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  • today we're going to be taking you around Prince Edward Island one of

    今天我們要帶你去 愛德華王子島周圍的一個

  • Canada's three Maritime Provinces and the final destination of our road trip

    加拿大的三個海事省和 我們公路旅行的最終目的地

  • we had four days to explore the island and during that time we visited small

    我們有四天時間去探索島嶼 在那段時間我們訪問了小型

  • fishing villages that walked along the famous red sand beaches toward the home

    沿著河邊散步的漁村 著名的紅沙灘朝向家園

  • of Anne of Green Gables sampled our first lobster roll and enjoyed a

    綠山牆的安妮採樣了我們的 第一次龍蝦卷,享受一個

  • delicious seafood feast prepared by Sam's uncle who's a chef on the island

    美味的海鮮盛宴 山姆的叔叔是島上的廚師

  • it was a really fun visit so all of that and more coming up in this video

    所有這一切真的很有趣 還有更多關於這個視頻的內容

  • so we thought it would be a really good idea to go for a sunset stroll Suns

    所以我們認為這將是一個非常好的 想去日落漫步太陽隊

  • going down in beautiful fields and we are now being eaten alive by mosquitoes

    走在美麗的田野和我們 現在被蚊子活著吃掉了

  • we seem especially attracted to dark color so my dad's jacket is covered

    我們似乎特別喜歡黑暗 顏色讓我父親的夾克被蓋住了

  • defense my friends grab the branch minion flyswatter again alive we quickly

    防守我的朋友搶分支 我們很快就把我的蒼蠅拍再次活著

  • retreated back to the farmhouse we had rented and despite the mosquitos

    退回到我們的農舍 租來的,儘管有蚊子

  • attacking we did get to enjoy a nice sunset on her sprint back

    攻擊我們確實得到了一個很好的 她衝刺回來的日落

  • the following morning we got a bright and early ready to explore the island

    第二天早上我們變得很聰明 並準備好探索這個島嶼

  • our first stop a beach for Togo to splash in

    我們第一站到多哥的海灘 飛濺

  • so our first stop of the day today is Gordon Cote beach we thought we would

    所以我們今天的第一站就是 戈登科特海灘,我們認為我們會

  • bring the dog for a swim here in the ocean

    帶狗去游泳吧 海洋

  • yesterday he had a long day in the car cooped up it was a five-hour drive from

    昨天他在車上度過了漫長的一天 把它關起來是一個五小時的車程

  • Cape Breton to Pei but yeah this is a lovely beach it's

    布雷頓角到裴 但是,這是一個可愛的海灘

  • public dogs are allowed it's a red sand beach and we're the only ones here

    公共狗是允許它是一個紅色的沙子 海灘,我們是這裡唯一的

  • there's someone else out maybe it's a bit too early for a swim yeah but it's

    還有其他人可能是一個 有點太早游泳,但是它是

  • really nice so he's splashing around chasing sticks another thing to mention

    非常好,所以他在四處亂竄 追逐棍棒另外要提的是

  • here is that we have great views of the confederation bridge that's the bridge

    這是我們對此有很好的看法 聯邦橋,這是橋樑

  • we crossed yesterday from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island and this is

    我們昨天從新不倫瑞克省過境了 到愛德華王子島,這是

  • actually the longest bridge in the world that crosses over waters that frees fun

    實際上是世界上最長的橋樑 穿過水域,釋放樂趣

  • fact it's twelve point nine kilometres and

    事實 它是十二點九公里

  • it's free when you cross onto the island but once we leave that's when we pair at

    當你穿越島嶼時它是免費的 但是一旦我們離開那就是我們配對的時候

  • all which is around 50 bucks so what are we up to you for the few days that we're

