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  • this video is brought to you by squarespace  these are my hidden food spots in daikon yuma  

    這個視頻是由squarespace帶給你的 這些都是我在daikon yuma隱藏的食物點。

  • so i'm back with another food tour this time we're  in daikon yama so daikon yama is just outside of  

    所以,我回來了與另一個美食之旅 這一次,我們在daikon山 所以daikon山只是外面的。

  • shibuya station in fact if you wanted to you  can walk here but there's also a train daikon  


  • yama station and what a lot of people don't  know is that it has some of the best hidden  


  • food gems in all of tokyo and i'm going to take  you on a personal tour around this area and if  

    在整個東京的食物寶石,我將帶你 在這個地區的個人旅遊,如果。

  • you've ever been to daikon yama then you know  just right behind me is tea site which is one  


  • of the most popular spots that people go to  here in daikon yama there's a bunch of stores  


  • here there's a style bookstore and there's  even a starbucks which makes it a perfect  


  • place to chill but since it's the most popular  spot then a lot of people come here so there's  


  • not a lot of hidden food spots so instead i'm  gonna take you on a tour through this whole  


  • daikonyama station area and show you my hidden  food spots but before i start like always if you  


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  • check out my discord community  that all said let's get our food on  


  • daikon yum is a residential area with  a unique blend of style and culture  


  • popular among celebrities and locals alike for its  trendy cafes gourmet foods fashion and artsy shops  


  • and unlike shibuya and ibisu express trains  don't stop at daikon yama station so there's  


  • a lot less foot traffic here helping to create  its laid-back vibe kind of my speed these days  


  • number one tempura moto yoshi emo this  tempura soft cream specialty shop is  

    第一的天婦羅本吉emo 這家天婦羅軟膏專賣店是

  • one of the hottest spots in daikon yama right  now it opened last year by a high-end tempura  


  • restaurant in minami aoyama moto yoshi it's  located right by the station and offers an  


  • amazing salt soft cream paired withjapanese sweet potato tempura called  

    驚人的鹽軟膏與日本紅薯天婦羅搭配,被稱為 "天婦羅"。

  • shiosoft mataju and it's finished off withsprinkling of bamboo charcoal salt and tempura  


  • flakes the word mataju itself is from a secret  language used only by tempura chefs meaning  


  • sweet potato i guess the secret's out now so  look at this beautiful creation this is just  

    紅薯 我猜祕密的現在出來 所以看看這個美麗的創作 這是公正的

  • made right on the spot so this is freshly fried  in tempura so you should eat the tempura fried a  


  • sweet potato right away or it gets too cold you  want it to still be crispy take a bite of this


  • that is a nice fried sweet potato you  can also see that there's some tempura  

    那是一個很好的炸紅薯 你也可以看到,有一些天婦羅

  • flakes right there just to make it extra crispy  


  • the salt soft cream has a perfect  amount of saltiness to complement the  


  • sticky sweetness of the tempura fried sweet  potato it pairs so well with that ice cream


  • number two meet yazawa black cows this shop is  a crazy popular steak and hamburger restaurant  

    二號見矢澤黑牛 這家店是一家瘋狂的人氣牛排和漢堡包店。

  • originally from the gotanda area they only  offer 100 real deal purouge wangu beef and  


  • it's served to perfection damn my mouth is  watering already oh okay take the mask off  

    我的口水都快流出來了 哦,好吧,把口罩摘下來吧

  • look at that comes in like a premium box  packaging what's interesting about this place  


  • is that they not only have burgers but they  also have these bento box where you can get  


  • steaks or like hamburg which is  pretty awesome oh that smells so good


  • look at that bacon egg burger  and it is premium vlog you  


  • a5 i'm just looking inside you can have like  this toasty sesame bun see the egg right there  

    A5我只是看看裡面你能不能吃到像這樣的芝麻包子 看到雞蛋了嗎?

