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  • The whole sort of atheist critique of religion doesn’t really address Buddhism insofar

  • as Buddhism is established really as a science of the mind.  It’s based on observation

  • of the mind.  And everything that Buddha taught can be empirically verified through

  • your own experience.  In other words, you can test itActually, I think it’s a

  • very interesting science because youre the scientist.  Youre not just reading

  • about what other scientists have done and, you know, confirmed and so forth like that,

  • but you, yourself, are the experimenter.  You experiment with your own mind.  

  • What Buddha basically said is that we can understand through our own experience that

  • happiness comes from inner peace.  And we can explore that in our own experiences and

  • see, well, that’s true, happiness does come from inner peace.  And maybe even more importantly,

  • we can also then establish, I have the capacity for inner peace in my own mind.  In fact,

  • we might even say that through training of the mind, through practicing meditation, you

  • can see that it’s actually not difficult.  All we need to do is learn to let go of

  • our unhappy thoughts, and our mind automatically becomes peaceful.  So in other words, you

  • don’t have to, like, make your mind peaceful, you just have to let go of your unhappy thoughts,

  • your angry thoughts or your anxious thoughts.  

  • And what happens through that is that you then begin to experience a sense of peace,

  • a deep inner peace.  And you can verify that through your own experience.  And through

  • that, you get in touch then with your own potential for peace or other virtuous minds,

  • like love or compassion or joy or kindness, generosity.  In other words, you can verify

  • it through your own experimentation that that is the case

  • What we then discover is that the mind has this incredible capacity for profound peace

  • or, we might say, for limitless love, for limitless kindness.  That’s where I find

  • some fault with theyou know, as youre calling it, thenew atheism.”  Simply

  • because I don’t think they are paying enough attention to the science of the mind through

  • which we can establish, so to speak, an alternative science, but it’s equally, empirically verifiable

  • that there is a spiritual dimension to our being that you can discover through your own

  • practice, in fact, that there is this, yeah, you might say a divine element to our nature

  • because we discover that the mind has this capacity for limitless love, limitless compassion,

  • limitless joy.

The whole sort of atheist critique of religion doesn’t really address Buddhism insofar


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佛教是一門 "心靈科學" (Buddhism as a "Science of the Mind")

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