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  • When you sign up for an annual subscription, you'll also get access to Nebula, my own streaming site co founded with dozens of other educational creators, Chile is pretty obviously a long country from north to south.


  • The country extends for 4270 kilometers, which is even longer than the distance of New York City to San Francisco.


  • Despite that enormous length, though, Chile is way less thick, with an average with east to west of only 177 kilometers about the same distance from New York City to Hartford, Connecticut.


  • So just for the simple sake of being goofy, what would she lay end up looking like today if it was, well, longer, like way longer?


  • If Chile was more ambitious historically and didn't stop with just taking over Bolivia's coastline but ended up taking over the entire Pacific coastline of the Americas stretching up all the way into modern day Alaska, what would Chile end up looking like today?


  • Or rather, what would Chile look like today if for some reason, she was just given all of this land and became known as longer Chile.


  • For starters, there is some historical precedent here.


  • Ever since gaining independence from Spain all the way back over 200 years ago in 18 10 Chile has been long and she has sought to become longer.


  • In 18 79 Chile went toe war with both Bolivia and Peru in order to extend her length further north along the Pacific.


  • She defeated both of them, and as a result she won land from both, which not only made her shape longer but transformed Bolivia into a landlocked country, which is something that Bolivia has been salty about ever since.


  • To this day.


  • Sad, salty, little, landlocked Bolivia maintains a navy with thousands of personnel for the sole hope of one day, regaining her coastline from Chile.


  • Historically, Chile's coastal ambitions ended there.


  • But if they didn't, here's what the country would look like if it kept on going all the way up to Alaska.


  • First off length.


  • Chile's new length in a straight line from the southernmost point on the Drake Passage to the northernmost on the Arctic Ocean in Alaska would be 15,738 kilometers, which means that if you were looking sideways at a globe.


  • Longer, Chile would stretch across 39% of the Earth's entire higher circumference.


  • Naturally, Santiago would remain longer Chile's capital city, but it would no longer be Chile's largest city.


  • Here's where all of the top 10 largest metros in the longest country on earth would be, with Santiago itself falling down to only third place behind Los Angeles and Lima, with dozens of large, wealthy and powerful cities like Anchorage, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Guadalajara.


  • Longer, Chile would have an estimated population of just over 150 million people and a nominal GDP of $3.945 trillion making it the third largest world economy, just barely ahead of Germany and remaining well beneath Japan.


  • Now here's the fun stuff.


  • With the domination of the entire Pacific coastline in the Americas, longer Chile would end up controlling both a very strategic and very unstrapped e GIC area.


  • On the bright side, longer Chile would end up controlling some of the world's most Horton trade outposts with control of Panama would come control over the Panama Canal and all of the trade benefits that come with that.


  • The port of Cologne on the Atlantic is the busiest port in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • While the port of Balboa, on the Pacific side, is a little more than half is busy, it combined into a single entity.


  • The Port of Los Angeles and the port of Long Beach is the busiest cargo port anywhere outside of Asia and by far the largest anywhere in the Americas, combined with the other large Pacific ports of Manzanillo in Mexico, Oakland, Seattle and Vancouver, longer Chile would have one of the world's greatest trading empires.


  • All of the maritime trade flowing between the Americas and Asia would have toe either flow through the territory of longer Chile first or go through the long route around South America.


  • Because that route would be a lot more expensive.


  • Longer, Chile could take advantage of her positions across the Pacific and dominate trade between Asia and the Western Hemisphere.


  • On top of that, Anchorage Airport is the world's fifth busiest airport for cargo, while Los Angeles airport is the world's third busiest for passenger traffic, Further enhancing longer Chile's position as a trade juggernaut financially, geographically and logistically longer.


  • Chile would seemingly be in a tremendous position.


  • And unlike other empires, I've made up in the past longer.


  • Chile's linear shape does offer it some unique advantages.


  • For example, you'd only need to build a single line of logistics and transportation across the entire country in order to connect everything together.


  • And luckily, most of the infrastructure for that is already in place.


  • There's existing roads along the coast that connect good arenas in Chile, with Cali in Colombia and with your visa, Panama all the way up to Vancouver, Canada.


  • The only two gaps in the system that we need to be filled are in the dense rainforest between Cali and Yeah, Visa and across the barren tundra from Vancouver to Anchorage.


  • If longer chili ever came into conflict with one of her neighbors over access to the Pacific, these would be the primary weak points to consider, and conflict would almost certainly happened.


  • Historically, Chile was capable of taking over Bolivia's coastline because, well, what the hell is Bolivia going to do about it?


