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  • Starting off the day as we normally do: Meemers and I going downstairs together. Ready to go, buddy?


  • (Meemers voice) Let's go, Mom. (normal voice) Okay, let's go.


  • Bit by bit, Meemers.


  • I know you always get faster than me (inaudible).


  • (upbeat music)


  • Thanks for checking the path if it's clear.


  • (tinkly, upbeat music)


  • That's how we're gonna start up this video!


  • Are you recordin'? - [Simon] (Western voice) I'm recordin' today!

    你在錄音嗎?- [西蒙](西方聲音)我今天在錄音!

  • - (Western voice) I'm recordin'! - Alright!

    - (西方的聲音) 我記錄'!- 好吧!

  • - Recordin' a picture of my cat's butt.

    - 錄下我的貓的屁股的照片。

  • You know what I'm gonna say 'cause we've been playing too much Red Dead?

    你知道我想說什麼嗎? 因為我們玩了太多 "紅色死亡"?

  • You're okay. You're okay, boy. - You're okay, boy.

    你沒事了,你沒事了,孩子你沒事的,孩子。- 你沒事的,孩子。

  • - You're doin' alright. There, there. - Uh-oh.

    - 你做得很好。那裡,那裡。- 嗯,哦。

  • - You're okay, boy.

    - 你沒事的,孩子。

  • You're okay, there there.


  • You're all right.


  • Okay, okay kitty. (gunshot noises)


  • (grunting)


  • The struggle to keep my arms up


  • while doing interesting hairstyles.


  • It's so painful!


  • Oh my god. It's so burning.


  • It's like a burning sensation, like lactic acid in all the bottoms of your joints and arms.


  • This is uh,


  • this is what it's like to do your hair upright.


  • Oh, dear God.


  • We need to sticky roll-everything. Cat and dog have made every item of clothing...

    我們要把所有的東西都粘起來。貓和狗讓每件衣服... ...

  • a - it's just... These are things you have to accept as a pet mom.

    一個 - 它只是...這些都是你必須接受的事情 作為一個寵物媽媽。

  • - I'm gonna be honest - - Y'know, that your clothing is always gonna be covered in fur.

    - 我說實話,你的衣服總是會被毛皮覆蓋。

  • - You need to stop getting black clothing. Get some clothing with some color in it.

    - 你不要再買黑色的衣服了。買些有顏色的衣服吧。

  • Some whites in there. - But all the black clothing represents

    有些白人在裡面。- 但所有的黑衣代表

  • (demonic voice) the darkness in my heart.


  • Isn't he adorable? I know where I should put him.


  • Into my tiny window garden, which has, I'll admit,


  • gotten a little bit full. Don't really have anywhere to put tourist Pikachu.


  • So I'm gonna put him down here where the garden is ever-expanding.


  • I see that someone here has knocked over my creatures, probably Simon.


  • I'll be honest with you.


  • I had to start moving the wildlife, like the garden and the cats and stuff,


  • to a different section because I had so many of them. Kind of an overflow cat situation happening over here.


  • But that's not what this video is about, me having too much stuff.


  • No, no, because today we are gonna head out to Nakano Broadway,


  • which is a bit like baby Akihabara and it has lots of collectibles.


  • This is where it got all my Pokemon for my outdoor garden.


  • And I think I need to update this garden with a little bit of a spring feeling. Don't you think, ducky?


  • - Yeah... You know... - Doesn't it seem totally like it's got too much of a winter vibe?

    - 是啊,你知道...- 是不是看起來完全不像是冬天的氛圍?

  • You know what I'm - I hear you, Simon. I know. - Ah...

    你知道我--我聽到了,西蒙。我知道了。- 啊...

  • Simon has been telling me, (deep voice) "Girl, when are you gonna update your window garden?


  • It definitely needs more of a spring feel."


  • - I don't think "update" was the word. I think -

    - 我想 "更新 "不是這個詞。我想...

  • I mean you're - it's starting to creep into the sink area.

