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  • hey guys samuel and audrey here and today we're  taking you on a little day trip to mahone bay  


  • this was one of the many picturesque towns  we visited along nova scotia south shore and  

    這是我們沿著新 斯科舍省 南海岸參觀的許多風景如畫的城鎮之一,

  • we had a really fun day walking around  feasting on delicious clams and lobster  


  • mac and cheese sampling local craft beers  hiking part of the rum runners trail plus a  

    mac和奶酪品嚐當地的精釀啤酒,在朗姆酒小徑上遠足, 途中 有

  • few misadventures in between we invite you to  join us for our mahone bay travel guide as we  


  • share some fun things to do in mahone bay  on a day trip let's hit the road shall we


  • well good morning good morning everyone greetings  from mahone bay nova scotia canada yeah this is a  


  • place we've been wanting to visit and you  know what is what like 10 15 minute drive  

    我們一直 想去的 地方,您知道 從倫堡到我們住的地方

  • from where we're staying in lunenburg yes  yeah very convenient very easy to access we  

    開車15 15分鐘是什麼樣的 感覺非常方便,非常方便,我們

  • are continuing our road trip along nova scotia  south shore and today we're spending the day  

    將繼續沿著新 斯科舍省 南海岸的公路旅行,今天我們要 在新罕布什爾州馬洪灣

  • here in mahone bay nova scotia it's a bit ofwindy day but we've got sunshine and this place  

    度過這一天 ,這是一個大風天,但是我們有陽光,這個地方

  • looks so charming yeah the sun is playing peekaboo  all morning it's uh it's either bright like this  


  • or or a little bit overcast but it looks like it's  going to be an incredible day to explore this town  


  • there's no rain scheduled so we're very excited  about that and yeah so far our impressions of  

    因為沒有降雨,所以我們對此感到非常興奮到目前為止,我們對 這個地方

  • this place is just incredibly charming it's the  most relaxing town you can be at yeah it looks  

    的印象 令人難以置信,它是您可以在其中最放鬆的小鎮,它看起來

  • very walkable lots of colorful buildings you have  restaurants breweries souvenir shops so yeah we're  


  • just gonna explore on foot all day we've parked  the car and let's go see what this place is all  


  • about let's go check it out for anyone driving  into mahone bay on a day trip we noticed a few  

    一回事 讓我們去看看的人開車到四哥灣一日遊,我們注意到了一些

  • different parking areas along the harbor on main  street and edgewater street we parked right across  

    不同的停車區沿主要街道和厄齊沃特街道海港我們 對面 一個

  • from one of the three churches so naturally  that was our first stop this right here is st  

    停 在這三座教堂中,很自然地是我們的第一站,這就是

  • james anglican church and just a few steps over  you have st john's lutheran church there's also  


  • trinity united church which we somehow missed and  together these make up the famous three churches  

    三位一體的教堂,我們不知何故錯過了這些東西組成了 加拿大馬洪灣

  • of mahone bay canada fun fact for many years saint  james's 30 meter steeple was marked on marine  

    著名的三座教堂 ,多年來有趣的事實是聖詹姆士的30米尖頂在 海圖

  • charts and sailors would line up the steeples  of the three churches as a navigational aid  

    上標明 ,水手們將三座教堂的尖頂列為導航輔助,

  • so a little bit of history here  right now we are walking along  


  • what used to be a shipyard this beautiful  coastal area in between these historic churches  

    一處造船廠 走去 ,在這些歷史悠久的教堂之間的美麗沿海地區,

  • used to be where they built many of the schooners  that were part of lunenburg's fishing fleet  


  • of course not much of that remains today this is  more of a tourist town nowadays but yeah really  


  • cool to kind of reminisce and think about the  history this place has in the 1700s mahone bay  


  • was founded by ephraim cook who saw the bay aspotential shipbuilding location thanks to its deep  

    是由ephraim cook創立的,由於其深 而狹窄的航道和庇護港,該地區被

  • and narrow channel and sheltered harbor it's  hard to picture today but by the early 1900s  