    所有這些都是50美元左右 我們為你做了幾天

  • here what's some of the things we want to do well local rules yeah yeah

    這裡有什麼我們想要的東西 做好當地的規則是的,是的

  • especially we're looking for places where the Togo can be on the loose I

    特別是我們正在尋找地方 多哥可以在鬆散的地方

  • don't have to use the leash and maybe we're gonna link up with a famous chef

    不必使用皮帶,也許 我們要和一位著名的廚師聯繫

  • from the island here he teaches at the culinary school I'm looking forward to

    從他在這裡的島上教他 烹飪學校我很期待

  • the interaction between Daniel and Hans it's gonna be gonna be special

    丹尼爾和漢斯之間的互動 它會變得特別

  • after our visit to the beach we hop back in the car and drove up to Cavendish

    在我們訪問海灘後,我們回去了 在車上開車到卡文迪什

  • where the main attraction is Green Gables heritage place whether you've

    主要景點是綠色 無論你是誰,山牆的遺產地

  • read the books seeing the movies or watched the TV series setting foot here

    閱讀看電影的書籍 看著電視劇踏上這裡

  • will transport you to the late 19th century where you can relive and

    將把你帶到19世紀末 世紀,你可以重溫和

  • adventures


  • on three we're gonna make a wish one two three so we just finished

    三點我們會許個願 一兩三,所以我們剛剛完成

  • visiting the home of Anne of Green Gables and we are now walking through

    參觀綠色安妮的家 山牆和我們現在正在走過

  • the Haunted wood honestly it's been a while since I read the books so I don't

    鬧鬼的木頭老實說它是一個 因為我讀書所以我沒有

  • remember the significance of this but it's a very nice trail through the woods

    記住這個的意義但是 這是穿過樹林的非常好的小徑

  • nice and shaded we just finished visiting the house of Anne of Green

    很好,陰影我們剛剛完成 參觀綠色安妮的房子

  • Gables my dad had to stay outside because of the dog he's allowed on the

    我爸爸的山牆不得不留在外面 因為狗被允許了

  • grounds not in the home which is fair yeah but I I saw the house from outside

    理由不在家裡的理由 是的,但我從外面看到了房子

  • and it's one of those farmhouses colonial type of construction it's a

    它就是那些農舍之一 殖民地類型的建築它是一個

  • beautiful place the whole area is amazing it's it's like

    美麗的地方 整個區域都很棒,就像它一樣

  • coming out of a book of our fairy tales you know yeah beautiful gardens and

    從我們的童話書出來 你知道是的美麗的花園和

  • nothing is seems to be out of place you know everything seems to be like

    似乎沒有什麼是不合適的 知道一切似乎都像

  • picture-perfect here and the house well you know for people that don't know

    畫面完美在這里和房子很好 你知道那些不認識的人

  • about the story here and of Green Gables you can try to find the yeah there's a

