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  • good morning good morning guys greetings from Seoul South Korea it's a little bit

    大家早上好,早上好問候 來自韓國首爾,這是一點點

  • sigh but this is my last morning here so I wanted to go and show you guys some

    感嘆,但這是我在這裡的最後一個早晨 我想去告訴你們一些人

  • really cool Korean breakfast so we're gonna be having first Korean porridge

    非常酷的韓國早餐,所以我們 會有第一個韓國粥

  • and some Korean fried rice so Korean porridge is called Juk Korean fried

    和一些韓國炒飯這麼韓國人 粥叫Juk韓國炒

  • rice is called bokumbap and afterwards guys we're gonna be visiting yet another

    大米被稱為bokumbap,之後 伙計們,我們要去另一個人

  • palace here in Seoul there's so many cool palaces to visit so yeah kind of

    在首爾的宮殿有這麼多 涼爽的宮殿參觀,所以是的

  • ending things off with the bang can't wait to have a delicious meal and then

    用爆炸結束的事情不能 等著吃一頓美味的飯

  • explore somewhere a full let's do it so we have a feast of feasts again in the

    在某個地方探索一個完整的讓我們這樣做 我們在這裡再次舉辦一場盛宴

  • morning I just feel like that has been the theme of our South Korea cheer

    早上我只覺得那樣 我們韓國歡呼的主題

  • percent range I can't expect us to give us basically fuel for the day what we've

    百分比範圍我不能指望我們給予 我們基本上為我們的日子加油

  • got here is we've got the Korean Juk this is called Pat Juke which is a red

    來到這裡是我們有韓國Juk 這叫做Pat Juke,是紅色的

  • bean porridge and it's basically like the Azuki beans so if I stirred around

    豆粥,它基本上就像 如果我在周圍攪拌,那麼Azuki豆

  • here you can see that has that kind of reddish purple tea color which is

    在這裡你可以看到那種 紅紫色茶色

  • associated with obviously the red bean the pot and what else is fascinating too

    顯然與紅豆有關 鍋和其他什麼也很吸引人

  • is that it comes with rice basses giant rice ball there but it also comes with

    就是它帶有米飯底座巨人 飯糰在那裡,但它也附帶

  • it has a glutinous rice and then some more coarse pieces of rice it's

    它有糯米然後一些 更粗糙的米飯

  • absolutely piping hot so I'm just gonna stir that for a bit and show you guys

    絕對滾燙所以我只是要 攪拌一下,告訴你們

  • some of the other side dishes you have some meat it has a it's been marinated

    你有一些其他配菜 有些肉它已被醃製了

  • and then we have white radish an ice cold white radish soup not entirely sure

    然後我們有白蘿蔔和冰 冷白蘿蔔湯不完全確定

  • what that is until this gochujang sauce it's not sure if it's vegetables or fish

    這是什麼,直到這個辣椒醬 它不確定它是蔬菜還是魚

  • I believe it might be fish and then moving on here this stuff is amazing

    我相信它可能是魚然後 繼續前進這裡的東西太神奇了

  • guys this is my favorite Korean fried rice it's called kimchi fried rice

    伙計這是我最喜歡的韓國炒 米飯它叫做泡菜炒飯

  • kimchi bokumbap it's got kimchi it's got onions I can see that has carrots and

    kimchi bokumbap它有泡菜它有 洋蔥我能看到胡蘿蔔和胡蘿蔔

  • some spring onions as well it's a nice spicy rice so tasty

    一些洋蔥也很好吃 辣米飯好吃

  • basically the side dishes that come with this rice because it is a separate order

    基本上是附帶的配菜 這米飯是因為它是一個單獨的訂單

  • are exactly the same as with the Juke no need to explain those well let's try

    和Juke沒有完全相同 需要解釋那些好吧讓我們試試

  • that Juke hopefully it's cooled down a little bit

    Juke希望它能冷卻下來 一點

  • so I'm gonna go for the first bite without the rice balls

    所以我要去吃第一口 沒有飯糰

  • mm-hmm very strong bean tastes surprisingly not as much sugar or

    mm-hmm非常濃郁的豆子味道 令人驚訝的是沒有多少糖或

  • sweetener hatted as I would have thought it's actually more savory than it is

    正如我想像的那樣甜味的帽子 它實際上比它更美味

  • sweet taste very very healthy like these jokes are made with just very simple

    這些甜味非常健康 笑話的製作非常簡單

  • ingredients it's just like your rice you've got your being and the rice balls

    成分就像你的米飯一樣 你有你的存在和飯糰

  • it's really yeah so it's very easy to digest mmm I really like it but I have

    它真的是,所以這很容易 消化mmm我真的很喜歡它,但我有

  • to admit the pumpkin one is by far my favorite all right I try the rice ball

    承認南瓜一個到目前為止我的 我最喜歡的是嘗試飯糰

  • here mmm I love the texture it's so soft and chewy well I do have to chew it for