    視為潛在的造船地點 拍攝今天的照片,但到1900年代初,

  • shipbuilding would have been at its peak in mahone  bay and the waterfront would have been lined with  


  • shipbuilding wharves today no trace of that  remains safe for a commemorative plaque and an  


  • info board but you can visit the mahone bay museum  to learn about mahone bay's shipbuilding history  


  • okay so we have decided to grab an early lunch  somebody's hungry yeah i'm definitely hungry  


  • it's only it's only like 10 after 11. but  um you know what we've been putting in some  

    ,這只是10點左右11點以後,但是你知道我們 自從完成新斯科舍省之旅以來我們一直

  • serious walking uh ever since we've done  this nova scotia trip we we just walk all  

    在做些 嚴肅的散步嗎,我們 整天 都在走,

  • day long we're gonna check out a placethink it's called oh my cod oh my god yeah  


  • with the name and with a name like that yeah you  know it's gonna be a good quirky place to check  


  • out yeah i think we're gonna go for seafood  honestly with a name like that we need to  


  • get some fish preferably cod if it's on the menu  lunchtime here in mahone bay nova scotia we came  


  • to oh my god just as we promised and check this  out i got the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese  

    按照我的承諾 來到 了我的天哪,檢查一下,我得到了龍蝦,蝦仁和奶酪起司

  • extra cheesy check out that thing of beauty  they weren't joking about the lobster show  


  • that look at that big chunk a little bit closer  for us so we can see but shall we try it yes


  • so here's the question we've been  having some great mac and cheese lately  

    嗎,所以這是一個問題,最近我們一直在吃一些 美味的

  • i don't think i could ever go back to  like that instant craft dinner stuff  

    Mac和奶酪, 我認為 在吃完這種 東西 之後

  • after having this that would be so hard this one  is like extra creamy yeah and it tastes like an  

    我再也回不去喜歡那種速溶晚餐 了太難了,這就像是額外的奶油,是的,嘗起來像是

  • aged cheese and then we have parmesan on top yes  we do and now okay let's try one bite with shrimp  


  • okay look you've even got some  toast yum buttered piece of bread


  • this is just so tasty yeah really happy with  it i can't wait to try mine i've got a nice  


  • looking dish too and what did you get over  there guys check out this mountain of clams  


  • and chips yeah they're not just any kind of  clams they're the famous digby clams which  

    和薯條,對嗎?任何種類的蛤they都是有名的地比蛤 is, 它

  • is one of the best places you can get well any  kind of seafood really scallops clams i think  


  • from the whole province very famous from digby  out on the bay of fundy and yeah we've got a  


  • just a mountain clams on top chips on the bottom  and we've got a nice tartar sauce over here  

    在底部的頂部芯片上只放 了一隻 蛤c,在上面放了很好的塔塔醬在這裡,

  • this is the way to have clams yeah i really  love them fried and they're nice and salty  


  • they're so salty yeah i'm gonna sew about the  tartar sauce like classic classic maritime  

    它們是如此的鹹,是的,我要縫製像傳統的經典海上 大西洋美食

  • atlantic food here i'm just loving it great lunch  oh ho belly's full belly's very full and very  

    一樣的汁, 我只是喜歡它而已午餐呵呵,飽肚子,很

  • happy we just had the best lunch ever let me tell  you that is a life-changing mac and cheese i mean  


  • to have lobster and shrimp and for it to be that  creamy and that cheesy so good it's amazing like  


  • that is mac and cheese to die for and also the  the clams and chips were good too that was good  


  • but going back one more thing about the mac and  cheese yeah that is the top two mac and cheese  

    但是回想一下Mac和奶酪,是的,這是 我在我們

  • i've had on our travels yeah it is right up there  with the truffle and bone marrow mac and cheese  

    上面擁有的前兩個Mac和奶酪 是的,它就在那裡, 裡面放著

  • we had inside that's high praise those two are  right up there we also got to chat with the owner  

    松露和骨髓Mac和奶酪 ,這兩個都就在上面,我們也很高興與主人

  • super friendly guy and this is just a beautiful  small town great experience and um we also have a  