  • the bacon you have a super nice  vlog you like a bite of this


  • oh that's so good i gotta take a second bite that  has prim written all over it you have the wagyu  

    哦,這是如此之好,我得吃第二口 這有驍勇善戰寫在它上面 你有和牛

  • a5 hamburger that's so tender and then when you  take that first bite you notice that the bun  

    一個5漢堡包,是如此的溫柔,然後當你採取的第一口 你注意到,麵包。

  • itself is lightly toasted so it has like a crispy  texture to it bacon itself is tender it's not  

    本身是輕微的烤,所以它有像一個脆的質地,它 培根本身是嫩的,它不是。

  • like super super crispy like it's really really  meaty you can see the barbecue sauce coming out  

    就像超級超級脆 就像它真的真的很肉質 你可以看到烤肉醬出來了

  • the back they're kind of like special mayonnaise  onions and relish pairs so well with a crispy bun  


  • when you order it it takes about 10 to 15  minutes because they make it on the spot it is  

    當你命令它需要大約10到15分鐘 因為他們使它在現場它是

  • ultra fresh and what's also interesting  about this place is depending on the day  


  • they have wagyu shipped from different places  all throughout japan so this next spot is a  


  • new addition to daikanyama and it's literally my  favorite sushi spot in this area let me take you  


  • now number three maguro and delhi karohachi just  opened this last september karohachi is a takeout  

    現在三號Maguro和DELHI KAROHACHI去年9月剛開張,KAROHACHI是一個外賣的地方

  • fish shop that offers high quality and ultra fresh  fish sushi hot deli and bento boxes at reasonable  


  • tokyo prices here you can even mix and match to  make your own sashimi platter personally i love  


  • how you can get sashimi to order but todaywanted to share with you one of my favorites  


  • alright so we are taking street food to the next  level sushi street food but you all know how  

    好了,我們正在採取街頭美食到一個新的水準 壽司街頭美食,但你都知道如何。

  • it is for the life of me i can never pronounce  this milfue milfie but check it out anyway that  

    它是對我的生活,我永遠不能發音 這個milfue milfie,但檢查出來,無論如何,該

  • is some layered tuna you have the otoro and  naokami so you have like the super super  


  • fatty tuna and then just the less fatty tuna  and it's just layered in this little sushi  


  • roll oh let me just take a bite out  of this got some soy sauce on there


  • just melts in your mouth that is some buttery tuna  i would just eat this today i would be completely  

    只是融化在你的嘴,是一些奶油金槍魚 我只是吃這個今天我會完全

  • satisfied but since the show must go  on let me take you to the next spot

    滿意了 不過既然戲要演,那我就帶你到下一個景點去吧

  • number four hachiya from the outside hajiya  looks like a chic japanese restaurant but  

    四號八屋 從外表上看八屋像是一家別緻的日本料理店,但是從外表上看,八屋是一家日本料理店。

  • hidden behind the stylish doors is a fantastic  t-stand that offers a new way to enjoy  


  • japanese tea after you order the shop prepares  the tea one by one with delicate care just look  


  • at how gently the staff whisks the teacan't wait but i need to wait i can't wait  

    在多麼溫柔的工作人員拂茶 我不能等待,但我需要等待 我不能等待。

  • okay i'm gonna wait so i got the hojicha  affogato soft syrup you can smell the hojicha

    好吧,我要去等待,所以我得到了hojicha affogato軟糖漿,你可以聞到hojicha。

  • wow i love when you take that bite you get all  of that hojita it goes kind of through your  

    哇,我喜歡當你把那一口 你得到所有的豪傑它去那種通過你的

  • senses and it just kind of like cleanses you  what i love about hojicha it has kind of like  

    感官,它只是一種像清洗你 我愛hojicha它有種像。

  • this burnt tea taste but it's not bitter almost  like a sweetness to it and since it's affogato  

    這種燒茶的味道,但它不苦 幾乎像一個甜味,因為它的affogato的。

  • they've made the hojicha super thick kind of  like espresso when they pour it on you get a  

    他們把豪吉沙做得超級濃稠 就像濃縮咖啡一樣 當他們把它倒在你身上時,你會得到一個

  • really really concentrated version of the hojicha  oh and michael usually orders their latte this is  

    真的真的濃縮版的hojicha 哦,邁克爾通常訂購他們的拿鐵這是。

  • essentia latte with a creamy milk foam poured  on top this place is truly unique and one of a  


  • kind so if you love matcha if you love green tea  and you love hojicha come to this spot before we  


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  • number five spring valley brewery what time is  it beer o'clock so hidden away just a few minutes  

    五號春谷啤酒廠幾點了 啤酒點就這麼藏起來了 就幾分鐘的時間

  • from daikon yama station is a full-on japanese  brewery serving craft beer brewed on site yeah  


