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  • Let's start off with some audience interaction.

  • Is TED nice, or is TED essential?

  • So how many people, show of hands, think that

  • TED is nice? (Laughter)

  • Anyone?

  • Okay. How many people think that TED is essential?

  • Alright. I do, too.

  • We're gonna talk about horizontal relationships quickly.

  • This is three-minutes by the way.

  • This is my chance to write a pop song.

  • Finally, three minutes.

  • I don't mean the Hue Hefner kind of horizontal relationships,

  • I mean the kind of horizontal relationships

  • that exist between vertical groupings.

  • Whether we're talking about industries or cultural groups, right?

  • When those verticals come together

  • then we start to seed relationships across them.

  • And we start to see ideas flow.

  • That's what we're talking about horizontal relationships.

  • And that what you see there is TED,

  • technology, entertainment, design brought together,

  • seeded relationships across to allow

  • ideas to flow and inform one another,

  • spark new thinking, innovation etc.

  • That's why for everyone who raise their hand,

  • you are right, TED is essential.

  • What you see on the screen is, some of the connectors

  • that Boston World Partnerships has created.

  • 18 months ago Greater Boston made a formal investment

  • in seeding horizontal relationships to grow

  • the Greater Boston economy.

  • We gathered these high achieving people,

  • from all different industries, all different countries of origin.

  • Big thinkers who love Boston,

  • who are passionate about Greater Boston as

  • a capital of innovation and entrepreneurship

  • and business excellence and big ideas.

  • And they come together, they share their expertise and their contacts

  • to help other people grow their businesses and

  • achieve their dreams.

  • How many people that sounds nice?

  • Well, we say, "No, it's not nice."

  • We say, "This is essential."

  • We say this is about railroads. See?

  • The smart cities, the cities that are gonna succeed

  • and this is true for companies too,

  • they're redefining the way that they think about

  • what constitutes essential infrastructure.

  • So if essential infrastructure historically

  • were the tunnels and the bridges and the roads

  • that accelerated the people and the products

  • they could lead to economic growth and

  • the creation of more opportunities for all of us.

  • Well, in a global knowledge economy, the raw materials of growth

  • are not inherently physical,

  • they are transformative ideas.

  • And the only infrastructure that accelerates the flow of transformative ideas

  • are high quality people networks,

  • horizontal relationships.

  • Like TED, like the Connector Network of Boston World Partnerships.

  • So this is indeed essential.

  • This is the railroad and the national highway system for big ideas.

  • I'd like to ask the connectors that are here from

  • Boston World Partnerships just to stand up,

  • I invite you to use this people during the day,

  • I invite you to think of today as essential.

  • Thanks very much.

  • (Applause)

Let's start off with some audience interaction.


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