    超級友好的傢伙 聊天, 這只是一個美麗的小鎮,很棒的經歷,嗯,我們也

  • recommendation for a good place for dinner yes  we are going to matias bistro yeah but we've  


  • still got a few hours before we start thinking  about food again so we're actually going to  

    還有幾個小時才再次開始考慮食物,所以我們實際上要 駛向

  • drive over to oak island over the causeway and  check that out because there's a lot of stories  


  • surrounding mystery treasure over there so  we'll tell you more about it when we get there


  • indeed

    確實 會告訴您更多

  • okay the funny thing is we're looking  for a business called the worldly gig  


  • yes and then after we turn on a road i think  it's crammed to go to oak island oh there it is


  • that's the really good it should be right here  


  • to give you a bit of context oak island is a 57  hectare privately owned island on nova scotia's  

    給您帶來些上下文。橡樹島是新斯科舍 省南岸的 57公頃私有島嶼,

  • south shore the island rose to mainstream fame  when the history channel started airing a reality  


  • tv show called the curse of oak island which  follows a group of modern day treasure hunters  


  • there are all sorts of theories about what kind of  treasure could be hidden here ranging from pirate  


  • treasure to the holy grail and marie antoinette's  jewels to money smuggled out of fort louisburg  


  • some of these theories are a little more out there  than others but all we can really say is that  

    的一些這些理論都多出了一點有比別人,但所有我們真的能說 的

  • the show has a big cult following now for the bad  news our visit to oak island didn't go as planned  

    是 , 節目有一個很大的崇拜,現在下面這個壞消息我們橡樹島的訪問並沒有按計劃

  • well that was a fun little misadventure so we  got to oak island we know it's a privately owned  


  • island but supposedly it's open to the public  just like at the tip of it where they have  


  • an interpretive center and you can learn more  information about the history of the island but  

    一個解釋中心一樣,您可以了解有關 該島 歷史的更多信息。島,但

  • right now they've got this big red sign that says  oak island is close to visitors no trespassing  


  • yeah um so so yeah that's the end of it but what  what we can see from here it's beautiful and  


  • um we got some great views of the water so we  took a few clips of that but that's the end of  

    我們對水,所以我們拍攝了一些片段,但是 今天我們的橡樹島冒險之

  • our oak island venture today we're just going to  head back into town yeah supposedly there's also  

    旅 到此 結束, 我們只想回到小鎮,是的,據說

  • boat tours that you can do but they don't go out  every day of the week and you can also do guided  


  • walking tours but they only release those tickets  a few times a year and they sell out immediately  

    徒步旅行但是他們每年只發行幾次這些票,而且 由於人們真的很喜歡這個寶藏

  • because people are really into this treasure right  so anyways um yeah we're just gonna head back into  

    而立即售罄, 所以無論如何,是的,我們只是要回

  • town and uh yeah it was a fun little fun little  misadventure this is part of the part of the  


  • travel experience yeah we'll just spend the rest  of the day in mahone bay that's right after our  

    旅行經歷 的一部分, 是的,我們將整天的其餘時間都花在mahone灣,就在我們

  • failed attempts at visiting the island we started  driving back to mahone bay and came across the  


  • rum runners trail the rum runners trail is a 119  kilometer trail that runs along a former rail bed  


  • and it connects halifax with lunenburg while  passing through hubbard's chester and mahone  


  • bay the trail gets its name from nova scotia's  prohibition which was enacted from 1921 to 1930.  

