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Well, the Birdsnest story is a pretty fun one.
It's a story of a family owned retail business in
a small country town, that's evolved completely
into one of the fastest growing online businesses
in Australia, which we still can't believe.
We cater for women. We are about birds, hence the name.
When I say "I work at Birdsnest," often people
say to me "Oh yeah, yeah. You're the one with the outfits.
I love those outfits." So, I think it's about -
I think any business, online or offline, is about understanding
the problem that you're solving for your customer.
We started on that shop floor and we learnt so much
about our customer, and so really understanding our
customer gave us such a good ground to launch online
because we built the website all around our customer
and that's how our database evolved and evolved.
And we're now 15 times bigger than from that
day that we employed that first employee,
and we did not get one order that day - it was terrible -
to now looking around and seeing you know,
90 fabulous birds working here. It's very exciting.
Technology is at the core of nearly everything that
we do here. But we really do see it as a tool,
you know. I think what it does provide is the ability to create
a more flexible workplace, and a better customer experience,
and that is where we use it everywhere, and that's
where we've seen the most gains is when we can
use technology to personalise down to an individual
level how we talk to a customer. In the store,
we've been able to create a user experience in a,
in a retail store that no one has seen before.
Okay, so if we have one of our customers in the
change rooms realises she's selected the
wrong size dress, she can quickly, you know, look up
that dress, order it from with the change room,
say "Add to change room" and automatically that
will go to an iPod, to one of our bird pickers out
the back. They'll be ducking off to find that in
our nest somewhere, and they deliver it back, and
there's an arrivals screen within the change rooms,
and she can see her name and that dress
landing, and so that, that experience is
completely seamless. There's no need to yell out
to the sales assistant. I think the really
important thing about the story of Birdsnest in a
community like us, is to inspire other communities
to say, "Just because you're in a regional area
doesn't mean that you can't be part of this really
new exciting online world." The thing that's
happened with the digital economy is it has opened
up our market. So the fact that we can then
connect into all these customers that were no -
not available in a little country town and then
grow beyond, you know, our belief, has just
benefited us, the community, you know, this town,
you know, and particularly the, the biggest benefit is we all
have something we want to jump out of bed and go to work for.
♪ Closing music ♪


數位化的經濟發展 (The Digital Economy - Birdsnest profile)

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