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  • what causes you?

  • Anxiety.

  • I don't have anxiety.

  • I don't know what that ISS.

  • I don't have anxiety jumping off something into a pool.

  • Nothing.

  • Yeah, when people rush me, it's kind of annoying going to a concert when I have a test at school being left alone without a family member.

  • School work test thinking about what I'm adult and I have to pay for things lockdowns at school, the fear off.

  • Not succeeding, not being perfect.

  • When I overthink things, the feeling of running out of time, not knowing what's next being seen by anybody gives me anxiety This right now it causes me anxiety not being able to get to my train on time.

  • Other people, um, sometimes social situations where I don't know people causes me anxiety.

  • It's not a big deal, but I don't really like big crowds.

  • Maybe I get like a little tense.

  • Then loud, crowded rooms work when I have a bad hair day student debt, procrastination, my goals, not hearing from someone.

  • When I'm expecting to hear back, I guess losing someone the unknown where you have to talk to someone and maybe that person's grumpy and public speaking when I see my loved ones going through tough times.

  • That causes me anxiety, Social Media's rats and Texas being late, probably hearing about problems that my family members are experiencing brings a little bit of anxiety.

  • You know, that my parents are not doing well.

  • I saw arguments flying, paying my bills.

  • If someone that I care about is going through something and they don't communicate to me what it is that they're going through, not knowing deadlines, knowing that I didn't do my best, you know, being unemployed, financial insecurity stretch from my job, disappointing people not being prepared for something.

  • The lack of preparation.

  • Just worrying about my Children, my two sons that you know they're gonna be happy and content my mother's health being questioned in front of a camera, not being able to do things perfectly.

  • Not being in control, I don't get anxious.

  • Making a snap decision is typically on the thinker not being ableto help.

  • People who've asked for it.

  • The president a clear mission or vision.

  • And they want me to be engaged in the process.

  • My wife anxiety in me time and being on time.

  • Well, it trade stock every day, and, uh it can make you anxious.

  • Well, I'm a pianist.

  • And that would be booking agents not being able.

  • Thio do my job, correct?

what causes you?


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