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  • We're more than 750 students have tested positive for the coronavirus at Northumbria University in Newcastle.


  • Almost all of them showed no symptoms.


  • It's the biggest outbreak so far at any university in the UK Well, our correspondent Danny Savage is in Newcastle for us tonight.

    這是迄今為止英國所有大學中最大的疫情 我們的記者丹尼-薩維奇今晚在紐卡斯爾為我們報道。

  • Danny Clive, If you talk to students in Newcastle tonight, you certainly get the impression that coronavirus is rife among the community.


  • Everybody seems to know somebody who's got it.


  • The slightly better news, though, is that the 770 Northumbria students who have tested positive only something like 78 of them are showing symptoms at the moment.


  • But you do get the feeling that there are many, many hundreds, if not thousands, of students in this city who are having to stay behind closed doors at the moment on will do for some days yet.


  • Rebecca Hey, how are you?

    Rebecca 嘿,你好嗎?

  • A student house in a student street in Newcastle tonight away.


  • The people in this terrorist home of tested positive for co vid under isolating on the neighbors have had it two way thought we were like some dangerous households and we've got cut would stay away that we were like they were like we've already had it.

    在這個恐怖的家的人的測試陽性的co vid下隔離的鄰居已經有它的兩種方式認為我們像一些危險的家庭,我們已經得到了削減會遠離,我們像他們一樣,我們已經有它。

  • You think it's pretty widespread in student housing?


  • It's widespread completely, just also, with everybody going back on like the kind of the night out, seeing what whatever is left of it.


  • Second year students.


  • They've only been back in Newcastle for a week.


  • Onda.


  • Sure they weren't infected before they arrived.


  • Do you think the advice should have been different at the beginning of term?


  • On reflection now I think that they definitely had a lot of time.


  • The plan and I think some precautions on quite good that could have bean students coming back the halls.


  • It's they're all just throw him back in there and it's shot back up.


  • Well, I don't regret it at the moment.


  • We're still having a good time in the household, and we're working through it quite well.


  • There are so many students isolating that food parcels are now having to be sent out.


  • This is now a huge operation to look after them.


  • This week in total will have supported both in university accommodation on private accommodation, 1000 students.


  • We're working with partners in the Students Union on the City Council to make sure that those students have supplies.


  • This is a hall of residence for Northumbria University.


  • There are scores of cases in this one city center Hall University says 770 students have tested positive.


  • Back in the terraced street, this is the strangest of Friday night's How are you?


  • We will bean, you know, bit rough, but I think we're all on the men now.


  • They've got another week of this before they could go out again.


  • The concern is that case numbers will increase.


  • The hope is that this is a peak and things will improve.


  • Danny Savage, BBC News Newcastle The first Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, says she's made it crystal clear to the disgraced MP Margaret Ferrier that she should stand down from her seat.


  • Miss Ferrier was suspended from the SNP for traveling from Scotland to London by train despite experiencing covered symptoms and then returning back to Scotland by train after testing positive.


  • The Metropolitan Police is now investigating.


  • Here's our Scotland editor, Sarah Smith Fangio.


  • Nichola Sturgeon says Margaret Ferrier is a friend, but she's not attempting to defend what she's called a monumental, almost incomprehensible error of judgment.


  • Her actions were reckless, dangerous on completely indefensible.


  • And I I feel very angry on behalf of all of you.

    而我... ...我代表你們所有人感到非常憤怒。

  • Every single day I stand here and I ask you to make horrendous sacrifices as part of our collective efforts against Covert.


  • I've also spoken to her directly and made crystal clear to her that I think she should now resign as an MP.


  • On Saturday, Margaret Ferrier took a test after showing symptoms of coronavirus, Yet she traveled by train from Glasgow to London on Monday.


  • On Monday evening, she received a positive test result and then she took a train back to Scotland knowing she had covered 19.


  • It wasn't until Wednesday that she informed the SNP chief whip, who immediately told the parliamentary authorities.


  • I cannot believe the behavior, remember apartment it with complete shock, that somebody could be so rat Lis with the stuff of the House of Commons with the fellow member MPs but also traveling on public transport as well, completely reckless behavior totally on Mac Settle and I'm very angry that the house has being put at risk really very, very angry about this.