    我的意思是你... 它開始滲透到水槽區域。

  • And now under there. There's gotta be...


  • (creepy piano)


  • So uh, today let's go on an adventure in Nakano Broadway in search of tiny things!


  • (chill music)


  • So by the way, you look very snazzy right now, ducky.


  • - Thanks, girl. - I think you look really lovely.

    - 謝謝你,女孩。- 我覺得你看起來真的很可愛。

  • - Aw, I love you, girl. Hold on. - Look at how dapper you look.

    - 哦,我愛你,女孩。等一下- 看看你看起來多帥氣。

  • Look at you, you handsome. Oh! - Oh!


  • I think you have a crush on me, girl!


  • Mmm! - Crush on you!

    嗯!- 暗戀你!

  • - Got a crush on me, girl? - I got a crush on you.

    - 你喜歡我嗎,女孩?- 我對你有好感

  • - Mmm! Mmm-hmm!

    - 嗯!嗯哼!

  • - Oh yeah, work those dad looks. - Aw yeah. If you had a crush for me before, you don't anymore.

    - 哦,工作那些爸爸的樣子。- 哦,是的。如果你以前對我有好感,現在就不會了。

  • (Martina laughing) - Mm, yeah!


  • - (laughing) I don't know what this move he's doing is, I'm so sorry.

    - (笑)我不知道他這個動作是什麼,我很抱歉。

  • - Yeah girl, come get it! Mmm! (laughter)

    - 是啊,女孩,來得到它!嗯!(笑聲)

  • - I don't know what this dance is, he's never done it before.

    - 我不知道這個舞蹈是什麼,他從來沒有做過。

  • - Oh! Konnichiwa. - Konnichiwa.

    - 哦,Konnichiwa。- Konnichiwa。

  • - Sorry. (Martina speaking Japnese)

    - 對不起。(瑪蒂娜說日本語)

  • - I'm American, not Canadian. I'm American.

    - 我是美國人,不是加拿大人。我是美國人

  • - But you look so cool and you got -

    - 但你看起來好酷,你有 -

  • - My name is Logan Paul.

    - 我叫羅根-保羅

  • - Ooh.

    - 哦。

  • Ichigo daifukus are in season.


  • - So this here is pretty much our version of a Denny's.

    - 所以,這裡幾乎是我們的版本的Denny's。

  • I mean, there is a Denny's over there, but this is kind of like a grandma restaurant.

    我的意思是,有一個Denny's在那裡, 但這是一種像一個奶奶的餐廳。

  • Fast food chain... - It's called a family restaurant.

    快餐連鎖店...- 這就是所謂的家庭餐廳。

  • - It's a fam - - Have you never heard this phrase?

    - 你沒聽過這句話嗎?

  • - Family restaurant, that's - I guess that's what it is.

    - 家庭餐廳,就是--我想就是這樣。

  • We've been going to a family restaurant in Japan right around the neighborhood. We love it.


  • Absolutely love this place.


  • - [Martina] One of the things we really like is that this restaurant actually has the calories, uh,

    - 我們真正喜歡的事情之一是 這家餐廳實際上有卡路里,呃。

  • written on the menu so that you can easily decide if you want to have like a thousand calories.


  • Or if I want to take it easy and have like 400. It's really helpful.


  • - [Simon] Konnichiwa.

    - [Simon] Konnichiwa.

  • (Martina ordering items in Japanese)


  • - [Simon] Did you ever think there's gonna be a day

    - 你有沒有想過會有一天

  • in which you lived in Japan and you would just order stuff all in Japanese?


  • - No. You know, what's amazing is that I feel like we have a goal,

    - 不,你知道,最神奇的是我覺得我們有了目標。

  • and then when we get there


  • we don't pat ourselves on the back for it. We say,


  • "Oh, you can be better at this, or you could be better."


  • And we never really take the time to stop and be like,


  • holy cow, ducky. We live in Japan now and now I'm able to read this menu.


