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  • take us inside How this happened The, uh, quick three day courtship and Doc Rivers is right back as a head coach.

    帶我們瞭解一下這一切是如何發生的 三天的求愛讓裡弗斯醫生重新成為了主教練

  • Yeah, guys, Mike D'Antoni was fairly well down the road is possibly the Sixers new head coach.


  • Until Doc Rivers, uh, was let go in l A on Monday and very quickly Elton Brand, the Sixers gm got on the phone with Doc Rivers, got him on a plane to Philly, and, you know, after meeting with Brand and then meeting with ownership on Wednesday night, they move quickly into working through terms on a deal.

    直到週一裡弗斯醫生在洛杉磯被解僱後 六人隊的經理艾爾頓・布蘭德很快就和裡弗斯醫生通了電話 把他帶到了費城 你知道,在和布蘭德見面後 然後在週三晚上和球隊老闆見面

  • They had it done less than 24 hours later.


  • And now, Doc Rivers, I'm told on a five year contract to take over in Philadelphia.


  • And they were, uh, you know, they were very taken by their meeting and their time with Doc, nor the owners nor Ellen Brand really had a relationship with him, but they absolutely believe he's the right guy toe.

    他們,呃,你知道,他們是非常採取 他們的會議和他們的時間與博士, 無論是業主或艾倫-布蘭德 真的有一個關係,但他們絕對相信 他是正確的人的腳趾。

  • Try to take them forward here and and get them out of the first round in the Eastern Conference.


  • Uh, next season's playoffs.


  • Wo ju and I both knew that Doc Rivers was going to be the next head coach of the 76 years we talked about the other day.

    我和Wo Ju都知道Doc Rivers會成為下一個76年的主教練,我們前幾天說過。

  • What now?


  • What moves do the 70 Sixers make in order to kind of revamp this roster?


  • If they make any, I mean the amount of people they have to pay between Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, Joel Embiid, Al Horford and Ben Simmons.


  • What's next?


  • It's an enormous payroll right now, and you know they've got a look at Listen, what Doc's got to do.

    現在薪資很高,你知道他們已經看清楚了 聽著,醫生要做什麼。

  • And I know everyone's gonna focus on Joel Embiid on Ben Simmons and how they're gonna play together and how he might use them.


  • But he's got a really maximize the other big financial investments Philly has made players whose contracts tell you are going to be there.


  • Uh, Tobias Harris, Al Horford and especially Tobias Harris is an interesting one because he had his best eh NBA season with Doc Rivers.


  • Ah, year ago in L.


  • A.


  • Right before he was traded to Philly before that February trade deadline, Hey was a player of the month in the Western Conference.


  • That's hard to do with all the great players out there, and so I think that was a big part of the conversation between Doc and Elton Brand in Philly about getting mawr out of Tobias Harris, putting him in situations where he can excel and and those are all gonna be the pieces to the puzzle for a filly team that, uh, roster wise.

    這是很難做到的 所有偉大的球員在那裡, 所以我認為這是一個很大的一部分的對話 博士和埃爾頓・布蘭德在費城 關於讓託拜厄斯・哈里斯出來,

  • And with the contracts they have, they haven't left themselves a lot of flexibility Thio to do much Maurin a significant way outside of it if they decided to move on from a Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons, which that is not their plan now they want to continue to try to build around those two.


  • And bringing in Doc Rivers gives them a chance to get a fresh look at how they can best play together walls.


  • Now that Doc Rivers is inked in Philly, the Clippers seat is still vacant.


  • Tie Lewis still out there.


  • What are we hearing with the Clippers in Ty Lue as well as Mike D'Antoni in the Indiana Indiana in the Indiana Pacers?


  • Indiana?


  • Well, well, yeah, I mean, Keyshawn, starting with Thai Llewyn L.

    好了,好了,是的,我的意思是,Keyshawn, 開始與泰國Llewyn L。

  • A.


  • He's in a strong position is that search starts and he is well regarded, thereby Steve Balmer and Lawrence, Frank and Mike winger, their front office, the players he earned the players respect last year on the staff is an assistant.


  • Obviously, he brings ah, championship coaching pedigree that really nobody else in this search who is going to be a candidate brings.


  • Not only did he win a title and go to the Finals multiple times in Cleveland, Tylo understands what it's like to be under the microscope to sit at the podium toe.


  • Have, um, you know, the high pressure head coaching job because the coach, LeBron James and eso he is at the outside of this search, the most prominent part of it.


  • But Steve Balmer has wanted to do a search.


  • He hasn't been able to do that since he took over the Clippers, so they're going to talk to other candidates.


  • But Tyler going into this has a great chance.


  • A great opportunity to come away is the coach.


  • As for Mike D'Antoni, uh, you know, Indiana has started their search.

    至於Mike D'Antoni 呃,你知道,印第安納州已經開始搜索了。

  • It remains to be seen whether they want to include D'Antoni in it, Um, and for Mike D'Antoni, his route to becoming a head coach in the league again, which I think he will be.


  • Eyes perhaps sitting out a year.


  • I don't know that any of the other openings there are a fit right now.


  • Uh, for Mike D'Antoni.


  • Whoa.


  • If you're Joe, see the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, How do you respond?


  • Or do you say anything to the likes of Kyrie Irving's comments about Steve Nash Net.


  • This is gonna be a collective coaching style.


  • Yeah, it wasn't great.


  • And I listen Joe Sigh and the Nets have to decide how they how they want to address it if they want to.


  • But I heard from others in the league you know, who talked about.


  • This is an opportunity now for Steve Nash that that he's got to address it, that he should address it within his team with Kyrie Irving.


  • If not for any other reason, then the respect of the other players.


  • He's going to coach their, uh, this.


  • Coaching the Nets is not a collective effort.


  • It wasn't Steve Nash wasn't hired so that that the head coaching position was this like day of the week.


  • Who's in charge?


  • Steve Nash was hired to be the head coach on.


  • I think you know, for him, I think it's important probably at some point that he reminds Kyrie.


  • Irving reminds his team of that because I think is you guys know that's not how it works.


  • It can't work that way.


  • And he's got to be ableto when when that season starts and training camp starts.


  • Steve Nash has to be able to command the respect of that room.


  • And it starts with having, you know, his star players understanding that.


  • Listen, wow, they're gonna have input.


  • And we know that stars in this league carry a great voice that Steve Nash has to be that figure for the team.


  • It will be interesting to see how our or if they address it with them.


  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus right now.


take us inside How this happened The, uh, quick three day courtship and Doc Rivers is right back as a head coach.

帶我們瞭解一下這一切是如何發生的 三天的求愛讓裡弗斯醫生重新成為了主教練

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