  • in the middle of tokyo so svb is located  just inside of log road where you can enjoy  

    在東京的中心地帶,所以SVB位於Log Road的內部,您可以享受

  • an assortment of craft beers and pair it with  food directly sourced from farms and producers  


  • alright so we're here in spring valley  brewery he has an actual brewery here in  

    好吧,所以我們在這裡的春天山谷啤酒廠 他有一個真正的啤酒廠在這裡,英寸

  • daikanyama there's not a lot of stations that  have breweries so i definitely had to take you  

    代官山 有啤酒廠的車站不多,所以我一定要帶你去。

  • to this spot and you can see that i have a full  flight of beers here to sample they have just  

    到這個地方,你可以看到,我有一個完整的班機 這裡的啤酒樣品,他們只是有

  • so many beers on tap and this you can actually  sample all the different ones they have 496  


  • copeland after dark on the cloud daydream and  jazzberry just to start this is pretty awesome  

    Copeland After the dark on the cloud daydream and jazzberry just to start this is pretty awesome(科普蘭在雲端的黑暗後的白日夢和Jazzberry只是開始這是相當不錯的。)

  • right and it's actually quite affordable it's only  1300 yen it's not the biggest beer in the world  

    是的,而且它的價格也很實惠 只要1300日元,這不是世界上最大的啤酒了

  • it's just like here is the beer and here is  my iphone actually one of the ones that i  


  • really like is the jasberry it's almost kind of  like a wine cooler it has that very taste to it

    真正喜歡的是茉莉花 它幾乎有點像一個酒櫃 它有非常的味道,它

  • wow that's interesting so  this daydream has hints of  


  • sancho and yuzu it's really really interesting  so if any of you ever do come here and try this  

    桑丘和柚子 這真的很有趣 所以如果你們有人來這裡嚐嚐這個的話

  • flight tag me on instagram and let  me know which one is your favorite


  • number six grand premium gram is a souffle pancake  shop inside of the address building and today  


  • we're going with a treasured treat their take out  pancake style cream sandwich look how fluffy these  

    我們將與一個珍愛的治療 他們的外賣煎餅風格的奶油三明治 看看如何蓬鬆這些。

  • pancakes are oh i got them fluffy puffy hillary  duffy cakes so this spot is hidden in the address  


  • you might have seen this one already on my  uber eats video i did let me just take a bite

    你可能已經看到了這一個已經在我的uber eats視頻我沒有讓我只是咬了一口。

  • that is so creamy and delicious the first thing  is when you take a bite in this you can feel just  


  • how soft the bread is it's just a perfect texture  nice and soft fluffy but has a nice density to it  

    麵包是多麼的柔軟 它只是一個完美的質地 漂亮和柔軟的蓬鬆,但有一個很好的密度給它

  • it definitely does taste like a pancake in  fact i can probably eat two or three of these

    它的味道絕對像一個煎餅 事實上,我可能可以吃兩個或三個這些

  • so this one is for my organic and vegan viewers  let's go inside and let me show you number seven  


  • hatana daikanyama hatena is a vegan organic cafe  but with a twist that even puts a smile on my meat  

    hatana daikanyama hatena是一家純素的有機咖啡館,但有一個扭曲,甚至讓我的肉類微笑。

  • eating face their shop is popular for organic junk  food yeah you heard me but it's organic and vegan  

    吃臉他們的店是流行的有機垃圾食品 是的,你聽到了我,但它的有機和素食主義者。

  • so it must be good for you right so this is your  organic and vegan surprise for this video this is  

    所以它必須是對你有好處的權利 所以這是你的有機和素食主義者的驚喜 這個視頻,這是

  • tatsage supposed to be fried chicken but it's  actually using some soy meat but in fact that's  

    本來是炸雞,但實際上是用了一些黃豆肉,但實際上那是... ...

