onto our trail, they told us that they've never seen these places before.


  • For each fears of our process of creating this trail way just cover hundreds of kilometers on.


  • Sometimes we do that on foods by walking.


  • Sometimes we use mountain bikes.


  • Come along, little trails like this one that we're on right now on often we'll just arrived villages and people will just look at us like we're from a different planet on there, always completely friendly and were often invited in and given snacks and given directions a deep privilege for us to be the first people to come through.


  • I find that pretty exciting.


  • The Chef Trail is one of the many rural areas in China that's opening up to tourism.


  • Thanks to an ever expanding high speed rail system and with growing investments in resorts and restaurants, domestic tourists from nearby cities has started making their ways to the mountains.


  • You show me hope you're right is very quickly.


  • So you show me a choice on it.


  • Mhm.

  • It will help us in my province to have Mawr international visitors and they will help.


  • Actually, you know the economy, economy, growth for this province on also, you know, especially for the rural places.


  • So this will make me very happy to see my home province.


  • You know, growth and also those villages exposure way.


  • Want this to be something that's like one of the only ways that you'll be able to see really get under the skin and right into rural China, and I've never yet find anything that does.


  • This is probably the best window that we find yet into that unseen, wild, beautiful cultural version of China Way.


Where's the Appalachian Trail in the United States?


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