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  • it's time we find out just how this kid earned his crown as the king of games.


  • This is actually with watch Mojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Yugi Moto Victories.


  • Dark Magician is stronger than ever now, thanks to the Pharaoh's magic card.


  • But I know that somewhere in my deck there's a card that can beat it.


  • For this least we'll be looking at some of the most notable and well deserved winds of our spiky head protagonist throughout the original anime will only be counting the doors for both Yugi and or yummy.


  • So unfortunately, we won't be including any duels between the two since it means one of them will have to lose.


  • As always, You can catch me on Twitter at Ash Jabo So head over there Give me a follow Let me know which ugo list you want to see next.

    和往常一樣,你可以在Twitter上找到我,Ash Jabo,所以去那裡給我一個關注,讓我知道你想看到的下一個Ugo列表。

  • So check this out.


  • Number 10 My Valentine Duelist Kingdom and I play in attack mode Thebes Duelist Kingdom semifinals have begun on the first round Has Yugi facing off against the queen of harpies herself my valentine Unfortunately, yogis having trust issues with yummy and his dueling mojo is out of whack, allowing my toe walk all over him.


  • Allow.


  • Tell me to introduce the ever faithful servant of Harvey Ladies.


  • Yeah, Fortunately, you G manages to confront his fears and two in the dual around only for my to surrender at the last minute.


  • While this is a cheap way to end the dual, this showdown helped you g regained his confidence and make peace with yummy, reuniting the dynamic duo.


  • As an added bonus, we got to witness the debut off the legendary Black Luster Soldier Booth.

    作為額外的獎勵,我們還見證了傳說中的Black Luster Soldier Booth的首次亮相。

  • Black Bluster Soldier number nine rematch with Rafael.


  • What were you thinking, Rafael?


  • Now one of us is going to lose his soul.


  • The last time you, G and Raffaele dueled, it ended in disaster.


  • Yummy.


  • Let his pride and the seal of Ari Calico's get the better of him, and it ended up costing him his crown as the king of games along with U G soul.

    讓他的自尊心和阿里卡里科的印記佔了上風,最後讓他和U G靈魂一起失去了遊戲之王的皇冠。

  • It only needs one of us, so I'm letting the seal take me instead.


  • No.


  • In their rematch, however, the tables have turned with Raffaele blinded by the darkness.


  • Thankfully, Yami is playing with a full deck this time around and manages to not only turn the duel in his favor but also helped Raffaele remember his values setting him free from the oracle cosas influence.


  • We'd say this more than makes up for ya Mies previous loss as he rightfully reclaims his title And he did it with only 10 life points left with dark flame of your dread site is now extinguished.


  • Number eight No a Kipper Chaib a has 400 life points left.


  • Let me take this place so we can finish this doll fair and square.


  • Originally, this was a duel between brothers with Seto, Khyber and Noah dueling in the virtual world for ownership of Khyber Corp.


  • Unfortunately, some foul play from Noah costs Khyber the dual, and he and Mokaba attend to stone.


  • Of course, you G is having none of that.


  • Skiba could have easily defeated, You know, Uh, but he chose the safety of his little brother over.

    斯基巴本可以輕鬆打敗你知道的 呃 但他選擇了他弟弟的安全而不是

  • His victory on that makes Khyber a stronger person than you will ever be.


  • He steps in to teach this little brat a lesson, though not without a handicap.


  • With a massive lifepoint disadvantage, his friends being turned to stone left and rights on DNO, his spirit monster dominating the field all seems hopeless for you, g at least until he unleashes that last six card combo with some help from Kippers blue eyes giving the tyrannical brat the whooping he deserved.


  • Behold the power of my blue eyes Ultimate Dragon number seven Joey Wheeler Duelist Kingdom Finals Suck it up, you G uh, You said it yourself If it came down to us, we both just play our best and most honorable duel, Possibly the most turmoil battle of the Duelist Kingdom finals.

    看我藍眼睛的力量 終極龍七號喬伊-惠勒決鬥者王國總決賽 吸取它,你G呃,你自己說的 如果到了我們,我們都只是發揮我們最好的和最光榮的決鬥,可能是決鬥者王國總決賽最混亂的戰鬥。

  • With $3 million and a chance to dual Pegasus on the line, Yuki and Joey are forced to put their friendship on hold.


