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  • this video was made possible by Dash Lane.

    這個視頻是由Dash Lane製作的。

  • Stay safe online for 10% off by being one of the 1st 200 to use the code R L L at check out Area 51 is probably the most famous place in the world that's not supposed to be famous.

    在結賬時成為第200個使用代碼R L L的人之一,就可以安全地在線享受9折優惠,51區可能是世界上最著名的地方,不應該是著名的。

  • Shrouded in secrecy for decades, the United States government denied that the facility even existed until very recently in 2013 when it finally confirmed its location and a handful of activities conducted there during the 19 fifties.


  • Like the initial testing of the U two spy plane, of course, Area 51 is most famous for the vast number of conspiracy theories that surround it, largely because of the US government's intense level of secrecy concerning it.


  • Various conspiracy theories alleged that the base is home to aliens, exotic technology like time travel or a million other things.


  • Nobody outside of the few employees who work there and their government superiors truly know what's on the inside of the base, and it sparked the world's collective imagination ever since its origin.


  • A few weeks ago, in 2019 a satirical Facebook event was created called Storm Area 51 They can't stop all of us.


  • The post quickly went viral, spawning all kinds of alien and area 51 memes.


  • And as of the writing of this video, 1.7 million people have signed up pledging to gather together in the Nevada desert to storm the base on September 20th 2019.


  • While the Facebook page is obviously a shit post that's not intended to be taken seriously, what would actually happen if every single person who signed up to attend actually did show up for it?


  • Area 51 is located deep inside of the Nevada desert in a pretty remote location.


  • The facilities exact coordinates are 37 degrees, 14 minutes north latitude by 115 degrees, 48 minutes west longitude.


  • You can see the facility yourself if you type that into Google Earth, and if you do, you'll see that Area 51 is located on Lee, 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas.


  • However, that's a lot further away than it actually seems.


  • At first, it's likely to assume that most of the 1.7 million people that are attending aren't going to arrive on flight at McCarran International Airport the Facebook event plans to have everybody meet up at the area 51 alien center, where the actual charge into the facility will be coordinated.


  • The center is a tiny gas station and legal alien themed brothel just off the Veterans Memorial Highway, a two lane highway that's an hour and 40 minute drive away from McCarran Airport.


  • But that is under normal circumstances.


  • The entire Las Vegas metro area is home to 2.2 million people.


  • A surge of 1.7 million people into that area will almost double the Metro's population and place a massive strain on the roads and the infrastructure.


  • The Memorial highway itself is only one lane going in either direction.


  • So 1.7 million people traveling down that to arrive at just a tiny gas station sounds a bit like Fire Festival 2.0, two months from now is definitely not enough time for Las Vegas to prepare for all of the logistics and the infrastructure needed to supply so many people.


  • So it's likely that a lot of people are gonna starve or go thirsty.


  • But let's imagine for fun that all 1.7 million people actually do arrive at the area 51 alien center, and the charge begins to get coordinated.


  • Then what?


  • The center is still 52 miles away from Area 51 as the crow flies and you can still legally get much closer.


  • Perhaps the closest that you can get without getting attacked or confronted by security is here at Tick Abou Peak, which is a much more reasonable 26 miles away from the facility.

    也許你能在不被攻擊或面對保全的情況下,最接近的地方是在Tick Abou Peak,這裡距離設施26英里,更加合理。

  • But getting here could be pretty tough.


  • Millions of people would have to drive over a 25 mile dirt road.


  • And if you want a good legal view of Area 51 you have to hike on foot a grueling 1.2 miles up to the peak afterwards.


  • There isn't any water or food or really anything here, so large supply trains of food and water will have to be organized to supply the Stormers.


  • But assuming that all of the logistics have been worked out with a steady stream of trucks and helicopters supplying everybody at pick a boo peek from Vegas, what would happen then?


  • The exact defenses that area 51 are largely mysterious, but it is known that the perimeter of the facility is patrolled 24 hours a day by armed security forces who have authorization to use deadly force on trespassers.


  • Nobody so far has ever been killed by the security forces.


  • They usually will simply try and intimidate trespassers into leaving or calling the local police, who will just give you a $600 fine.


  • But millions of people coming all at once would probably be a different story.


  • The base is surrounded by cameras and motion detectors that can detect even a single person approaching, and it's likely that the Air Force will bring in extra security around September 20th to deal with any potential storming.


  • But how do they actually get into Area 51?


  • It's not entirely clear to the public how somebody could get employed at Area 51 but it is known how these employees travel to and from the base.


  • Back at McCarran International Airport in Vegas, there's a secret private terminal that nobody in the public has access to.


  • There's only one airline that services the terminal with unmarked Boeing planes that's colloquially known as a Janet Airlines, The United States governments, highly classified airline thes unmarked planes shuttle area 51 employees between McCarran Airport and Area 51 itself, and it's probably almost impossible to sneak onboard area 51 employees allegedly must sign an oath to keep all of their activities on the facility a secret.


  • Further, the airspace, located above Area 51 is highly restricted and off limits to all commercial, private and even military flights that didn't originate from Area 51 itself.


  • With the Janet Airlines flights being the sole and only exception to this rule, sneaking in probably isn't gonna work, which is why the Facebook page was seemingly made in the first place.


  • A charge of million's could overwhelm Area 51.


  • But the reason why Area 51 is located in the middle of nowhere in the first place is because actually getting there is difficult.


  • The logistics of transporting millions of people in all of their supplies to a spot in the middle of the desert and then getting everybody to charge 26 miles through layers have prepared an armed security probably isn't going toe.


  • And very well, you may very well find an alien friend a copy of half life three time travel technology or even Shrek five.


  • But you'll probably never know.


  • The defenses of Area 51 are so good that nobody has ever successfully infiltrated it in over 60 years.


  • It's not like you can just walk up to a guard, guessed the correct password and then get let in.


  • Using a single password for access to the most valuable information inside doesn't make any sense, and it doesn't make any sense for your valuable information, either.


  • You should have different passwords for different sites, but you'll probably never be able to remember all of them unless you use Dash lane.

    你應該為不同的網站設置不同的密碼,但你可能永遠也記不住所有的密碼,除非你使用Dash lane。

  • Dash Lane securely stores all of your passwords in one place, and then auto fills them when you goto log in.

    Dash Lane 將所有密碼安全地存儲在一個地方,然後在您登錄時自動填寫。

  • But more than just that, though, Dash Line is an online security toolbox, so it includes plenty of other features, like a VPN, secure file storage, dark Web monitoring and mawr.

    但不僅僅是這樣,雖然,Dash Line是一個在線安全工具箱,所以它包括大量的其他功能,如VPN,安全文件存儲,暗網監控和mawr。

  • Well, you probably don't have any aliens to keep secure.


  • You can start using some of dash lines features for free to keep your other online information secure or for less than the price of most standalone VPNs, you could get to dash line premium with all of their features for 10% off by being one of the 1st 200 to use the code R l l at dash line dot com slash r l l.

    你可以開始免費使用一些破折號線的功能,以保持您的其他在線信息安全或比大多數獨立的VPN的價格,你可以得到破折號線溢價與他們的所有功能為10%的折扣是第1 200使用代碼R l l在破折號線點com斜線r l l。

  • Thank you for watching.


  • And I'll see you again next week.


  • Yes.


this video was made possible by Dash Lane.

這個視頻是由Dash Lane製作的。

由 AI 自動生成

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