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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


  • I have a very popular request today how do I pronounce the word restaurant or a


  • place where you go out to eat the word has many many letters full disclosure I


  • had to re-record this video because on the last one I'd spell the word


  • incorrectly so I always use that spellcheck I'm going to give you several


  • options for how to pronounce this word let's start with syllable number one the


  • res to do this you're thinking about square tense lips for that r tip of the


  • tongue is down or flipped back do not touch your teeth or do not let the tip of that


  • tongue move rrr then you're going to move to that short eh sound

    舌頭動了動 然後你就會轉到那個短促的 "嗯 "聲上

  • relax your lips and your tongue is going to be about here in your mouth re and then

    放鬆你的嘴脣和你的舌頭將是 關於這裡在你的嘴裡重新,然後

  • move that s ssss to do this tip of your tongue is either down or or behind the


  • top front teeth just not touching the teeth and the air keeps moving out of


  • the mouth res res now syllable number two we're


  • going to start every option for syllable number two with the t sound touch the tip


  • of the tongue to the back of the top front teeth and then just let that air


  • puff out now you have two choices number one you can say ta I think

    現在你有兩個選擇 第一你可以說 "我想

  • that's easiest because basically your mouth is just relaxed ta that's it if


  • you want you can say tur and then you have to do that r sound you know the


  • drill square tense lips tip of the tongue


  • down or flip back so you have resta or rester resta rester then we're

    向下或向後翻轉,所以你有 resta或rester resta的rester,那麼我們是

  • going to end with a few choices here so if you say the uh for your middle


  • syllable you have to say the r next ok for some people it's easier to

    你必須說出r的下一個音節 好吧,對於一些人來說,它更容易。

  • start a syllable with the R sound so if that's the case you can choose one of


  • these options alright so then we're going to do the R

    這些選項 好吧,那麼我們要做的R

  • er again square tens let's move to the oh


  • open wide in an oval shape the tongue is low in the front and high in the back


  • then touch the teeth for the nnn while the air moves out of your nose and


  • then t let the air puff out for that t resta ront restaurant restaurant

    然後,讓空氣撲滅為T resta Ront餐廳餐廳。

  • restaurant or you can just say the ont restaurant restaurant restaurant


  • restaurant and I also have some people I made a mistake here let me fix this if

    餐館和我也有一些人 我在這裡犯了一個錯誤 讓我解決這個問題,如果

  • you don't want to say that oh sound you can actually just say a short uh rest uh


  • runt or Ruster unt okay so resta runt restaurant let me give you all of your


  • options restaurant restaurant restaurant or restaurant okay so I say restaurant

    選項 餐廳 餐廳或餐廳 好吧,所以我說餐廳

  • or restaurant restaurant restaurant we are looking forward to going out to eat


  • at the restaurant give it a try I know people are going to notice the

    試試吧 我知道大家會注意到的

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  • our classes at Tarle Speech thanks so much everyone


  • have a great day


hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


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