  • Yet when I read this menu, I will tell myself you'd be better If you could just read more Japanese.


  • We can speak more. Why am I telling myself these negative things?


  • Like I can already read majority of this


  • That's really cool. Good job, Martina. - Good job, love.

    這真的很酷。幹得好,瑪蒂娜。- 幹得好,親愛的。

  • - With your old rusty brain.

    - 用你那生鏽的老腦袋。

  • (laughing) Falling apart over time.


  • - (Western voice) You're doing alright, girl.

    - (西方聲音)你做得很好,女孩。

  • - You're doing okay. - You're doing alright.

    - 你做得很好。- 你做得很好。

  • - [Simon] Oh-ho.

    - [西蒙]哦,嗬。

  • Ooh. (server speaking)


  • - [Simon] Hai, arigato.

    - [西蒙]海,阿里加圖。

  • We got small noodles.


  • And you got this hot pot. What's in there?


  • Ooh.


  • Real nice.


  • Literally never had anything like this before in a menu.


  • I saw it, I figured I try it out.


  • I've been here for three years. Don't know what this is. You could always try something new, and maybe...

    我在這裡已經三年了。不知道這是什麼。你可以嘗試一些新的東西,也許... ...

  • Not be disappointed! Ah, these are all really crispy noodles.


  • I'm not used to this. Is this like a...


  • chow mein of sorts?


  • Am I supposed to do something else here? There's no instructional manual here.


  • (jaunty music)


  • Ah. Hm!


  • Hmm.


  • Weird.


  • (Martina laughing)


  • Literally came with some vinegar and a little bit of wasabi.


  • I really don't know what I'm doing so I'm just gonna...

    我真的不知道自己在做什麼,所以我就... ...

  • - Oh no, boooooo.

    - 哦,不,booooooo。

  • - I have no idea what I'm doing.

    - 我不知道我在做什麼。

  • This isn't meant to be an educational video. It shows you -


  • - Education comes later after we practice trying dishes that we don't know. - Yeah, we gotta practice, we gotta learn,

    - 教育是在我們練習嘗試了我們不知道的菜之後。- 是啊,我們得練習,我們得學習。

  • we gotta make mistakes and then we'll figure out what to do.


  • - I gotta tell you, Ihave a feeling you were supposed to...

    - 我得告訴你,我有一種感覺,你應該... ...

  • dash the vinegar onto the salad.


  • Not make a mash of vinegar and wasabi paste.


  • - I don't know. - And I think you're supposed to mix this all up and make it juicy.

    - 我不知道,我覺得你應該把這一切混合起來,讓它變得多汁。- 我覺得你應該把這一切都混在一起,讓它多汁。

  • (rough voice) I'll mix you up and make you juicy. - Make you juicy, girl.

    (粗獷的聲音)我將混合你,讓你多汁。- 讓你多汁,女孩。

  • - I knew you were gonna say something like that so I just...

    - 我就知道你會這麼說,所以我就... ...

  • - What do I do with this mustard? - (laughing) The mustard and vinegar went together...

    - 這芥末怎麼處理?- (笑)芥末和醋一起...

  • - Alright, hold on. Let me just put my mustard there. - What are you doing?

    - 好吧,等一下。讓我把我的芥末放在那裡。- 你在做什麼?

  • What are you doing right now?


  • - I don't know, I wasn't taught. There's no classes for this.

    - 我不知道,沒人教我。沒有這個課程。

  • There's no Simon and Martina of


  • foods that I've never seen before.


  • - "Where are you guys, and we need it to happen!" - "Where are you? Teach me how to eat!"

    - "你們在哪裡,我們需要它發生!"- "你們在哪裡?教我怎麼吃飯!"

  • - I don't know! (chuckles)

    - 我不知道!(笑聲)

  • Mmm...


  • Oh, oh! (man speaking Japanese)


  • - Oh! (Japanese) Okay.

    - 哦!(日語)好的。

  • (grunting) Ahh...

    (叫聲) 啊... ...

