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  • The ocean is a huge and terrifying place, but it's even mawr huge and terrifying.


  • When you go beneath the surface, more than 80% of the world's oceans air still unmapped, un observed and un explored, meaning that if you go down on a ship, you're most likely going to sink down to an area that no human being has ever before.


  • Seen boats and people still go missing all the time out there and occasionally even entire airplanes with hundreds of people on board due to, very rarely do people who go missing out there ever returned back to us on the land.


  • But this is the story of one guy who did, and he's probably simultaneously both one of the unluckiest and luckiest people to have ever lived.


  • His name is Harrison Ejecta, okay, a Nigerian man who in 2013 was working an ordinary job as a cook on board the ordinary tugboat Jaschan, four his boat was working with a couple others late at night on the 26th of May, about 32 kilometers off the coast of Nigeria in the Gulf of Guinea.

    他的名字叫哈里森-埃傑塔,好吧,是一名尼日利亞男子,2013年他在普通的拖船 "賈斯坎 "號上做一名普通的廚師,4他的船在5月26日深夜和其他幾個人一起工作,距離尼日利亞海岸約32公里的幾內亞灣。

  • While they were attempting to work together, stabilizing a Chevron oil tanker in the rough seas, a freakish big rogue waves smashed into the Jaschan four at around 4:30 a.m. which snapped their rope and flipped the boat over.


  • It began to rapidly sink and panic set in for the 12 crew members on board.


  • Most of these guys were locked inside of their cabins as a safety precaution against getting raided by pirates.


  • But while being locked inside of a cabin works well against a dude with a gun, it doesn't work so well when your cabin is getting flooded with water.


  • Luckily for Oh, Kenny, however, was that right before the ship flipped over, he had left his cabin for the bathroom on Lee, wearing his underwear.


  • He got tossed around inside before the tiny room filled up with water.


  • He forced the door open and witnessed several of his friends get swept outside of the boat.


  • Oh, Kenny got pushed out from the bathroom down the hallway into another bathroom, where he managed to hang on above water for long enough until the boat hit the ocean floor 30 m beneath the surface, roughly equal to a seven story building.


  • Eventually suffering from the extreme cold, he managed to scramble his way out of this dangerous tiny bathroom underwater and in complete darkness, Unable to see or breathe, he used his hands to feel ahead of him until he fantastically discovered another larger air pocket in the engineer's office, where he decided to stay put but almost completely naked, with no food or fresh water in a cold, wet room with a rapidly diminishing supply of oxygen, his odds of survival were definitely very grim.


  • The pocket of air he was now trapped in was small, only about 1.2 m high and six cubic meters and volume and the death buffet that the Grim Reaper was offering him up was plentiful.


  • He could have died from thirst.


  • He could have died from just being too cold.


  • The water could have filled up and drowned him.


  • He could have just run out of air and suffocated, or he could have gotten eaten alive by sharks who were already investigating the wreck.


  • So here's how he managed to fight off all of these multiple friend requests from the Reaper.


  • First, he managed to find a few cans of coke around his area to prevent his dehydration.


  • Second, he discovered a mattress that he fashioned beneath him that kept part of his chest and his entire head above the cold water, which helped his core, continued to stay warm and prevented the onset of hypothermia.


  • If it wasn't for that lucky break, the very cold water would have likely killed him within hours.


  • But his biggest problem was the tiny pocket of air that he was trapped in running out of oxygen based on the size of the pocket that he was in and the pressure that it was under 30 m beneath the ocean.


  • His time limit for breathing was likely only around 60 hours, give or take a little, but there was an additional danger to him in the pocket.


  • Besides simply running out of oxygen to breathe, he could have also breathe out too much and pumped out too much carbon dioxide, which would have poisoned himself.


  • Luckily for him, however, is that CO two is easily absorbed by water, and by splashing the water around inside, he was inadvertently increasing the water surface area, which increased the rate that the co two was getting absorbed at.


  • And so the levels never got high enough inside to become lethal.


  • And while he had to endear the sounds of sharks getting in and feasting upon the corpses of his friends, they luckily never managed to find him in his little pockets.


  • Okay, was trapped there, half in water at the bottom of the ocean in a tiny hitch black six cubic meter space while listening to sharks eating his friend's for 60 incredibly grueling and frightening hours, pushing the absolute limit of his limited oxygen supply.


  • When, right then, probably within just a hour or two of suffocating, he finally heard the sound of knocking.


  • Unknown to him, Chevron had sent a team of divers to investigate the wreck and recover any bodies.


  • Unknown to Chevron was that one of those bodies was actually still alive.


  • Oh, Kenny began banging his surroundings back at them, to no avail.


  • But when he finally saw the light of a diver emerged inside of the water nearby to him, he knew that his time to act had come.


  • The divers only expected to find a corpse, but he latched onto the arm of the next diver who passed and probably gave him the shock of his life.


  • But the risk of death row Kenny wasn't even over.


  • Then, after being under the ocean for so long, a rapid ascent back to the surface would have likely sent him into cardiac arrest and killed him.


  • So the divers equipped him with a diving helmets, placed him into a diving bell and raised him back up above the ocean surface, where he then had to spend two more days decompressing before finally returning back to normal reality after his riel life nightmare.


  • Cocaine is horrific.


  • Ordeal is believed to be the longest amount of time that any human being has ever survived for underwater without the assistance of any diving equipment.


  • He says that he continues to have nightmares about the incident, and he has vowed to never again returned to the ocean for the rest of his life.


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this video was made possible by curiosity stream.


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