  • But they're salty, landlocked navy, but taking over the Pacific coastline from countries like the United States, the world's foremost military power, is quite another thing.


  • Despite the loss of valuable population and economic centers on the West Coast, the United States would still remain absurdly more powerful than longer.


  • Chile.


  • She would still have nearly twice the population based and would still control not only the entire Gulf and Atlantic coasts but would still maintain important Pacific possessions as well.


  • Like Hawaii and Guam, along with important naval bases in Japan and South Korea, America would still be very capable of launching a two front naval assault on longer Chile with a vastly more powerful navy, which is only the beginning of my explanation for how longer Chile would be legally unsustainable on enemy naval force.


  • Seizing the narrow isthmus of Panama would effectively cut the entire country in half and also blocked longer chile and fleets from being able to quickly access the Caribbean.


  • While longer, Chile is well, very long.


  • She is not particularly wide and lacks any semblance of strategic depth.


  • Take the area around the Los Angeles metro, for example.


  • The distance from the core population and economic engine that is L.


  • A from the United States would be so short that the vastly more powerful American military could quickly move in from the border and immediately threatened her, sees it or, alternatively moved to cut it off from the rest of the country, with quick and short pincer strikes to the north or the south, thus denying any resupplies getting into the city from land, any hostile power could do this toe longer.


  • Chile at any point across her border, all it takes to completely divine the entire country in half and disrupt the entire flow of supplies up and down is a quick advance from any point to the ocean.


  • And with a population of only 150 million to defend a front line stretching over 15,000 kilometers, it would be impossible to sufficiently defend everywhere against everyone.


  • Utilizing the gaps.


  • A longer Chile's road network on attack in North America would mean that the only method of getting reinforcements there would be no either resupply them by sea or to march them through the extremely difficult terrain of the Darien Gap.


  • That would certainly bring about high and costly attrition rates.


  • And with American naval presence in the Pacific still dominant coming out of major bases like Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, it would still be immensely difficult for longer Chile to resupply North America by sea as well, despite them controlling literally the entire Pacific Coast.


  • Her core areas that would contribute the most to GDP like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver would all be able to quickly be captured back by the Americans and Canadians.


  • In this scenario, which is why longer Chile would likely just not be ableto last very long on her own, she would need to find some strong allies that would be willing to help her.


  • But with an inevitable war of reconquest from the United States looming, with plenty of other regional countries eagerly willing to assist them, it's not really certain that anybody would really be willing to help.


  • Chile would have greatly over extended themselves by transforming into longer Chile, and for that they would almost certainly fall and be cut down to size.


  • Not all of the land located inside of longer Chile would be useful or productive.


  • Obviously, not even 100 miles away from the bustling downtown of San Diego lies the for gotten about salt and sea and the multiple scattered ghost towns that dot her shores a few weeks ago, I went to visit thes ghost towns for a documentary that I'm producing on them.


  • That will be the first episode of a new Siris on ghost towns that I'll be releasing exclusively on Nebula now.


  • I'm sure by now you've probably already heard all about Curiosity Stream, the documentary streaming service that has thousands of videos on geography, history, engineering and tons of other things.

    我相信現在你可能已經聽說過 "好奇心流"(Curiosity Stream),這個紀錄片流媒體服務有成千上萬的視頻,涉及地理、歷史、工程等大量內容。

  • But thanks to curiosity stream when you sign up for them, you'll also get access to Nebula, the streaming service made by educational creators like me, where we can publish our original thoughtful content without having to worry about getting de monetized or under promoted by the awful YouTube algorithm that rarely supports us.


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  • You probably know to make cool, exclusive content that we might not get the chance to make otherwise content.


  • Like all of my own real life Lord videos that go up at least 24 hours early before they do on YouTube and all without any ads or sponsorships and exclusive content like my feature length documentary Siri's Ghost Towns or Money, a game show hosted by Tom Scott and featuring a bunch of my creator friends in a Siris of psychological experiments that test their willingness to work together.


  • Best of all, though, Curiosity Stream is offering nebula subscribers 26% off just for you.

    不過最重要的是,"好奇流 "為星雲用戶提供26%的優惠,只為你。

  • In other words, that's too fantastic streaming services for less than $15 a year.


  • So go ahead and sign up using the link in the description or by going to curiosity stream dot com slash real life floor, watch cool content and support creators by watching stuff we've made just for you.


  • Everyone wins and is always thank you for watching.


this video was made possible by curiosity Stream.


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