    灣,該小徑的名稱來自於1921年至1930年頒布的新 斯科舍省 的禁止規定。

  • during this time bootlegger is also known as rum  runners were the booze suppliers for the illegal  

    在這段時間內,偷盜者也是被稱為朗姆酒賽跑者是非法 市場

  • market and the coastline's proximity to the  railroad made it an ideal route for rum running  

    的豪華酒供應商, 海岸線靠近鐵路使其成為朗姆酒行駛的理想路線,

  • so we are now going in a little afternoon hike  we're walking part of the rum runners trail you  


  • can also bike this trail and yeah it's justreally nice trail wooded shaded if we had a bit  

    也可以騎單車,是的,如果我們有 更多的時間, 那是一個非常不錯的小路,樹木成蔭,

  • more time i would totally bike this to halifax  and this particular stretch is just beautifully  


  • maintained the trail is just you could tell  that it's been flat in it there's no big  


  • rocks or anything i mean this looks this looks  like a manicure garden almost more than i know


  • we also enjoyed a drive through oakland  which sits directly across from mahon bay  


  • here we found a nice little beach to walk along


  • so we were really looking forward to visiting  the mahone bay museum however we didn't realize  


  • it's open by appointment only if you want  to arrange a visit you can message them on  


  • their facebook page or send them an email  through their website but remember you must  


  • do so at least 24 hours in advance so one of the  volunteers can be on site the museum has excellent  


  • reviews and most of the comments mentioned how  informative and friendly the guides are so if  


  • you want to have a good chat about mahone based  shipbuilding pass this is a good place to go


  • next up we made our way to saltbox brewing  company to sample some of their local craft beers

    下一步 的好去處, 我們前往Saltbox釀造公司取樣了一些當地的精釀啤酒,

  • it is beer o'clock it is the sun is out in for  full force at this point it was a little chilly  


  • earlier on i'm actually only wearing this  flannel because it's protecting my arms from  


  • the direct sunlight poor red hair but anyways  we've got a nice selection of beers and cider  

    陽光直射的可憐的紅頭髮的傷害 ,這有點冷 , 但是無論如何,我們有不錯的啤酒和蘋果酒

  • four beers one cider and i'm just gonna  try them all for you and where are we of  


  • course we're at salt box brewing one of the  most uh famous attractions here in town and  

    當然 在哪裡,我們 在鹽罐裡釀製小鎮上最著名的景點之一,並且

  • a beautiful spot to be hanging out on a late  summer day yeah for those of you who like to  


  • drink beer come on down yeah this is the place  all right guys first off is a very unique beer  


  • it is a lobster ale crustacean elation that  sounds like something i would call a beer i love  


  • i love things that rhyme tongue twisters and it's  coming in at 5.5 percent so let's give that a shot

    我愛我喜歡韻母的舌頭繞線機,它以5.5%的速度增長,所以讓我們給tha T A拍攝

  • that's a nice refreshing beer good for the summer  


  • i can't see i taste too much lobster in there  that's probably a good thing it's probably a  


  • good thing the next one is actually mine if  you want to have a sipper is that your cider  


  • yes apple cider girling apple cider sterling apple  cider and this is audrey loves her cider so i do  


  • by having a sip i'm depriving her oflittle bit of it i feel bad but not too bad  

    喝了一口,我剝奪了她的 蘋果味 ,我感覺很不好,但還不算太糟

  • that's an interesting cider that's got a bit of  a i mean i taste the apple but it's got a little  


  • bit of a mint aftertaste um definitely prefer the  beer but i think you'll like that one a lot okay  


  • let's move on to this is a sour one this is called  the sour rhubarb and it's supposed to be citrusy  

    讓我們繼續前進,這是一種酸味的大黃菜,它是應該是柑桔類 熱帶 水果

  • tropical and tart so this sounds really good  this is one of their most popular summer beers  


  • very citrusy everything's been so unique so far  i've been i've been surprised by the diversity and  


  • variety so next up is the make and break a double  ipa this is the strongest beer coming in at 7.5

    所以接下來的是打破雙IPA,這是最強的啤酒t 7.5

  • okay i like this one a lot i love the  grapefruity aftertaste to it it doesn't  


  • taste as strong as you'd think at 7.5 you know  out of the four this is my favorite one so far  

    味道不如您想像的那樣濃烈,在7.5中,您知道到目前為止 , 這是我最喜歡的一個,

  • but that's probably gonna change  because i i do love my stouts  

    但是可能會改變,因為ii 最後 愛上我的烈性黑啤酒,

  • last but not least we have the ragin cajun and it  is a stow aged in a bourbon barrel that's so cool