    我不能相信的行為,記得公寓它與完整的衝擊,有人可能是如此鼠李斯與下議院的東西與同胞成員議員,但也旅行在公共交通以及,完全不計後果的行為完全對Mac Settle和我非常生氣,房子已經被置於危險之中真的非常,非常生氣。

  • Madam Speaker on MP making a speech about coronavirus after having taken a test has shocked her colleagues.


  • A d u P m p who sat with her at dinner is now self isolating.

    一個和她坐在一起吃飯的d u P m p現在已經自我孤立了。

  • The real concern is that what Margaret Ferrier has done undermines the public health message that anyone with Kovar 19 symptoms has to isolate immediately, not even pop to the shops, let alone take a lengthy train journey.


  • Miss Ferrier admits she made a huge mistake.


  • But people here in our constituency people right across the country might well be asking if she could do it.

    但我們選區這裡的人... ...全國各地的人可能都會問她是否能做到這一點。

  • Why can't I?


  • Yeah, I think she she don't know him.

    是的,我想她... ...她不認識他。

  • Bear.


  • Yeah, they, you know, after all of the kids are back skill know the rules and she should know that else.


  • I am an SNP member.


  • I I'm just very sad about all very disappointed.


  • Miss Ferrier is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police on the British Transport Police as well as the Common Standards Commissioner.


  • She may face a fine and could be suspended from Parliament.


  • Sarah Smith, BBC News Campus line While the latest government figures show there were 6968 new coronavirus infections recorded in the latest 24 hour period.


  • That means the average number of new cases reported per day in the last week, it's 6273.


  • On average, 372 people were admitted to hospital every day.


  • This number doesn't include Scotland.


  • 66 deaths were reported that's of people who died within 28 days of a positive curve in 19 test.


  • That means on average, in the past week, 47 deaths were announced every day, which takes the total number across the UK to 42,268.


  • Right now, different parts of the UK have had mixed fortunes when it comes to tackling coronavirus.


  • Luton was praised by the prime minister this week for its efforts but is now back on an official watch list.


  • Other councils are faring better.


  • A czar, health editor Hugh Pym, now explains it was an area with a co vid 19 problem.

    一個沙皇,健康編輯休-皮姆,現在解釋說這是一個有co vid 19問題的地區。

  • That's why hearts mere council in Hartford sure put out this video a month ago assed part of a wide ranging publicity campaign, And should you show any symptoms self isolate on, it's had the desired effect.


  • Infections have fallen on the areas being taken off the official watch list.


  • Three council leader told me how others had helped to get the message is out Way had 27 community leaders on a call a few weeks ago who had a reach of between four and 6000 people through email lists.


  • So it's identifying the right people to speak Thio and then get them to disseminating Cascade the information down.


  • And it certainly worked here in heart smear on.


  • I hope it will work elsewhere.


  • Coming off the watch list doesn't mean the virus threat has gone away far from it.


  • Here in Luton, they were on the official hotspots list, Various community initiatives were taken on, infections fell and they came off it.


  • But this week, Luton has been put back on as an area of concern.


  • Luytens weekly case numbers fell back in August but are now about six times higher than they were.


  • Some of that has bean about more people mixing mawr, people being out and about more on bond.


  • We What we're trying to do is encourage people to think about how many people that they meet with.

    我們 我們要做的是鼓勵人們去思考他們與多少人見面。

  • Lucia runs a hair salon in the town.


  • She has strict limits on numbers on temperature checks on customers.


  • If I'm totally honest, I feel safe in here because I have a say in how I I'm in charge of people's behaviors in here.


  • However, when you know I have been out and about because it had gluten had Bean come off the danger list, so to speak with alcohol comes the more relaxed attitude.


  • Also on the latest watch list for England, Rotherham's Bean added on Sheffield moved to a higher level of support.


  • Cheshire, Western Chester Aunt Cheshire East Have Bean added along with Barrow in Furness.


  • Wakefield joins others in West Yorkshire on the list.


  • The Welsh government, meanwhile, will allow people living alone in areas with tougher restrictions to meet one other household indoors.


  • The first minister has also called on people from areas of England with restrictions not to travel to parts of Wales without extra measures.


We're more than 750 students have tested positive for the coronavirus at Northumbria University in Newcastle.


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