    關於這里和Green Gables的故事 你可以試著找到是的

  • brand new show on Netflix is called Anne with Annie yeah and we watch both

    Netflix上的全新秀稱為Anne 和安妮一起,我們兩個都看

  • seasons yeah it's great and now we're off to lunch we're going in search of

    季節是的它很棒,現在我們是 我們正在尋找午餐

  • lobster 11:30 half an hour drive is gonna be lunchtime so the lobster roll

    龍蝦11:30開車半小時 要午餐時間讓龍蝦滾動

  • if we can he's ready for lunch - huh

    如果他們能為午餐做好準備 - 呵呵

  • what time is it it's time for can you guess what that is

    你現在幾點了 猜猜那是什麼

  • it's a lobster roll


  • well guys we're already digging into our lobster roll

    好吧,伙計們,我們已經在挖掘我們的 龍蝦卷

  • mine's half gone because it's not delicious but we came to the lobster

    我的一半消失了,因為事實並非如此 好吃,但我們來到了龍蝦

  • barn or Airbnb host recommended this place she said the food here is amazing

    穀倉或Airbnb主持人推薦這個 她說這裡的食物很棒

  • and it is and yeah we got here and the place is packed inside hmm

    它是,是的,我們來到這里和 地方被包裝在嗯

  • we've got togi so we can't go inside the restaurant or the patio but we did do

    我們有togi所以我們不能進去 餐廳或露台,但我們做了

  • takeout Toby's being a good boy right here yeah

    取出 托比在這兒是個好孩子,是的

  • how would you guys describe the raw lobster roll for those it's a it's a

    你們怎麼形容原始的 龍蝦卷為那些它是一個

  • unique item to here yeah it's like the lobster meat like the best of the

    獨特的項目到這裡是的它就像是 龍蝦肉最喜歡的

  • lobster man looked like a sweet mayo on top no it's also a bit of lettuce in

    龍蝦男人看起來像一個甜蜜的蛋黃醬 頂部不,它也有點生菜

  • there just a really nice packed bond that's a lobster it's a must try if you

    只是一個非常好的包裝債券 這是龍蝦,如果你必須嘗試

  • come to see I it lobster is the specialty of this of this province in

    來看看我龍蝦是什麼的 中國這個省的特產

  • particular Jerry would have been a bad idea sure everyone has their own Howard

    尤其傑瑞本來就不好 確保每個人都擁有自己的霍華德

  • the lobster rolls guys good dad what do you think

    龍蝦卷伙計好爸爸做什麼 您認為

  • well guys that was Victoria by the sea beautiful beautiful I mean first let's

    那些在海邊維多利亞的傢伙 美麗的美麗我的意思是先讓我們

  • talk about lunch that was incredible Wow first-ever lobster roll I loved it

    談論令人難以置信的午餐 哇第一次有龍蝦卷,我喜歡它

  • the texture of the lobster is just so soft it's kind of buttery and oh so good

    龍蝦的質地就是如此 柔軟它是一種黃油,哦,太好了

  • I could have had two of those sandwiches yeah I mean they're not cheap I would

    我本可以吃兩個三明治 是的我的意思是他們不便宜

  • have had to drop over 30 bucks oh I don't think we mentioned the price so if

    我不得不掏30多美元哦 不要以為如果我們提到了這個價格

  • you get it as takeout it's $14 for the lobster roll yeah and it's 18 if you're

    你得到它作為外賣它的14美元 龍蝦卷是的,如果你是18歲的話

  • having it in the restaurant but it comes with fries yeah it's pretty cool you can

    在餐廳吃它但它來了 用薯條是的,你可以很酷

  • get fries or you could substitute them for sweet potato fries and then just

    得到薯條或你可​​以替代它們 對於甘藷薯條然後只是

  • beside there you have a lighthouse to explore you also have a pier to walk

    在那旁邊你有一座燈塔 探索你也有一個碼頭散步

  • around you have a little beach yeah and we notice a lot of people also kayaking

    你周圍有一個小海灘是啊 我們注意到很多人也在皮划艇

  • so great either chilling getting in some exercise or just stuffing your Beach I

    進入一些令人不寒而栗 運動或只是塞你的海灘我

  • notice they had clam digging tours kayaking tours yeah and what sunset tour

    注意他們有蛤蜊挖掘之旅 皮划艇之旅耶和日落之旅

  • - oh yeah - running boat and I also wanted to say like the town is really

    - 哦是的 - 跑船和我也 我想說這個小鎮真的很棒

  • small it's just two blocks by two blocks you can covered it's ridiculously cute

    很小,只有兩個街區兩個街區 你可以覆蓋它可笑的可笑

  • though yeah it's definitely worth a spot and yeah that pretty much Park anywhere

    雖然是的,它絕對值得一個地方 是的,幾乎任何公園

  • and highly highly recommended yeah the following morning we woke up to a rather

    並強烈推薦耶 第二天早上,我們醒來了

  • grey and rainy day but that wasn't going to keep us from exploring the island we

