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  • Here we go with brand-new edition of CNN 10.

    這是我們全新一期的 CNN 10 。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • First story today is about a warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


  • It's telling Americans to be on guard against disinformation in the upcoming presidential election.


  • Disinformation is not only false information or fake news, it's false information that spread intentionally to influence the public or cause instability.


  • And the FBI says people in other countries may be trying to spread disinformation when it comes to the results of the election that's scheduled to take place on November 3rd.

    聯邦調查局表示,其他國家的人可能試圖在 11 月 3 日舉行的選舉結果上散播假消息。

  • Most of the time, Americans know the winner on election night.


  • There's no law that requires results than its tradition, but especially this year, results may not be known on November 3rd because of greater interest in mail-in voting.

    這不是法律的規定而是傳統,但今年比較特別,選舉結果不一定能在 11 月 3 日公布,因為人們更關注郵遞投票。

  • In the past, most Americans have voted in person at polling places.


  • The Pew Research Center says the share of mailed-in ballots was just over 20% in 2016.

    皮尤研究中心表示,2016 年郵寄選票的比例略高於 20%。

  • But that's been rising steadily since 1996 and it's expected to increase more in this election because of concerns about the possible spread of coronavirus at public polling places.

    但自 1996 年以來一直有增加的趨勢,因擔心新冠肺炎可能在公共投票站傳播,預計在本次選舉中會增加更多。

  • With mail-in voting, state governments may not receive all of their ballots by election night and it may take a while to count them once they do come in.


  • So what the FBI is concerned about is disinformation being spread while Americans wait for national results.


  • The agency's director has said there's evidence that Russia is trying to interfere in the election.


  • The Trump administration says Chinese interference is a major threat as well.


  • Both of these countries have denied involvement in US elections, but the FBI says, to protect themselves, Americans should get their election information through trustworthy sources like official government websites.


  • Especially if they hear about delayed voting or results, and the FBI cautions people to watch out for unverified info on social media.


  • As far as election night goes, one state that often gives a good indication of national results is Florida.


  • Shalom, folks, I'm Harry Enten, a senior political writer and analyst here at CNN.

    大家好,我叫 Harry Enten,是 CNN 的資深政治作家和分析師。

  • And we're gonna talk about the importance of swing states, particularly the biggest daddy of them all, Florida.


  • Because of the Electoral College, a candidate who doesn't win in the swing states is not gonna become president even if they win more votes nationwide.


  • And when it comes to the swing states, perhaps no swing state is more important than Florida.


  • No Republican has won the presidency without winning Florida since Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

    自從 1924 年的 Calvin Coolidge 以來,沒有一個共和黨候選人能在沒贏得佛羅里達州選票的情況下,得到總統一職。

  • And only two Democrats, John Kennedy in 1960 and Bill Clinton in 1992, have ever won the presidency without carrying the Sunshine State.

    而只有兩個民主黨人在沒有贏得陽光之州 (佛羅里達) 選票的情況下,贏得總統職位,他們分別是 1960 年的 John Kennedy 和 1992 年的 Bill Clinton 。

  • Indeed, very few states have voted more like the nation than Florida over the past five elections.


  • In 2020, it looks like Florida's gonna play a key role once again

    2020 年,佛羅里達州似乎會再次扮演關鍵角色。

  • It is called the state of Florida.


  • It's a great state.


  • So why does Florida vote a lot like the nation?


  • It's because it looks a lot like it.


  • If you look at the likely electorate come 2020, white voters in Florida will make up a very similar percentage that they do nationwide.

    如果你看一下 2020 年可能去投票的選民,佛羅里達州的白人選民所占比例將與全國相當。

  • And when it comes to black and Hispanic voters, Florida is the only one of the major swing states in which they'll likely make up at least 10% of the electorate.

    至於黑人和西班牙裔選民,佛羅里達州是在重要搖擺州之中,唯一一個可能在選民中至少佔 10% 的一州。

  • But perhaps the most important reason to pay so much attention to Florida is that it will count its votes very, very quickly.


  • All votes by mail, with just a few exceptions, have to be in by the time polls close.


  • That's very much unlike a lot of the other important swing states.


  • Given that Florida so closely represents the country, it could be an early indication of how voters feel this election.


  • 10-Second Trivia!


  • What happens when meteorologists run out of storm names in a hurricane season?


  • Do they recycle old names, use the Greek alphabet, use the NATO alphabet, or start next year's list?


  • If all names were used in a single season's list, meteorologists turned to the Greek alphabet.


  • That happened this year after Tropical Storm Wilfred, the last name on the list, formed on September 18th.

    這種事發生在今年 9 月 18 日熱帶風暴 Wilfred 形成後,而它是清單上的最後一個名字。

  • Two more storms followed, Alpha and Beta.

    接者又有兩場風暴,Alpha 和 Beta 風暴 。

  • The second of which flooded Houston and other parts of southeast Texas this week.


  • The need for Greek names doesn't come up often.


  • Since storms started getting names in 1953, meteorologists only ran out one other time in 2005 when there were a record 27 named storms.

    自從 1953 年風暴開始取名後,氣象學家在 2005 年用盡一次,據記錄當時命名了 27 個風暴名稱。

  • This year, there have been 23 so far.

    今年到目前為止,已經有 23 個了。

  • That includes Tropical Storm Paulette, which is said to be back from the dead like a zombie.

    這其中就包括熱帶風暴 Paulette,據說它像殭屍一樣起死回生。

  • It hit Bermuda as a category one hurricane and strengthened to category two status on September 14th.

