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  • explaining the 17 goals for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


  • Let's explain, How do vegans get protein?


  • Mhm meet Scott Scott is a wrestler at his high school, but lately he has been feeling sluggish and fatigued.

    斯科特是他高中的摔跤手 但最近他一直感覺疲憊不堪

  • After doing some research, he decides to cut processed food and dairy out of his diet and becomes a vegan.


  • He starts to feel a lot better, and cutting weight becomes easier for him to Scots.


  • Teammates start to worry about his weight loss and fear that his new diet is going to make him weaker and ruined his chances of winning any matches, ultimately bringing the team down.


  • Scott notices his muscle loss but doesn't want to give up the way his new, healthy lifestyle makes him feel.


  • He has to figure out where to get protein and still keep his vegan diet.


  • Luckily for Scott, he can have his protein and eat it vegan style, too.


  • By consuming a variety of whole plants, Scott can receive all the essential amino acids needed to maintain a proper metabolism and function.


  • Naturally, plant based foods such as lentils, rice, beans and Kenya can all provide healthy alternatives to red meat and other animal based proteins.


  • E processed meats such as bacon and fried chicken can come from animals that were fed harmful hormones, and the food you eat can be filled with chemicals.


  • Also, natural animal protein is wrapped with unhealthy saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, while plant protein is packed with loads of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber, all essential components of preventing diseases and living in optimal healthy life.


  • Switching to a vegan diet to get your protein also cuts back on the cruel acts of raising animals to be slaughtered and the toxic growth hormones that find their way into our bodies.


  • Decreasing the amounts of toxic chemicals that are ingested through animal House and farm sprang can help lead to healthier people around the world.


  • You don't have to sacrifice healthy eating in order to get all your essential proteins.


  • It's possible to live an active life like Scott while not eating meat, dairy and other process food that could make you sick.


  • Your body is a machine.


explaining the 17 goals for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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B2 中高級 中文 蛋白質 素食 斯科特 健康 飲食 動物

素食者如何獲取蛋白質? (How Do Vegans Get Protein?)

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