    灰濛蒙的雨天,但那不是 讓我們遠離探索我們的島嶼

  • hopped in a car and drove to Greenwich Beach which had been recommended to us

    跳上車,開車去格林威治 海灘曾被推薦給我們

  • by a local good morning from Pei it's another morning it's another day it's a

    來自裴的當地早上好 另一個早晨,這是另一天

  • windy one and a rainy one we drove to Greenwich to visit Prince Edward Island

    我們驅車前往多風和多雨 格林威治參觀愛德華王子島

  • National Parks we're really excited about taking the

    國家公園 我們真的很興奮

  • dog to the beach but it turns out he's not allowed from like April to October

    狗到海灘,但事實證明他是 不允許從四月到十月

  • is it so he's not happy the dog is throwing loudly in the form

    是這樣他不開心 狗在表格中大聲投擲

  • of whimpering whimpering crying yeah he's just not a happy camper he's not

    嗚咽嗚咽的嗚咽是的 他不是一個快樂的露營者,他不是

  • allowed on the boardwalk so he stayed behind with my parents

    允許在木板路上 所以他留在了我的父母身邊

  • while we walk over to the beach to explore it should be beautiful red sand

    我們走到海灘去 探索它應該是美麗的紅沙

  • beaches it's too bad he can't swim maybe there was a birds nesting or

    海灘太糟糕了,他不會游泳 也許有一隻鳥築巢或

  • something and that's why he's not allowed who knows oh yeah we're gonna

    什麼,這就是為什麼他不是 允許誰知道哦是的我們會

  • share those of use with you we brought some umbrellas so we can still get out

    與我們分享使用的那些 一些遮陽傘,所以我們仍然可以出去

  • and you know enjoy the scenery even if it's a bit of a wet day and yeah Sam's

    你知道即使享受風景也是如此 這是一個有點潮濕的日子,是的Sam

  • pointing me so we made it to Greenwich Beach the place my dad wanted to see

    指著我,所以我們去了格林威治 海灘我爸爸想要看到的地方

  • with those iconic long empty desolate beaches that you see on the TV

    那些標誌性的長空淒涼 你在電視上看到的海灘

  • commercial it's just like that actually we're the only ones at the beach right

    商業它就像那樣 我們是海灘上唯一的人

  • now yeah there is not one soul to be had you know it's all it's all power cells

    現在是的,沒有一個靈魂可以擁有 你知道這就是所有的電池

  • but the only sad part is that we were coming with the dog with all go he was

    但唯一可悲的是我們是 他和狗一起去了他

  • ready to go swimming and we see that there are signs here that says the dogs

    準備去游泳,我們看到了 這裡有跡象表明這些狗

  • are not allowed at the beach yeah during certain times of year yeah nesting bird

    在海灘期間是不允許的 一年中的某些時候是的築巢鳥

  • some nesting bird along here I don't see any bird but supposed to be nesting

    沿途有一些築巢的鳥我看不到 任何鳥,但應該是築巢

  • birds so yeah that one being worked out well the dog had to stay in the car

    鳥,所以是的,一個正在製定 那隻狗必須留在車裡

  • screaming and barking because we came over here and stayed with my wife in

    因為我們來了,尖叫和吠叫 在這里和我的妻子住在一起

  • there and yeah beautiful beautiful beach as far as

    那里和 是的,美麗的海灘

  • the eye can see you got beach and this gives you another

    眼睛可以看到 你有海灘,這給你另一個

  • idea how how big this country is and how few people there are here a day like

    想法這個國家有多大,怎麼樣 這裡有一天很少有人喜歡

  • today okay it's cloudy but it's a nice day to you know to come to the beach

    今天還好,它很陰天,但這很好 你知道的一天來到海灘

  • it's nice and fresh and there is no one here says the two lifeguards and us

    它很好,很新鮮,沒有人 這裡說的是兩個救生員和我們

  • mosquitos are we are giving blood in every province I mean summertime in

    蚊子是我們獻血的 每個省我的意思是夏季

  • Canada if you come prepare yourself because mosquitoes are everywhere all

    加拿大,如果你準備自己 因為蚊子到處都是

  • right we're gonna continue and try to find ya okay

    對,我們要繼續嘗試 找你好吧

  • we drove to a nearby town where toga thought to enjoy some playtime on the

    我們驅車前往附近的小鎮 想要享受一些遊戲時間

  • beach and after he had his fill of splashing around and fetching the stick

    海灘和他填滿之後 飛濺並拿起棍子

  • we got back in the car at this point the rain was really starting to pick up so