    在這裡mmm我喜歡這麼柔軟的質地 並且耐嚼得很好我必須咀嚼它

  • a while so that's like phase one a breakfast phase two is a kimchi fried

    一段時間,這就像第一階段一樣 早餐第二階段是泡菜炒

  • rice but before I do that I'm gonna try the all the side dishes here let's try

    米飯,但在我這樣做之前我會嘗試 這裡的所有小菜都試試

  • that radish oh that's different than the other ones we've been hovering that one

    蘿蔔哦那不同於 其他我們一直在徘徊那一個

  • has own some sweetener it's kind of sweet and sour very refreshing cleanses

    它有一些甜味劑 糖醋非常清爽的清潔

  • your palate okay let's try the radish here yep nice and juicy I have the meat

    你的味覺好吧讓我們試試蘿蔔 在這裡,我很好吃多汁,我有肉

  • mmm mmm it's got a really nice tangy sauce I think it's like a soy-based

    mmm mmm它非常好看 醬我覺得它像大豆一樣

  • sauce right under me so the only thing left for me to try now is gimchi fried

    在我身下的醬汁唯一的東西 留給我試試現在是泡菜炒

  • rice so I'm just gonna grab something right from the top Oh super tasty oh the

    米飯,所以我只想要抓住一些東西 從頂部哦超級好吃哦

  • kimchi just has so good when it's been fried all the other veggies are really

    泡菜剛好有這麼好的時候 炒所有其他蔬菜真的

  • delicious packed with lots of flavor spicy mmm are these two dishes I like

    美味可口,味道濃郁 辣嗯這是我喜歡的這兩道菜

  • this one even more the rice is amazing so guys yeah this is like this is the

    這個更令人驚訝的是米飯 所以伙計們,是的,就像這樣

  • type of food that you can order in Korea when you're when you're hungry in the

    您可以在韓國訂購的食物類型 當你在飢餓的時候

  • morning the Juke is a is a very healthy way to start the day gives you fried

    早上的Juke是一個非常健康的人 開始一天的方式讓你油炸

  • rice is typically eaten at any time of day probably actually less likely for

    大米通常在任何時候都可以吃 一天可能實際上不太可能

  • breakfast more likely for lunch or dinner I got my work cut out to finish

    早餐更有可能是午餐或 晚餐我完成了我的工作

  • all this so I'm just gonna chow down my porridge is phenomenal it is like the

    這一切,所以我只是要吃下去 粥是現象,它就像

  • best porridge on a planet it just reminds me of like a delicious risotto

    它只是一顆行星上最好的粥 讓我想起美味的意大利調味飯

  • with shrimp and seaweed like they killed it with a seaweed game here so much

    他們殺了蝦和海藻 這裡有一個海藻遊戲

  • seaweed lots of small shrimp I'm so delicious I can eat this every

    海藻很多小蝦 我很好吃,我可以吃到這一切

  • day I shouldn't but I could mm-hmm let us see right there you know how to rice

    那天我不應該,但我可以mm-hmm讓 我們在那裡看到你知道如何米飯

  • very moist very filling dish super filling I mean if you eat this alone

    非常潮濕的非常豐富的菜超級 填充我的意思是如果你獨自吃這個

  • you'll be good this is overkill oh boy the kimchi fried rice is just too good I

    你會好的,這太過分了哦男孩 泡菜炒飯太好了我

  • love it very different throw support obviously is very moist it's almost like

    愛它非常不同拋出支持 顯然非常潮濕,幾乎就像

  • a super thick soup with rice this is obviously just fried rice kimchi but a

    這是一種超濃湯米飯 顯然只是炒飯泡菜而是一個

  • spicy version like kimchi fried rice is off the chain you'd like fried rice and

    像泡菜炒飯的辣版是 在鏈條上,你喜歡炒飯和

  • you like spice God try this oh he reminds to agree with you more I'm glad

    你喜歡辣妹上帝試試這個哦他 提醒同意你更多我很高興

  • we ordered I'm glad we ordered all of this food I think each barge was like

    我們命令我很高興我們訂購了所有的 這種食物我覺得每艘駁船都像

  • 7500 oh yeah same thing here so very portable roughly 60 US dollars each

    7500哦,是的,這裡也是如此 便攜式每個約60美元

  • so we're spending less than $18 yeah it's crazy it's crazy my eggs better

    所以我們的花費不到18美元 這太瘋狂了我的雞蛋更好了

  • good Miami cost $18 eing value here in


  • Florida how was breakfast Oh reverence is amazing but really filling Wow that

    佛羅里達州早餐怎麼樣哦敬畏 是驚人的,但真的充滿哇

  • extra dish kind of a bit overboard right yeah I mean we didn't finish our forages