  • the only thing that's not organic in here  but everything else is organic and vegan  

    唯一的東西,不是有機在這裡 但一切都有機和素食主義者。

  • it has the donut top to it nice and fried  let me just try to kill this right now  

    它有一個甜甜圈的頂部,它很好的和油炸 讓我試著殺了這個現在。

  • for a vegan creation that's not bad first of  all the tatsu again itself is pretty nice and  

    對於一個素食主義者的創作,這是不壞的首先 辰再次本身是相當不錯的和

  • crispy definitely is not chicken but it almost  tastes like chicken look at that you can almost  

    酥脆絕對不是雞肉,但它幾乎是雞肉的味道 你看,你幾乎可以

  • see like the little striations in the meat  it's heavily doused in like a teriyaki sauce  


  • this white sauce right here it's kind of like  a like a sourness to it pretty simple but done  

    這個白醬就在這裡 它有點像一個喜歡的酸味,很簡單,但做了

  • pretty well and it's all vegan um i think  the winner is the bun here like the donut  

    很好,而且都是素食主義者 我想贏家是這裡的麵包,就像甜甜圈一樣。

  • bun is really really nice one thing about  this shop is that they not only have fast  

    包子真的很不錯 這家店的一個特點是他們不僅有快速的服務,而且還能為顧客提供服務。

  • food but they also have kind of like a lot  of desserts so you can get not only kind of  


  • like a tatsuya or teriyaki chicken or something  like that you can get some sweets here as well  


  • now that we have our organic and vegan  fix let's move on to the next spot

    現在,我們有我們的有機和素食固定 讓我們移動到下一個地點

  • and number eight surprise nippon this modern style  


  • onigiri sandwich shop is  produced by a food designer


  • it even uses a special machine to create the  better bryce used to craft the sandwich-like  


  • sushi rolls at the shop known to many japanese  as onigirazu but the shop calls them omusando  

    店裡的壽司卷,很多日本人都叫它 "鬼良津",但店家卻叫它 "御壽司"。

  • i am so excited for this one surprise  surprise i've got a big piece of meat from  

    我很興奮,這一個驚喜的驚喜 我已經得到了一個大塊的肉從。

  • surprise these are thick pieces of beef katsu look  at that you can see it's still a little bit rare  

    竟然是厚厚的牛肉片 你看這牛肉片還真有點稀奇呢

  • on the inside but crispy on the outside they fried  it right when i ordered it they're using ishigaki  

    內裡香但外面脆 他們在我點菜的時候就把它炸好了 他們用的是石鍋燒

  • beef and this is like this right here is beef  cuts but let me just take a bite real quick  

    牛肉和這個是這樣的權利 這裡是牛肉切割,但讓我只是咬一口真正的快速。

  • wow this sings to my inner soul that is literally  so beautiful oh it's nice and tender and look  


  • at that you have the seaweed wrapping everything  around with rice so you got two pieces of  


  • ishigaki beef katsu and you have their tonkatsu  sauce in here which is a little bit sweet but like  

    石垣牛肉餡餅和你有他們的湯汁在這裡 這是一個有點甜,但像

  • the winner winner right now is this beef just  a little bit you can still see the meat juices  

    贏家贏家現在是這個牛肉只是一點點 你還可以看到肉汁

  • coming from it oh that's beautiful i love the  crunchiness also of the lettuce you know the  


  • shredded lettuce in there it gives it a nice  texture i love just the fact that the red meat  


  • itself in here the center of the meat it's not  too oily which makes it just a pleasure to eat  


  • and what i love about it the most is that it's  cooked perfectly you don't get it too uncooked you  

    我最喜歡的是,它的完美烹調 你不會得到它太不熟,你

  • don't get it like overcooked it's just prepared  how it should be nice and crispy on the outside  

    不要把它煮得太熟了 它只是準備如何它應該是漂亮的和脆的外皮

  • in a center juicy inside this place also has  some other healthier options like this one  


  • is just straight like the kimchi namuru basically  you have all of like the pickled vegetables you  

    只是直接像泡菜 namuru 基本上你有所有的喜歡的醃製蔬菜你。

  • have like a spicy kimchi in here and it's just  right on top of an egg on the leaf it's very  

    有像一個辣泡菜在這裡,它只是正確的 在葉子上的雞蛋頂部,這是非常

  • similar to shisha and look it doesn't it's leaking  right now you can see it's a dripping of all of  

    類似於shisha,你看,它不 它的洩漏,現在你可以看到它的所有的滴水

  • that kimchi juice all right so that concludesvideo of my hidden spots here in daikanyama if  


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this video is brought to you by squarespace  these are my hidden food spots in daikon yuma  

這個視頻是由squarespace帶給你的 這些都是我在daikon yuma隱藏的食物點。


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