  • oh that is good it tastes like gingerbread  to me this one has some kind of a bit of  


  • bite to it a little bit of spice to it i love this  brewery there's so many um so many great flavors  


  • here and one more thing to mention you can doflight of three or you can do a flight of eight  


  • right so we're doing five you got all kinds of  variety and all kinds i mean have eight if you're  

    所以我們要進行5次 飛行 種類繁多,我想說的是,如果您

  • thirsty enough you know and then after all that  beer and cider we walked over to the barn this is  

    足夠口渴的 話,您會 知道 有八種 ,然後畢竟啤酒和蘋果酒我們走進了穀倉,這是

  • a really cool coffee shop in mahone bay and our  favorite part was their secret garden outback


  • so we've gone from the brewery over to the coffee  shop this is a place that was recommended to us  

    所以我們從啤酒廠到咖啡店,這是一個值得推薦的地方 今天

  • today the barn for tea and coffee i actually  went for tea i'm having a london fog some earl  

    對我們來說 ,是用來喝茶和咖啡的穀倉,我實際上是去喝茶的,我在倫敦霧中 喝了

  • grey tea with milk i have a cappuccino and i've  got to say it's a great location outside and also  

    一些 伯爵茶和牛奶,我有一杯卡布奇諾咖啡,我不得不說這是一個很棒的地方,

  • very artsy inside a great place to enjoy  your coffee and and tasty bite inside too  

    裡面 也是一個 非常藝術的地方可以在其中享用咖啡和美味的地方,

  • cinnamon roll the glaze looking very  good take a big bite of that one


  • cinnamon buds are good that's got some  really nice cinnamon swirls inside  


  • that's how it is done i'm really interested to  hear about the energy but has some really cool  

    ,這是怎麼做的,我真的很想知道能量十足,但 肯定

  • cool ingredients for sure peanut butter  pumpkin seeds chia seeds cranberries coconut  

    有一些非常涼爽的 成分,可以肯定花生醬南瓜種子正大種子蔓越莓椰子

  • all over the exterior the everything ball does  it taste more dessert like or healthy i'd say  


  • relatively healthy but very good very good yeah  you could feed it to a non-health enthusiast  


  • also i don't think i've had a chance to show you  guys the shirt i got yesterday i'm really excited  


  • about this one so it's a collaboration between  east coast lifestyle from a brand from out here  

    這一個所以這是從品牌從這裡走出 在 東海岸的生活方式之間的合作

  • in the east coast and the blue nose shop the blue  nose 2 and the human berg i've been interested in  

    東海岸藍鼻子商店藍鼻子2和人類berg 自從我到新不倫瑞克省和新斯科舍省旅行以來,

  • the east coast lifestyle brand ever since i've  kind of been traveling around new brunswick and  

    我就一直對 東海岸的生活方式品牌 感興趣,

  • nova scotia i've seen so many people wear it this  is a kind of a young brand and they've done so  


  • well in less than 10 years and so i've kind of  always wanted to get a shirt when we saw that  

    在不到10年的時間裡 做得 很好,所以當我們看到

  • it has the iconic bluenose 2 which is what you see  on the canadian dime right and then with the east  

    它具有標誌性的bluenose 2時(我在加拿大一角硬幣上

  • coast it was like a two for one special i gothoodie which you'll probably be seeing in future  


  • episodes and audrey's just trying not to spill  everything and i just discovered chocolate chips

    沒錯,然後在東 海岸,就像一個特殊的二人制玩具,我得到了一件連帽衫,您可能會在以後的 情節中 看到它, 而奧黛麗只是想不撒點東西,我只是發現了巧克力片,

  • so when we were asking locals what  things we couldn't miss in mahone bay  


  • several of them mentioned amos pewter  what is pewter you ask i wonder the same  

    其中有幾處提到了amos pewter你問的是pewter我想知道同一

  • thing to get all sciency on you pewter ismalleable metal alloy composed of 85 to 99  


  • tin it was used for tableware and decorative metal  items by the egyptians and later the romans and  