    額外的菜有點太落伍了 是的我的意思是我們沒有完成我們的牧草

  • we finished the fried rice the fryer was so spicy and delicious yeah I can't

    我們把煎鍋炸好了 如此辛辣和美味,是的,我不能

  • believe I ate that for bricks and this restaurant is actually located right

    相信我吃磚頭和這個 餐廳實際上是正確的

  • next to exit 4 from Seoul station so if you're on the metro line Seoul station

    在首爾站4號出口旁邊,如果 你在地鐵線首爾站

  • exit4 it's right here look so 7-eleven yeah that starts right there

    exit4它就在這裡看起來如此7-11 是的,從那裡開始

  • all right so we have arrived at Changdeokgung (창덕궁) and we purchased the

    好的,所以我們到了 Changdeokgung(창덕궁)和我們購買了

  • tickets only three thousand won that gives you general admission there's also

    門票只有三千韓元 給你一般的承認也有

  • a secret garden but you can pay an additional 5,000 won for which would

    一個秘密的花園,但你​​可以支付 將額外5,000韓元

  • bring the total to 8,000 but yeah we're just gonna visit the main palace grounds (Changdeokgung - 창덕궁)

    總數達到8,000但是我們是 只是去參觀主宮殿(Changdeokgung - 창덕궁)

  • today so in terms of the history this place was built in 1405 and it was the

    今天所以就歷史而言 地方建於1405年,它是

  • principal residence of the Joseong King so very fascinating place can't wait to

    大和王的主要住所 所以非常迷人的地方迫不及待地想要

  • explore alright guys so I've just walked inside of the palace (Changdeokgung - 창덕궁) and something I

    探索好人,所以我剛才走了 在宮殿內(昌德宮 - 창덕궁)和我

  • wanted to mention was a few different prices for visiting the palaces in Seoul

    想要提到的是一些不同的 參觀首爾宮殿的價格

  • so you can do what's called a royal pass which is ten thousand won and that gives

    所以你可以做所謂的王室通行證 這是一萬韓元,這給了

  • you access to all of the palaces in Seoul or you can dress up in traditional

    你可以訪問所有的宮殿 首爾或你可以打扮傳統

  • Korean hanbok and get in for free and that's for all of the palaces so

    韓國韓服並免費入場 那是所有宮殿的

  • consider dressing up in handbook or consider getting the royal day pass if

    考慮在手冊中打扮或 考慮如果獲得王室通行證

  • you want to visit them all my first impressions of this palace are very

    你想要我第一次訪問他們 這座宮殿的印象非常好

  • favorable it's so spacious this actually lets people visiting than

    有利它很寬敞 這實際上讓人們訪問比

  • the main Palace which is Jong beaucoup and yeah the Sun is out it's just oh

    主宮是Jong beaucoup 是的,太陽出來了,只是哦

  • what a beautiful day I'm loving it here alright so we've been

    多美好的一天 我很喜歡這裡,所以我們一直都喜歡

  • visiting for a while and David the history Buffy's been collecting some

    訪問了一會兒和大衛 歷史巴菲一直在收集一些

  • fact here yeah so I'm looking at more facts so basically one of the things

    事實上,是的,所以我在看更多 事實基本上就是事情之一

  • about this palace is that this was the most beloved palace by the royal family

    關於這個宮殿就是這個 王室最鍾愛的宮殿

  • it was the most relaxing for them it's very spacious you can see lots of trees

    這對他們來說是最放鬆的 非常寬敞,你可以看到很多樹

  • that there's 26 thousand different species of trees obviously that's in the

    這有26000種不同 樹木的種類顯然是在

  • back in the you know in the secret garden as well and yeah right here you

    回到你所知道的秘密 花園也是,就在這裡你

  • see super spacious we have one of the main buildings right here I mean look at

    看到超級寬敞我們有一個 這裡的主要建築我的意思是看

  • the crowds I mean we've got here we got here literally 9:00 a.m. when I open

    人群我的意思是我們到了這裡 我打開的時候就是上午9點

  • yeah and it's just a sea of people this is the best time to come though because