  • And, okay! - [cashier] Arigatōgozaimasu.

    還有,好吧!- [收銀員]Arigatōgozaimasu。

  • - Coin, (Japanese)?

    - 硬幣,(日語)?

  • (Japnese) and (Japanese).


  • Hai, arigato.


  • Okay!


  • (mimicking fanfare sounds)


  • Arigato.


  • - I got a message from Dan and Dan's like, "Hey, can I give you a call right now?

    - 我得到了一個消息從丹和丹的喜歡,"嘿,我可以給你一個電話,現在?

  • I have a plan." So I gave him a call and he said that


  • because I can't snowboard anymore because of EDS,


  • he's figured out a way that he can snowboard down the hill with me live on video,

    他想出了一個辦法,他可以滑雪板 下山與我現場視頻。

  • so it can feel like I'm going down the hill again. - Oh!

    所以,它可以感覺像我再次下山。- 哦!

  • - So he said he's just on the chairlift and I was like, holy cow! Like, I could see all of Japan.

    - 他說他在吊椅索道上,我當時就想,我的天啊!就像,我可以看到整個日本。

  • - Yeah. - From a chairlift! Like... - Yeah.

    - 是的 從纜車上!就像...

  • - What's happened to technology? And he's gonna call me back, and then,

    - 技術怎麼了?他還會給我回電話,然後。

  • we're gonna watch, live, Dan on a mountain.


  • (upbeat music)


  • - [Dan] Woah! God, nearly fell then.

    - [丹]哇!天啊,當時差點摔倒。

  • - [Martina] Oh my god, I'm gonna capture all this chaos on camera for sure.

    - 哦,我的上帝,我要去捕捉 所有這些混亂的相機肯定。

  • - No, this is gonna be... this is gonna totally work.

    - 不,這是要去... 這是要去完全工作。

  • - Where are you by the way?

    - 對了,你在哪裡?

  • - Uh, Shiga Kogen, I think.

    - 呃,滋賀高原,我想。

  • (Dan talking) (end call tone)


  • (Martina laughing)


  • - And then, and then...

    - 然後,然後...

  • And then he presses the hang up button with his thumb and doesn't realize, and he goes, "Okay!


  • Let's go!" And then he goes, "Last run of the day. Did you get it?"

    我們走吧!"然後他又說:"今天最後一次跑,你拿到了嗎?" And then he goes, "Last run of the day.你拿到了嗎?"

  • (phone ringing) Okay, hang on.


  • Are you going backwards down a hill right now? - I am, yeah.

    你現在是要倒退著下山嗎?- 是的,是的。

  • - Oh my god, please don't go off the edge or into that child. - Don't worry.

    - 哦,我的上帝,請不要去的邊緣 或進入那個孩子。- 不要擔心。

  • This is - this is one of the things in life


  • I actually feel probably more natural than walking at, so I'm alright.


  • (laughs) But yeah, so this is Shiga Kogen - (inaudible)


  • - That's so cool!

    - 太酷了!

  • - Green or the red? - Red.

    - 綠色還是紅色?

  • - Red? Hell yeah, red.

    - 紅色的?是的,紅色。

  • - [Martina] This is like VR! (laughs)

    - 這就像VR!(笑)

  • (upbeat music)


  • - [Simon] I have a question. - Yeah.

    - [西蒙]我有一個問題。- [西蒙]我有個問題。

  • - That's a nice little pinwheel you got there. - Yes?

    - 你的小風車真漂亮。- 是嗎?

  • - See any other bikes here with any other...

    - 看到這裡還有沒有其他的單車與...

  • pinwheels? Or any other...


  • frilly dillies on their basket?


  • Looks like yours is the only one, girl. - People have strawberry seats?

    看來你的是唯一的一個,女孩。- 人家有草莓座?

  • - Wh-who? That's your strawberry seat.

    - 誰啊?這是你的草莓座。

  • Everyone else has a boring-ass seat.