  • The attention of watching the two besties battle each other is already high.


  • But considering their respective goals, Joey wanting the prize money for his sister while you g needs to free the souls that Pegasus captured, you're not really sure who to root for.


  • Kind of strange that this is all coming down to a card that you gave me.


  • Both bodies give it their all.


  • But in the end, you g wins by using Joey strategy to his advantage.


  • However, because he's a good sports Yugi.


  • Let's Joey keep the cash prize so that he could help his sister, giving this tense showdown a much needed happy ending.


  • And it's over.


  • Number six Yummy Bacara Dawn of the dual.


  • Those monsters have been destroyed, right?


  • You are.


  • And since I no longer have a great heart, they return to the field as phantom while You G holds the title of King of Games.

    而由於我已經沒有了一顆偉大的心,他們以幻影的身份迴歸賽場,而You G則擁有遊戲之王的稱號。

  • It was usually yummy doing most of the work, however, with yummy currently occupied.


  • Yugi finds himself on his own in a final duel against Yummy but Cora with a whole new deck.


  • Unfortunately, because ghoulish strategy completely drained most of Yuki's deck, leaving him with only one card left to play.


  • Thankfully, the luck of the draw is on.


  • Yuki site on his last card, is the only one he needs.


  • Well, it appears the game has shifted in my favor.


  • Your creatures are no match for salt.


  • Gandara, the dragon of destruction Despite the core, is mockery.


  • Little Yugi proved that he's capable of holding his own in a duel with or without Yummy is helped by silencing one of the animals.


  • Most deadliest villains once and for all but how I have the perfect strategy.


  • Number five strings slash Marik Ishtar You can't be thinking who are for his third duel in battle.


  • City unions of going toe to toe with strings, a mime and one of Merrick's rare hunters, along with the Egyptian god cards Slice of the Sky Dragon, This human puppet is armed with a seemingly flawless card combination that practically makes him untouchable.


  • The last monster you'll ever see.


  • Thankfully, a pep talk from Khyber motivates you.


  • G to Tim things around, and he does so in a big way.


  • He cleverly manages to use strings strategy against him, locking the mine in a never ending cycle until he runs out of cards on loses.


  • And thus Yuki wins the duel on Sly, for we joke about you having dumb luck.


  • But it takes real skill to exploit a foes flawless strategy and come out on top.


  • There's no way out.


  • That's right, Merrick.

    沒錯 梅里克 That's right, Merrick.

  • Once you run out of cards to draw, you will automatically lose this duel.


  • Know Number four dance.


  • What do you think of my newest soldiers?


  • I'm sure there's no need for any introductions in the penultimate duel of the Waking, the Dragons Arc Yummy and Khyber team up to take down of the devious darts for the fate of the world on the freedom of all the captured souls.


  • While our twosome usually works well together, dance bleakly raises the stakes by weaponizing the souls of U G and their friends.

    雖然我們的二人組通常合作得很好,但舞蹈黯然提高了風險,將U G和他們朋友的靈魂作為武器。

  • Since I now control the souls of your former friend, I thought it would be fun to let them play along with us.


  • Even worse, when Kippers eliminated, Yummy is on his own and with little hope left, that is, until he harnesses the power of the legendary nights to smite dances.


  • Last line of defense for good.


  • While the final battle is far from over, it's comforting to see Yummy pick up the pieces on its own and overcome the really, really impossible odds.


  • Infinite plus one.


  • I'm all right now.


  • My two nights are reflecting their attack back and forth as its strength increases to infinity number three Seto Khyber Battle City Finals.


  • Excellent.


  • This is exactly what I needed to complete my strategy and you G's annihilation.


  • The penultimate match of the Battle City finals has finally begun between these longtime rivals to determine who will duel in the finals.


  • Khyber has the battle set in a holographic Coliseum toe.


  • Add a little extra edge to their epic battle on DIT is definitely appropriate.


  • Looks like I've got you backed into a corner.


  • These to pull out all the stops, matching each other blow for blow and bringing out their strongest beasts, including their respective Egyptian God cards and ace monsters.