    9 月 14 日,它以一級颶風襲擊百慕達,並增強為二級颶風。

  • But then, it lost strength and speed over the Atlantic, and wandered as a low-pressure system until Monday.


  • That's when Paulette regained strength and its tropical storm status a few hundred miles from the Azores Islands.

    這時 Paulette 在距離亞速群島幾百英里的地方,恢復了強度和熱帶風暴狀態。

  • A CNN meteorologist says zombie storms are rare, but they have happened before.

    CNN 的一位氣象學家表示,起死回生的風暴極罕見,但之前也有發生過。

  • OK, this next story is gonna give you something to holler about.


  • We'd tell you to holler if you'd heard this one before, but you probably haven't, unless you're from Spivey's Corner, North Carolina.

    如果你以前記得的話,我們之前曾告訴你大聲叫喊,但這你一定沒聽過,除非你是來自北卡羅來納州的 Spiveys Corner。

  • Here's how farmers used to communicate across the countryside.


  • My name is Tony Peacock.

    我是 Charlie Peacock。

  • Robbie Goodman.

    Robbie Goodman

  • My name is Sheila Fry, I am a 10-time...

    我叫 Sheila Fry,我得過十次...

  • 6-time...


  • Two-time champ of the National Hollerin' Contest of Spivey's Corner, North Carolina.

    兩次...北卡羅來納州 Spiveys Corner 的 Hollerin 比賽冠軍。

  • Hollerin' is a controlled sound that farmers used to communicate with one another before they had modern conveniences like electricity or telephones.

    Hollerin 是一種在電力和電話等現代便利設備前,農民互相交流的叫聲。

  • Hollers had a certain rhythm and a modulation that would create an echo that would travel over a long distance.

    Holler 有特定的節奏感,且是一種會產生迴音、讓它傳得更遠的語調。

  • But there isn't just one type of holler.

    但並不是只有一種 holler。

  • There are actually four types of hollers.

    其實 holler 有四種。

  • Number one, functional.


  • It serves a purpose such as calling down to a field or calling up from a field when you needed something.


  • Number two, communicative.


  • You're communicating a message such as good morning, good evening.


  • Number three, distress.


  • You need help.


  • Number four, expressive, just for sheer fun.


  • Many times, that could be in the form of tunes or ditties.


  • These types of hollers were what the judges were looking for at the National Hollerin' Contest.

    這些類型的 holler,是全國 Hollerin 大賽評審們評判的標準。

  • The first-ever National Hollerin' Contest was in 1969.

    第一屆全國 Hollerin 大賽是在 1969 年。

  • It was started to raise funds for the local fire department.


  • It became a nationwide hit.


  • Hey, that's me!


  • I won the junior division in 1978.


  • My holler was a distress holler.

    我的 holler 是求救的叫聲。

  • It sounded like a siren.


  • And I'm proud to be a winner.


  • Everybody had their own twist that they put on.


  • The National Hollerin' Contest ran for about 48 years 'til 2015.

    直到 2015 年,全國 Hollerin 大賽已持續了大約 48 年。

  • We created the Worldwide Hollerin' Festival that's located in Hope Mill to try to preserve and keep the tradition of hollerin' alive.

    我們在 Hope Mil 創辦了世界 Hollerin 節,試著維護和延續這個傳統。

  • Hollerin' is an important piece of culture in this region because it helps us remember our past.

    Hollerin 是這個地區的重要文化,因為它能讓我們記住我們的過去。

  • We can also appreciate the modern conveniences we have today.


  • Hollerin' is part of simpler times and it's just something that we need to treasure because we need to know our history.

    Hollerin 是在這時代裡較自然的部分,也是我們需要珍惜的東西,因為我們需要了解自己的歷史。

  • I love hollerin' 'cause it brings your community together and just the fellowship that you have with one another.

    我喜歡 hollerin,因為它能把社區團結在一起,讓你與他人建立友誼。

  • We want to keep that tradition alive.


  • Seems old technology has been knocking out new technology in the nation of Wales.


  • For the last 18 months, the broadband internet has been crashing every day at 7 a.m. in a Welsh village.

    在過去的 18 個月裡,在威爾斯的一個村子裡,每天早上七點寬帶網絡就會斷線。

  • No one could figure out why.


  • A team of engineers then detected a burst of electrical interference coming from a single house when the resident turned on an old TV each morning.


  • Engineers say anything electrical can impact broadband connections.


  • So people should keep their "antenna" up.


  • Stay tuned in and screen for anything that could "cat odiously" diffuse such a high volume of other information channels.


  • TV puns!


  • They're always worth the "UHeffort".

    它們總是值得「U H努力」。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • Lawton High School is in Lawton, Oklahoma.


  • Let's go, Wolverines.


  • If you are watching from a classroom, either real or virtual, and you'd like to get your school announced on CNN 10, go to and click on this here link.

    如果你在教室看,無論是真實的還是虛擬的,也想在 CNN 10 聽到你學校名字的話,就前往,點擊這裡的連結。

  • That will take you to our official YouTube channel.

    它將帶你進入我們的官方 YouTube 頻道。

  • And if you subscribe and leave a comment on our most recent show, the most recent edition of CNN 10, you could hear your school announced tomorrow on CNN.

    而且,如果你訂閱並在我們最新一集的節目 (CNN 10) 底下留言,就可能在明天的 CNN 10 上聽到你學校的名字。

Here we go with brand-new edition of CNN 10.

這是我們全新一期的 CNN 10 。

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