  • - Doesn't everybody want their bike to look, like, happy and joyful?

    - 每個人不都希望自己的自行車看起來,像,幸福和快樂嗎?

  • Right? - I would imagine they should.

    對嗎?- 我想他們應該是這樣的

  • - So why wouldn't you put stickers on it and like, pick a cool color and like, razzle-dazzle it?

    - 那你為什麼不把貼紙貼在上面,然後挑個酷酷的顏色,然後把它弄得眼花繚亂呢?

  • - Makes sense to me. - Makes me happy every time I see it. - Good.

    - 對我來說很有意義。- 讓我每次看到它都很開心。- 很好啊

  • - And when I bike and my pinwheel goes in the wind, like today?

    - 當我騎車的時候,我的風車被風吹走了,比如今天?

  • I felt like I was gonna get lifted off the ground like Mary Poppins.


  • Like I was like, maybe if I go a little bit faster, I could get some air! Like for a second,


  • I thought that. It makes me feel, like, childish and happy.


  • - Yeah. - You know? - You're so pure.

    - 你知道嗎?- 你是如此純潔。

  • - So why wouldn't - - Bless your pure soul.

    - 那為什麼不------祝福你純潔的靈魂。

  • - Why wouldn't people do it? - You are - I love you so much.

    - 人們為什麼不這樣做呢?- 你是--我很愛你。

  • Mwah!


  • (chill music)


  • - Are you ready to go? - Let's roll! - Let's go (inaudible).

    - 準備好了嗎?- 走吧!- 我們走吧(聽不清)。

  • This is fun. - I think so.

    這很有趣- 我想也是

  • - [Martina] Okay, when was the last time we came to (inaudible) and went out on the weekend?

    - [瑪蒂娜]好吧,當是最後一次 我們來到(聽不清) 並在週末出去?

  • - We usually hide on the weekends. That's why we did our last one at home.

    - 我們通常在週末躲起來。這就是為什麼我們做了我們最後一個在家裡。

  • Look at the line just to get on the escalator.


  • (music and man speaking Japanese over speaker)


  • - [speaker] Doors on the right side will open.

    - [揚聲器]右側的門會打開。

  • The stop after Nakano will be Shinjuku.


  • (upbeat music) (subway sounds)

    (歡快的音樂) (地鐵聲)

  • - [Simon] So busy here today!

    - 今天太忙了!

  • (upbeat music)


  • (upbeat music) (man speaking Japanese, amplified)

    (歡快的音樂) (男人說日語,擴音)

  • (upbeat music) (market sounds)


  • (upbeat music)


  • - Here's the problem.

    - 問題是這樣的

  • There's a favorite shop that I come to and they have this giant plastic basket,


  • and it's just filled to the brim with little plastic Pokemon that are perfect for the weather.


  • - I think it's down that way. - I think it is, as well.

    - 我想是這樣的。- 我想也是。

  • - I remember it being that way.

    - 我記得是這樣的。

  • (groovy music)


  • (cheering and heavenly music)


  • - I think this is the one. - That's the one? - Yeah.

    - 我想就是這個了- 就是這個?- 是的,就是這個

  • It's perfect. See?


  • (inaudible) - Pikachu.


  • - [Martina] Hmm.

    - [Martina]嗯。

  • Mmm...


  • Mmm... I mean...


  • - [Simon] You can just... - Wigglytuff it is.

    - 你可以...

  • - Gosh. You got so many here. You got Steiner...

    - 天哪,你這裡有這麼多。你在這裡得到了這麼多。你有斯坦納...

  • Got Final Fantasy 9 stuff. - I thought I saw Cloud back there.

    有《最終幻想9》的東西。- 我想我看到雲在後面。

  • - Yeah, this is Cloud and his double but I'm not sure if I want that one.

    - 是啊,這是克勞德和他的替身,但我不知道我是否想要那個。

  • (cash register sound effect)


  • (jaunty music)


  • - [Martina] Lucky day.

    - [瑪蒂娜]幸運日。