  • At one point, we even get a taste of how deep their rivalry goes by seeing their ancient Egyptian counterparts battle it out.


  • In the end, you G emerges the true champion of the arena and outshines Khyber during his own tournament, no less.


  • Ouch!


  • Remember, I still have one face down card left timber.


  • You're done.


  • Number two, Maximilian Pegasus That cheap.


  • The tune World card is one of a kind.


  • It was thought too powerful for distribution.


  • That's how he was able to beat Khyber with.


  • Upon reaching the final battle of Duelist Kingdom, Yuki has given the chance to face the creator of Duel monsters himself, Maximilian Pegasus.


  • The fate of his grandpa and the Khyber Brothers depends on his victory, but he soon discovers he may be into deep as if Pegasus, using his millennium I to read Yuki's mind wasn't bad enough.


  • His ghoulish tune and 1000 eyes monsters give him a creepy advantage.


  • That Millennium I gives Pegasus access to my every card thought and strategy.


  • How can I possibly win this duel?


  • Even when you G manages to counter Pegasus cheating?


  • The arrogant aristocrats still manages to turn the duel in his favor, making the match completely unpredictable.


  • However, the encouragement of his friends and the magician of black chaos enable him toe literally be Pegasus at his own game.


  • Not bad.


  • Yugi boy Attack magician with chaos Schefter blast Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Duke Devlin Dungeon, Dice Monsters Whether it's dice or cards, Yuki reigns supreme.

    德夫林公爵地下城,骰子怪獸 不管是骰子還是卡牌,Yuki都是至高無上的。

  • How are you gonna do that by securing your own monster?


  • No, you're on.


  • So your magician switched positions with my monster?


  • Are Khanna Battle City A k a.

    是Khanna Battle City A k a。

  • The moment everyone fell in love with the dark magician girl.


  • Say hello to dark magician girl Oh, Seto, Khyber All great rivalries have a beginning.

    向黑暗魔法師女孩問好哦,瀨戶,開伯 所有偉大的競爭都有一個開始。

  • Eggs O'Dea It's not possible no one's ever been able to call him eggs Odiah obliterate Leon von Schroeder Grand championship Putting an end to a woeful side Characters Fairy tale Yeah, baby Yummy Bacara Battle City Finals or Death This spooky dual is a standout e sacrifice Dark magician girl Gather the back and warrior on Big Shield Gardner to summon the all fighting Swiper the Sky Dragon Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell To get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.

    雞蛋奧迪亞不可能沒有人能夠叫他雞蛋奧迪亞抹殺萊昂-馮-施羅德大冠軍結束狼狽的一面人物童話是的。寶寶Yummy Bacara戰鬥城市決賽或死亡這個詭異的雙重是一個突出的e犧牲黑暗的魔術師女孩聚集在大盾加德納的背部和戰士召喚所有戰鬥的Swiper天龍在我們繼續之前,一定要訂閱我們的頻道,並敲響鈴鐺要獲得通知我們最新的視頻,你可以選擇通知不定期的視頻或所有的視頻。

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  • Number one Marik ishtar slash yami Marik Battle City Finals I've drawn just what I need But before I use it I have one more thing Take care off.

    一號馬里克-伊什塔爾-亞米-馬里克戰役城市總決賽 我已經抽到了我需要的東西 但在使用之前我還有一件事要做 小心點。

  • Yeah, we all wanted to see Joey wiped the floor with yummy Merrick, especially after his unfair loss.


  • But in the end it was destiny that Merrick and Yugi face off in the Battle City finals.


  • The stakes are higher than ever in this twisted shadow game on when the Egyptian God cards come out to play, anything goes weighing the Dragon Obra return Thio.


  • Fortunately, this pulse pounding duel ends with a bang, with the spirits of all of Yuki's monsters storming the field like a symbolic army rushing into purge Merrick's darkness for good, with the iconic dark magician and dark magician Gil leading the charge, This alone shows why Yugi Moto rightfully earned his crown, believing in the heart of the cards and overcoming any odds spectacularly, I'm afraid it's too late.


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it's time we find out just how this kid earned his crown as the king of games.


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