    錫 組成, 用於餐具和裝飾品埃及人和後來的羅馬人的金屬物品

  • it also came into extensive use in europe during  the middle ages the cool thing about amos pewter  

    在中世紀,它也已在歐洲廣泛使用。關於amos pewter的一件很酷的事情

  • is that they have an open studio where you can  watch how they make their ornaments and jewelry  


  • we ended up getting a cute christmas ornament as  a gift we also enjoyed a walk along the mahone bay  

    ,最後得到了可愛的聖誕節裝飾品作為禮物,我們也很喜歡沿著mahone灣 市民碼頭 散步,

  • civic marina because sometimes it's just nice  to look at boats even if you never plan to own


  • one  

    一 艘船也可以很好地看著船

  • and then it was time for another meal this time  dinner at the highly acclaimed matias bistro  

    ,然後這次是時候在備受讚譽的Matias bistro熟食店吃另一頓飯了

  • well guys it feels like all we've been doing  today is eating eating eating like we have gone  


  • from a restaurant to a brewery to a coffee  shop to another restaurant meal number four  


  • we're good eaters we may not be good at anything  else in life but we can eat i'm just kidding what  


  • but we are good eaters um so we have come  to matias bistro for dinner tonight it's a  


  • restaurant that people kept recommending very  highly rated the chef is from bratislava so we  


  • have ordered an appetizer to share we are doing  mussels in white wine how does that sound to you  

    點了一份開胃菜來分享我們正在做的貽貝hite wine聽起來如何,給我

  • all kinds of amazing come to me muscle  in a white wine sauce how do you do this  


  • oh just like that how is it you like  it that's very tender that's good is it


  • you taste the white wine yes yes and that  has onions a little bit of coarse salt  


  • that's delicious is it i didn't know i like  mussels so much but when they're like this hey  


  • we've been we've been acclimatizing ourselves  to seafood for that's not the right word but  


  • um we've been eating a lot of seafood forwhile so they'll surprise you like muscles  


  • main dishes here i got their award-winning chowder  this looks so good seeing lots of mussels potatoes  


  • carrots different herbs and spices


  • how's that that is very nice this is  award-winning powder i've never seen  


  • a chowder with so many ingredients i know let's  try that got a bit of fish there mussels as well  


  • oh yeah your mussels are so good


  • we had them for the appetizer and i'm  happy to be having them again for the main  

    我們有開胃菜,我很高興再次在主要 麵食時間吃到

  • pasta time so i'm having chicken penne so  excited smoked chicken not just any kind of penny  

    它們, 所以我吃了雞肉p enne如此興奮的熏制雞肉,不僅是任何一種便士

  • check out that looks like it hasvinaigrette bit of a creamy sauce as well

    ,看上去都帶有一點 香醋味 的奶油醬,還有一個

  • whoa delicious chicken in here just love  it pairs so nicely with the shiraz wine


  • and we've got live music as well pretty cool


  • and that was our day trip to mahone bay  we took the scenic road back to lunenburg  

    ,那是我們到馬洪(Mahone)灣的一日遊,我們 沿著 風景秀麗的路 沿著燈塔的沿海

  • along the lighthouse coastal road driving  past mater's cove and detouring to herman's  

    公路返回倫堡(Lunenburg),駛過馬特灣(Mater's Cove) ,然後繞道到赫爾曼

  • island where we spotted a deer it was so  peaceful and there was such a beautiful  

    島( Herman's island),在那裡我們發現了一隻鹿,它是如此的寧靜,而且

  • light this part of nova scotia canada  really won over our hearts on this trip  

    光線 如此美麗 如果您喜歡這個mahone海灣旅行指南視頻,那麼新斯科舍省

  • if you enjoyed this mahone bay travel guide  video we invite you to hit subscribe and join  

    加拿大的這一部分確實贏得了我們的心, 我們邀請您點擊訂閱並加入

  • us as we continue our road trip along nova scotia  south shore next up lahave islands see you soon


  • you

hey guys samuel and audrey here and today we're  taking you on a little day trip to mahone bay