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  • we explain how graphene could change the way we drive.


  • This is Maria Maria and her research team are part of the graphene flagship.


  • They explore how the superior properties of graphene and related materials could be incorporated into and add functionalities to many parts of a future car.


  • Maria and other researchers foresee that in the future, cars will drive by themselves.


  • This is great news, especially for Maria's husband, Phil, who will have time to finish work on the way home.


  • Thanks to graphene excellent sensing capabilities, his car will be able to find its way and accurately estimate distance to other cars and obstacles also in difficult conditions such as fog or at night, if he prefers to drive himself.


  • Senses in Phil's car could check his vitals through the steering wheel to make sure he's not falling asleep or suffering heart problems while driving.


  • In order to lower the usage of non renewable fossil fuels, Maria's team is also working to develop alternative engine technologies like electrical cars.


  • This demands new design and material requirements like lighter composite, longer lasting batteries and improved corrosion capabilities.


  • By combining graphene enhanced batteries with graphene enhanced super capacities, the electrical car will be able to accelerate faster than those with the regular batteries, so Phil will be off faster once the traffic light turns green.


  • Maria could also apply a protective graphene coating to the chassis, enhancing the ability to prevent chips dense and corrosion.


  • Graphene enhanced composites have 10 to 30% improved material properties, making it possible, for example, to produce faster, lighter and more resistant tires.


  • A graphene coating inside the wheel could also reduce temperature buildup.


  • Graphene is thermally conductive, heating things when they need it and cooling them off when they get too hot.


  • Phil especially appreciates this as his car will stay cool when parked, even on hot summer days in winter.


  • He would save time to a transparent layer of graphene will keep his vision clear, and Phil won't need to scrape his windshield anymore.


  • Technological development will change the way we transport ourselves on.


we explain how graphene could change the way we drive.


由 AI 自動生成

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