    是的,這只是人們的大海 是最好的時間,因為

  • if you come here later it's even way too hot oh my god the breeze right now is

    如果你以後來這裡也是如此 我的上帝,現在的微風是熱的哦

  • insane huh yeah it's awesome midday would be crazy I hate that

    瘋了,是的,中午很棒 我討厭這會很瘋狂

  • they did the coordination of the King here right so they coordinated him his

    他們做了國王的協調 在這裡,所以他們協調他他的

  • throne is in there there's some really old painting this wall like five hundred

    寶座在那裡有一些真的 老畫這個牆像五百

  • years old the top and they would use it for like royal galas or or you know

    多年前,他們會使用它 喜歡皇家節日或者你知道

  • parties yeah as you can see I mean this is like a massive Terrace

    派對是的,你可以看到我的意思是這個 就像一個巨大的露台

  • I actually love this about Korean palaces how they give you so much space

    我其實喜歡韓國人 宮殿如何給你這麼多空間

  • it reminds me of like some places in China

    它讓我想起了一些地方 中國

  • yeah like the Forbidden City works just like that so much space like yeah you

    是的,就像紫禁城一樣 就像那麼多空間就像是你

  • could be here somebody could be over there you won't even notice you know

    可能在這裡有人可能會結束 在那裡你甚至不會注意到你知道

  • exactly but right now has a lot of people here tourism is really really big

    確切但現在有很多 這裡的人們旅遊真的很大

  • is the best part about these places like this is they always have this area on

    是這些地方最好的部分 這是他們總是有這個領域

  • the side yeah so you can walk through especially during like really really hot

    方面是的,所以你可以走過 特別是在非常熱的時候

  • time of day you know midday you can be over here and it's cool

    一天中的某個時間,你知道中午你可以 在這裡,這很酷

  • interesting five we think it's somebody one of the kings rooms it's right next

    有趣的五,我們認為這是某人 其中一個國王的房間就在旁邊

  • to the main hall yeah and has blue tiles inside super spacious is like literally

    到大廳是的,有藍色的瓷磚 裡面超級寬敞就像字面意思

  • like one couch so I'm guessing the couches were where he would relax and

    像一張沙發,所以我猜 沙發是他放鬆的地方

  • they will just bring you know a bed the same way we did it within the temple so

    他們會告訴你一張床 同樣地,我們在寺廟裡這樣做了

  • yeah I mean it's pretty cool I mean in terms of things to see here just lots of

    是的我的意思是我的意思很酷 這裡看到的東西很多

  • buildings like this you know very open lots open space and that's it okay man

    這樣的建築你知道非常開放 很多開放空間,這是好人

  • it's fun all right dude what a final morning here for me in Seoul so good to

    這很有趣,老兄說什麼是決賽 早上在這里為我在首爾這麼好

  • spend it with you so we basically had a nice breakfast porridge

    和你一起度過,所以我們基本上有一個 美味的早餐粥

  • or lots of breaks our last of our last summer together oh it's sad anyway so

    或許多突破我們的最後一次 夏天在一起哦,無論如何都很難過

  • it's so cool to come to this to this palace there's many in Seoul visit them

    對此我來說真是太酷了 在首爾有很多宮殿參觀他們

  • all if you have time they're all very different all very impressive and dude

    如果你有時間他們都很好 不同所有非常令人印象深刻和伙計

  • I'm gonna miss you man this is - bro that's got guys you gotta be sure to

    我會想念你這是 - 兄弟 那個人你必須確定

  • subscribe to his channel David's been here because you're spending an extra

    訂閱他的頻道大衛已經 在這裡,因為你花了額外的錢

  • day here an extra day you're gonna be going to Myung dong at night today

    這一天,你將成為額外的一天 今天晚上去明洞

  • you're going to the tower note the world towers multi world fifth tallest tower

    你要去塔樓注意世界 塔多世界第五高塔

  • in the world yeah it's really a new building Thailand Malaysia India and now

    在世界上,它真的是一個新的 建立泰國馬來西亞印度和現在

  • Korea four countries together where's gonna be the fifth maybe I maybe

    韓國四國聯手 我可能會在哪裡成為第五個

  • Miami who knows maybe we'll go back to India again anyways if you enjoyed the

    邁阿密誰知道也許我們會回去 如果你喜歡的話,印度會再次出現

  • video give it a thumbs up subscribe to both of our channels and I will have a

    視頻給它豎起大拇指訂閱 我們的兩個頻道和我都有

  • vlog showing me going home after this so see you there please

    因此,vlog讓我回家 請見到你

  • 9-ball


good morning good morning guys greetings from Seoul South Korea it's a little bit

大家早上好,早上好問候 來自韓國首爾,這是一點點


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Korean Breakfast in Seoul, Korea + Visiting Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁)

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