    我們此時回到車裡了 雨真的開始好起來了

  • we returned back to the farmhouse busy day and it was rainy and gray so we

    我們忙著回到農舍 一天,它是多雨和灰色所以我們

  • didn't really feel like going out again so someone decided maple sounds like a

    真的不想再出去了 所以有人認為楓的聲音就像是

  • great idea ah so yeah for those for those who haven't seen maple syrup in

    好主意啊所以是的 那些沒有見過楓糖漿的人

  • Canada check out this guy's check out how big that is totally oh no 500

    加拿大看看這傢伙的退房 有多大,完全沒有500

  • milliliters no the recipe calls for a quarter cup and Sam poured a full mug no

    沒有配方要求的毫升數 四分之一杯和山姆倒了一個完整的杯子沒有

  • I think I think my dad was the one advocating for more like it's gonna be

    我想我覺得我爸爸就是那個人 提倡更多像它一樣

  • like oh what else is in there mustard mustard salt and pepper to taste

    比如芥末還有什麼呢 芥末鹽和胡椒調味

  • also butter that kind of sort of yeah


  • okay so who the weather is turning bad and we are in a hurry here

    好吧,天氣變壞了 我們在這裡匆忙

  • okay tonight we're having a salman we wrapped it up in aluminum foil because

    好的,今晚我們有一個薩爾曼 用鋁箔包起來因為

  • we don't want it to stick to the grill right you know the fish when you put it

    我們不希望它堅持烤架 你放的時候就知道了魚

  • on the grill the usually sticks and it starts breaking down and you know it's a

    在烤架上通常會粘在它上面 開始崩潰,你知道它是一個

  • it's a mess sometimes now we're gonna leave it here it's gonna start cooking

    現在我們有時候會很亂 把它放在這裡它會開始做飯

  • before it starts to rain and that's going to be that's gonna be dinner

    在它開始下雨之前就是這樣 這將是晚餐

  • tonight we're gonna close the lid yeah let it get going and this is gonna take

    今晚我們要關上蓋子啊 讓它開始,這將採取

  • no time these are the project managers yeah we have a new guest here that

    這些都是項目經理 是的,我們在這裡有一位新客人

  • appeared out of nowhere and they say is a neighbor's dog but she's ready for the

    突然出現,他們說是 鄰居的狗,但她已準備好了

  • barbecue to us yeah a smart country dog that they know when people come to rent

    燒烤給我們是的聰明的鄉村狗 他們知道人們何時來租房

  • a house they show up and they know they're gonna get something something

    他們出現的房子,他們知道 他們會得到一些東西

  • good out of it in return so yeah this is going now we're going to go on inside

    很好的回報所以是的,是的 現在我們要進去了

  • I'm going to start frying the scallops okay so now we are frying the scallops

    我要開始煎扇貝了 好的,現在我們正在煎扇貝

  • with the bacon wrapped around it and yeah this one is just a matter of

    用培根包裹著它 是的,這只是一個問題

  • waiting for the bacon to really get crispy these are scallops and the

    等待培根真正得到 脆皮這些是扇貝和

  • scallops they cook extremely fast so it's just a matter of getting the bacon

    扇貝他們煮的速度非常快 這只是獲得培根的問題

  • to to be nice and crispy and that's it and tonight we're gonna have a gonna be

    要好又脆,就是這樣 今晚我們會有一個

  • a light dinner said the salmon and this and a salad that we made because

    一頓清淡的晚餐說三文魚和這個 和我們做的沙拉因為

  • tomorrow night we're going to have a dinner that is going to make history

    明天晚上我們會有一個 晚餐將創造歷史

  • yeah okay just stay tuned and you'll see what's coming for tomorrow night it's a

    是的,請繼續關注,你會看到 明天晚上會發生什麼事情

  • surprise fine look at his salmon look at this look at this beauty oh okay oh okay

