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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, reporting from a remote location this week because our normal bookshelf spot was all booked up.

    嗨,我是 Carl Azuz,本週在一個偏遠的地方報導,因為以往我們在書架前拍攝的位置被訂滿了。

  • And to start things off on CNN 10, we're heading out west, where large wildfires have been reported in 12 states.

    開始報導 CNN 10,我們要前往西部,據報導那裡有 12 個州發生了大規模的野火。

  • From Alaska to California to New Mexico to Montana and every state in between more than 4.5 million acres have burned, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

    國家林火協調中心數據顯示,從阿拉斯加到加利福尼亞、從新墨西哥到蒙大拿之間每州超過 450 萬英畝的森林都被燒毀。

  • It says that more than 30,000 firefighters and supporting workers have been deployed to the West to fight.

    據說,已經部署了 3 萬多位消防人員和支援人員到西部準備救援。

  • The blaze is at least 33 people have died in the region, and officials say dozens more are missing.

    這場大火造成此地區至少 33 人喪命,官方表示還有數十人失蹤。

  • California seems to be the hardest hit state at this point.


  • It's the site of 24 wildfires, but 12 or more have been reported in each state of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

    這裡有 24 起野火,但愛達荷州、俄勒岡州和華盛頓州各報告了 12 起或更多。

  • These satellite images show you how the cities of Talent and Phoenix, Oregon have been devastated.


  • Longtime viewer Michael Torgersen tells us that thousands have been evacuated in southern Oregon.

    忠實觀眾 Michael Torgersen 告訴我們,俄勒岡州南部已有數千人被疏散。

  • Half a million people statewide have been told they may have to evacuate.

    整個州有 50 萬人已被告知可能需要撤離。

  • Like California, Oregon is no stranger to wildfires.


  • The state's governor says they typically destroy half a million acres per year.

    州長說野火通常每年會破壞 50 萬英畝的土地。

  • But she adds that more than a million acres were lost in this past week alone, and neighboring Washington is struggling with its second worst wildfires in state history, according to its governor.

    但她補充,僅在過去的一周內就有超過 100 萬英畝的森林被燒毀,州長說鄰國的華府正在史上第二嚴重的野火中苦苦掙扎。

  • Miles away from the fires themselves, there are problems in the air.


  • Major League Baseball and the National Football League were monitoring air quality yesterday in advance of games played out west.


  • Clean air centers have been opened in parts of California to give relief to people who have nowhere else to go.


  • The problem could be seen as well as felt.


  • [Massive plumes of smoke blanketed the San Francisco Bay Area, turning the sky orange.]


  • It's like the apocalypse right now, haha, it's like nighttime in the daytime.

    它就像電影《X 戰警:天啟》一樣,哈哈,像午夜時分的白天。

  • [Wildfires, raging across the West Coast generated the smoke and caused ash to rain down.]


  • They're saying it's coming all the way from Oregon, which is hundreds of miles away.


  • [Residents turned on lights, looking into a rust-colored sky that made it look like nighttime.]


  • 11:15 in the morning, and it's like the middle of the night almost, so ...

    現在才早上 11:15 ,卻像是半夜的景象,所以...

  • [Other places, such as Salem, Oregon experienced similar apocalyptic glows.]


  • [Dozens of wildfires have been ravaging the West Coast, scorching millions of acres.]


  • [They've led to the longest stretch of unhealthy air quality alerts on record in the Bay Area.]


  • 10-second trivia!


  • Which of these insects has the shortest lifespan?


  • Firefly, honeybee, termite or cicada?


  • Of these options, the worker honeybee has the shortest lifespan at around 40 days.

    在這些選項中,工蜂的壽命最短,約為 40 天。

  • But what an important 40 days that is.

    但這 40 天是非常重要的。

  • The US Department of Agriculture has credited pollinators, including bees, for playing a role in about a third of our food supply.


  • For decades, bee colonies have been decreasing in America, though they've been growing elsewhere.


  • From the middle of the last century until now, US bee colonies have declined from about six million to less than three million.

    從上個世紀中葉開始到現在,美國的蜂群已經從大約 600 萬減少到剩不到 300 萬。

  • But worldwide colonies have increased from less than 50 million to more than 90 million.

    但全世界的蜂群已從不到 5,000 萬增加至超過 9,000 萬。

  • And those include the one in Ireland were about to visit, which is using modern technology to help an ancient practice.


  • It's a centuries old tradition, and not for the faint-hearted.


  • They're getting a little excited now, they don't want anyone to touch their honey.


  • Regular hive inspections are necessary to see if it's healthy, that the queen is alive, allowing the colony to grow.


  • With up to 50,000 bees in each box, examinations can take several hours and can be labor intensive.

    每個箱子裡有高達五萬隻蜜蜂 ,檢查可能需要花好幾個小時,且可能會耗費大量人力。

  • There's such a magnificent creature.


  • Collectively, these little creatures are so important to the survival of our planet, to economies.


  • I just think that we ... we should be protecting them.


