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  • What's going on guys? So I hear learners like  you all the time say that phrasal verbs are the  


  • most difficult part of learning English. And while  this is true to some extent, at least with phrasal  


  • verbs you can replace them with regular one-word  verbs. For example, how you can use "examine"  

    動詞你可以用常規的單字動詞代替。例如,你如何使用 "檢查"

  • instead of "look over." Or, you can use "tolerateinstead of "put up with." Now, prepositions you  

    而不是 "看過來"。或者,你可以用 "容忍 "代替 "忍受"。現在,介詞你

  • either get them right, or you get them wrongAnd even the most advanced English speakers that  

    要麼把它們做對,要麼把它們做錯。 即使是最先進的英語使用者,

  • I know tend to still have some trouble and make  mistakes getting preposition combinations right.  


  • Now, this won't be just another lesson about  prepositions of place like "should I arrive AT" or  

    現在,這不會是另一個關於地方介詞的課程,比如 "我應該到達AT "或

  • "should I arrive ON," or prepositions of time like  "my birthday is IN January" or "ON January." While  

    "should I arrive ON",或者是時間的介詞,比如 "我的生日是在1月 "或者 "在1月"。而

  • that is definitely a topic that's always been  very difficult for English learners to master,  


  • there's a ton of really great lessons out  there including one that we actually made,  

    有一噸的真正偉大的教訓在那裡 包括一個,我們實際上做了。

  • which you can check out after this lesson. Butbefore we get into today's main topic, I wanted to  


  • let you know that if you're new here, every week  we help you to master English vocabulary, grammar,  


  • pronunciation, and so much more so that you can  understand fast-speaking natives without getting  


  • lost, without missing the jokes, and without  subtitles. Like Ghanshyam, who says that thanks to  


  • our lessons, they can now understand fast-speaking  natives, and you can too, it's really simple —  


  • just hit that Subscribe button and the bell down  below so you don't miss any of our new lessons.  


  • Alright, so to start out we'll have you take  a quick diagnostic test just to see if this  

    好了,所以開始我們將有你採取快速診斷測試 只是為了看看這個

  • is a problem that you might suffer from. So  we'll watch a funny clip from Friends, and  


  • what I want you to do is think about what should  come after "interested" — is it IN, ON or ABOUT.

    我要你做的是想想 "感興趣 "後面應該是什麼--是在,是在還是關於。

  • That should be easy. Let's  do a more difficult one now.


  • Let's take one more quiz. Are  you "committed TO someone",  

    我們再來做一個測驗。你是否 "承諾給某人"。

  • are you "committed IN someone", or do you  not even need a preposition with "committed"?

    你是 "致力於某人",還是連 "致力於 "都不需要介詞?

  • So, in this lesson, firstly we'll take a look  at words that have more than one preposition,  


  • such as "think about" and "think  of," and how the meaning changes.  

    如 "想一想"、"想一想",以及意義的變化。

  • Then, after that, we'll look at words, both  verbs and adjectives, that learners often get  


  • the preposition combination wrong with. And then  finally we'll give you some tips on how you can  


  • avoid making mistakes with prepositions altogether  [completely]. Are you ready? Let's jump into it.


  • By the way, learning English grammar can be  frustrating and boring. But, one of the best ways  


  • to learn grammar naturally is through TV seriesAnd the best TV series to learn English with,  

    要想自然而然地學習文法,就是通過電視劇。 而學習英語最好的電視劇。

  • as shown by several academic studies, is FriendsAnd that's exactly why we created our Fluent with  

    多項學術研究表明,就是朋友。 這正是我們創建Fluent with的原因。

  • Friends course. Now, in this 48-week course, you  will learn alongside the first two seasons of the  


  • TV series Friends, drastically improving your  English fluency and comprehension, and you'll  


  • have a ton of fun doing it. And the best partis you can try it for FREE right now with our  


  • 3-part Masterclass. Just click up here or down in  the description below to learn more and sign up.


  • And now I want you to tell me which  preposition follows each of these verbs.  


  • We'll see each of them used in context.


  • Alright, so now in the comments below, let  me know which other advanced techniques  


  • you find most difficult. Maybe we will  make a lesson for you on it. And now,  


  • it's time to go beyond the classroomand LIVE your English! Aww Yeah!

    是時候超越課堂,活出你的英語了!Aww Yeah!

What's going on guys? So I hear learners like  you all the time say that phrasal verbs are the  



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令人困惑的prepositIONS?以下是你應該如何使用 "關於"、"對於"、"與 "和其他15個介詞的方法。 (Confusing PREPOSITIONS? Here's How You Should Use "About", "For", "With" and 15 Other Prepositions)

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