    驚喜看看他的三文魚看看 看看這個美女哦好吧哦好吧

  • now look at the caramelized maple syrup okay perfect and the

    現在看看焦糖楓糖漿 好的,完美的

  • the scallops did not last what five minutes I whispered and they were gone

    扇貝沒有持續五個 幾分鐘我低聲說,他們走了

  • another delicacy okay those scallops right rubbed with the bacon try them

    另一種美味還好的那些扇貝 用培根揉搓試試吧

  • anymore good stuff I'm Dan okay the Dracula's

    再 好東西我是Dan好的Dracula's

  • blood is almost gone it was so good we went for the Argentinian one is called

    血幾乎消失了我們這麼好 去了阿根廷人就叫了

  • desk you see a door what's the translation in English I don't know just

    桌子你看到門是什麼的 用英語翻譯我不知道

  • kiss the others when someone loses his mind yeah basically crazy and its mouth

    當有人失去他的時候親吻別人 心靈是啊基本上瘋了,它的嘴巴

  • back from 2016 we come from the top in gato in Mendoza Argentina really good

    從2016年開始,我們來自頂部 阿根廷門多薩的加托非常好

  • wine too so both of them were really good amazingly that one from Romania

    葡萄酒也是如此,他們兩個都是真的 來自羅馬尼亞的那個令人驚訝的

  • it was Jorge it was excellent was the the one from Romania was was a Quentin

    這是喬治,它是優秀的 來自羅馬尼亞的是Quentin

  • so was the one from Argentina well they're all back yeah and we actually

    來自阿根廷的人也是如此 他們都回來了,我們其實

  • got the idea to do maple salmon from a recipe my mom makes yes I have it

    得到了從一個楓樹鮭魚做的想法 我的媽媽做的食譜我有它

  • Evan probably once every three weeks at home oh nice

    埃文可能每三週一次 家哦好

  • lucky guy yeah very good and I want to accentuate how quickly those

    幸運的傢伙,非常好,我想 突出那些快點

  • bacon-wrapped scallops went yeah with the shortest-lived aperitif on earth we

    培根包裹的扇貝去了 地球上最短壽的開胃酒我們

  • were swatting each other in this family if you don't grab it quickly tough luck

    在這個家庭裡互相爭吵 如果你不抓緊快運氣

  • that's what


  • well good morning from Prince Edward Island how are you doing dad

    從愛德華王子那裡早上好 島你好爸爸

  • I'm gonna make breakfast this morning we're gonna have bacon yep and my

    我今天早上要做早餐 我們要有培根和我的

  • patented flapjacks with a query of blueberries and and banana yep no matter

    獲得專利的烙餅查詢 藍莓和香蕉也不管

  • what you say yes sir excuse the slurry there's a slurry is the bacon there's

    你說的是什麼先生原諒漿液 那裡有培根漿

  • the bacon so what stage are we at right now

    培根那麼我們處於什麼階段 現在

  • well we got the bacon done and this is going to be more slurry than pancake

    好吧,我們完成了培根,這是 比煎餅更漿

  • I've never had quite quite a slurry one but it's it's gonna be really good for

    我從來沒有相當多的泥漿 但它會真的很好

  • you I'll tell you that banana blueberry flapjack Jorge's fruity flapjack with

    你我會告訴你香蕉藍莓 烙餅Jorge的水果烙餅

  • banana berry okay that's nice and fluffy that'll be nice

    香蕉漿果沒關係 這很好,蓬鬆,很好

  • with maple syrup flapjack all the fruity flapjack all right enjoy we have this

    用楓糖漿烙餅所有的果味 烙餅可以享受我們有這個

  • morning


  • the next morning we drove to nearby board and Carlton a town located right

    第二天早上我們開車去附近 董事會和卡爾頓鎮位於右邊

  • at the foot of the confederation bridge every tourist who drives to PEI passes

    在聯邦橋腳下 每個開車到PEI的遊客都會通過

  • through here plus the town has a few attractions like a lighthouse a boxcar

    通過這裡加上鎮上有幾個 像燈塔一樣的景點

  • and some fun photo ops and have I mentioned that you also get the best

    和一些有趣的照片操作,有我 提到你也得到了最好的

  • views of the confederation bridge because you do

    聯邦橋的意見 因為你這樣做

  • that evening we had a very special guest Sam's uncle Hans Andre is a Swiss chef

    那天晚上我們有一個非常特別的客人 Sam的叔叔Hans Andre是瑞士廚師

  • who lives on the island and teaches at the Culinary Institute of Canada he

    誰住在島上並教導 加拿大烹飪學院他

  • kindly prepared a seafood feast featuring oysters scallops fish and

    親切準備了海鮮盛宴 特色牡蠣扇貝魚和

  • lobster it was mouth-wateringly delicious

    龍蝦 它口感好吃

  • give me a nice one I like lime I like lemon juice lemon juice yeah just a

    給我一個很好的,我喜歡我喜歡的石灰 檸檬汁檸檬汁呀只是一個

  • little drop in it okay I'm thank just one shot no it goes it

    它有點下降沒關係 我只感謝一槍而不是它

  • goes down straight so we've got a master chef here sorry and we're gonna be

    直奔,所以我們有一個主人 廚師在這裡抱歉,我們會的

  • trying boosters and a whole bunch of other different things we're doing block

    嘗試助推器和一大堆 我們正在阻止其他不同的事情

  • yeah we have scallops as well scallops salmon just advice it's gonna it's gonna