  • See, the honeybee is not a mere honey producer.


  • One third of all the world's food crop production, like almonds and avocados, depend on pollinators.


  • Pollination from insects, mainly bees, contribute up to US$181 billion worth to the agri-food industry annually.

    以蜜蜂為主的昆蟲授粉者,每年為農業食品產業賺進高達 1,810 億美元。

  • But whole colonies are being ravaged by diseases, and the use of pesticides and fungicides in farming.


  • Last year in the United States, beekeepers lost 43 percent of their colonies.

    去年美國的養蜂人損失了 43% 的蜂群。

  • The good news, though, is that smart bee technology could be coming to the rescue.


  • High up in the Wicklow Mountains, about an hour south of Dublin in Ireland, Simon Lynch has been part of a testing ground for a new, emerging smart bee technology over the last two years.

    在愛爾蘭都柏林以南約一小時車程的威克洛山脈高處,Simon Lynch 在過去兩年裡加入新興智能蜜蜂的技術測試。

  • And there is our queen.


  • A small Internet-connected sensor has been placed under the roof of the hive, where it measures temperature, humidity, sound and movement.


  • We've got beehives here in Ireland, in the U.K., in South Africa, over in the USA.


  • And what we've been doing for the last two years, is collecting data from these beehives--building a giant beehive database.


  • Irish startup ApisProtect claims that sensors can help produce losses on improve the health of honeybees worldwide by alerting beekeepers immediately if there's a problem in the hive.

    愛爾蘭新創公司 ApisProtect 聲稱,如果蜂巢出現問題,感測器可以立即通知養蜂人,從而幫助改善全世界蜜蜂的健康狀況。

  • The technology allows beekeepers like Simon to remotely monitor their hives, so that they can more quickly on more easily check whether there is a problem.

    這項技術可以讓像 Simon 這樣的養蜂人遠端監視他們的蜂箱,這樣他們就可以更快、更方便地檢查是否有問題。

  • It's hoped that this technology will allow commercial beekeepers to upscale their business.


  • Ensuring more pollination and more food for a growing global population.

    確保在日益增長的全球人口下,有更多的授粉和更多的食物 。

  • See, pollination is one of the most important biological processes on our planet.


  • When bees go out to forage, they collect nectar and pollen to bring back to their colony.


  • As it lands on a flower, a bee gets covered in pollen, a dust-like substance produced by the flower that contains the male reproductive materials.


  • As the bee moves from flower to flower, the pollen falls off, hopefully dusting the female reproductive structure.


  • That fertilizes the plants reproductive organs, kick starting the production of seeds and new plants.


  • Beekeeping, maybe an historic tradition, but smart technology hopes to ensure it has a fruitful future.


  • From bees to dogs, we're moving up the food chain today.


  • There are records of canines having been used in warfare for thousands of years, and these four-legged helpers recently participated in a military exercise in Nevada.


  • Technically, they're known as autonomous unmanned ground vehicles--UGVs.

    嚴格來說,它們被稱為地面無人機 (UGVs)。

  • But we like to call them robot dogs.


  • They're equipped with a number of sensors and radios, and their mission in this exercise was to scout for threats outside a cargo plane before the human troops came out and were exposed to danger.


  • So they're not attack vehicles, their information-gathering ones.


  • We don't know the cost.


  • But the electronics network Engadget reported that the company that makes these robot dogs was trying to develop a similar quadruped at a price point of US$1,500.

    但據科技新聞 Gadget 的報導,製造這些機器狗的公司正試圖開發價格為 1,500 美元,像四足動物的機器。

  • If you've ever wondered how fast do emperor penguins walk?


  • The answer is not very, but they can keep up with people.


  • At least this one did while following a group of expeditioners in Antarctica.


  • Try to catch up, buddy.


  • Hey ... yeah ...


  • The researcher who recorded this video told Storyful that every time he talked to the penguin the animal responded.

    錄這段影片的研究員告訴 Storyful,每次他和企鵝說話,牠都會回應。

  • Try to keep up, buddy.


  • Okay, so that's how they went.


  • Having a nice conversation as the penguins slid along on its belly.


  • The Australian Antarctic program says sometimes emperor penguins just wanna tag along.


  • Well, why not?


  • He's king.


  • He's having a royally good time.


  • And if the ice sheet is like a red carpet, he should totally peng-win the title for best supporting Arct-or.


  • Okay, we know penguins aren't technically ox, but we could still talk like it for the sake of a really good pun-guin.


  • I'm Carl Azuz, Tok, Alaska is where we wrap up today's show.

    我是 Carl Azuz,我在阿拉斯加州的托克,今天的節目到此結束。

  • Shout out to the students of Tok School.


  • That's all for today's edition of CNN (10).

    這就是今天的 CNN 10。

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, reporting from a remote location this week because our normal bookshelf spot was all booked up.

嗨,我是 Carl Azuz,本週在一個偏遠的地方報導,因為以往我們在書架前拍攝的位置被訂滿了。

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