    是的,我們還有扇貝和扇貝 三文魚只是建議它會。它會

  • be amazing and for those who don't know you're you're an instructor at

    對於那些不知道的人來說,這太棒了 你是一名教練

  • instructor here at Victrola nice to do with Canada yeah in Charlotte um yeah

    Victrola的教練很高興 和加拿大是的在夏洛特,是的

  • and been there for 30 years the restaurant prior to that okay twelve

    並在那裡待了30年 餐廳之前那個好十二點

  • years yeah if you're gonna come for seafood Pei it's the spot he can at best

    是的,如果你要來的話 海鮮裴這是他最多的地方

  • from all picori stirs Oh best oysters minute best on all in metal really oh

    從所有picori攪拌哦最好的牡蠣 最好用金屬分鐘哦哦

  • the saltiness is so Wow alright I'm looking forward to seeing you try the

    鹹味是如此哇好吧我 期待看到你嘗試

  • fam okay here we go any any tips for eating yeah just make

    我們好的,我們走了 任何吃的秘訣就是做

  • sure it's loose right make sure it's loose it's loose okay it already does

    確定它是鬆散的,確保它是正確的 鬆散它鬆散好吧它已經做到了

  • lime just put it and down it goes and you swallow oh I love it I mean I it's

    石灰只是放下它去 你吞下哦我愛它我的意思是我的

  • not my first time to try wasters but it's your second time no I've had it a

    不是我第一次嘗試浪費但是 這是你第二次沒有我擁有它

  • few times okay these are the saltiest by far all right

    幾次沒關係 到目前為止,這些都是最鹹的

  • Alysha so nice and salty you know what you you you guys have got to try it too

    Alysha這麼好又鹹,你知道嗎 你們,你們也必須嘗試一下

  • I'm gonna do a little one just for it now right so you're having he

    我會為它做一點點 現在沒錯,所以你有他

  • Pei or Easter's one go saltiness beautiful that good I think so yeah yeah

    裴或複活節一個人去咸 我覺得很好,所以是的,是的

  • rapido rapido rapido a little hungry I'm cooking on the other side of the stove

    我很快就有點餓了 在爐子的另一邊做飯

  • okay I'm dressed as a cook but far from it you know I'm on the other side of the

    好吧,我打扮成廚師,但遠非如此 它你知道我在另一邊

  • stove right there's a lot of traffic over there so what are we doing today

    爐子就在那裡有很多交通 那邊我們今天做了什麼

  • we're doing again we're doing the scallops wrapped around the rub with the

    我們正在做的我們正在做的 用扇貝纏繞著扇貝

  • bacon Canadian bacon and we have a sauce made out of maple syrup yeah mustard

    培根加拿大培根,我們有醬 用楓糖漿做的呀芥末

  • butter salt and pepper and after we're gonna add up a little bit of these okay

    黃油鹽和胡椒和我們之後 要加點一點這些好吧

  • I'm humming my little fix here to bring out the inspiration I can cook if I

    我正在哼著我的小修理帶來 如果我,我可以做的靈感

  • don't have a little bit of big idea guys are drinking a little bit of here I'm

    沒有一點點好主意的傢伙 我在這裡喝了一點點

  • allergic to it so I cannot have it but the good part of it I'm not allergic to

    過敏,所以我不能擁有它 好的一部分我不會過敏

  • wine okay so are you happy I made a puree with parsnips and

    酒還好,你快樂嗎? 我用歐洲防風草做了一個原漿

  • cauliflower chicken stock and just a little bit of cream in it milk in it and

    花椰菜雞湯只是一個 它裡面有一點點奶油