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  • hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


  • today's question is how do I pronounce variations of the word progress or to


  • make movement towards a goal so let's go ahead and take a look let me put my

    朝著一個目標前進 所以讓我們來看看讓我把我的

  • notes down so we have the word progress and progress is the noun and we're going


  • to stress the word Pro progress progress the progress we're going to flip that

  • and if you've been watching my videos for a while you know there's a pretty


  • general rule that works most of the time then when we have a noun and we're going


  • to stress syllable one in a two syllable word and we have the exact same word


  • that's pronounced slightly differently when it's a verb we're going to stress


  • syllable number two so again syllable number one in the noun


  • progress and in the verb pro gress so we're going to stress the gress so to

    進步,在動詞pro gress中,所以我們要強調gress,所以要。

  • stress something you're going to make it a little bit louder the vowel a little

    強調的東西,你要讓它有點響亮 元音一點點。

  • bit longer and the pitch a little bit higher than the other syllables and the


  • word so we have progress and progress progress progress keep that in mind that


  • we're going to be stressing that second syllable when we add a lot of these

    我們將強調第二個音節 當我們添加了很多這些。

  • suffixes on to the word so when we add the ing I think where people get


  • confused is this has an extra syllable so we have progress progressing gress


  • Sing progressing but then when we have this ed you do not add an extra


  • syllable you're just gonna add a T to that second part of the word if you're


  • interested in more about this I do have several lessons on adding that ed


  • ending to the words so we have Pro gresst progressed so progress progressing

    詞的結尾,所以我們有Pro gresst progressed所以進步進步

  • progressed last we have progression and I forgot to


  • underline this and we are going to stress that same syllable because it's a


  • syllable right before that shun progra shun and I think also people got really

    音節的權利之前,順程序順,我認為也 人們得到了真正的。

  • confused because of the spelling and we are going to end this word in shun so


  • again stress syllable number two and then stress syllable number two and add


  • an extra beat with the ing stress syllable number two and just attach that t


  • sound that second syllable and then still stressed syllable number two and


  • end with tion when we see those two S's there okay let's give it a try so we

    當我們看到那兩個S的時候,我們就會用這個詞來結束 好吧,我們來試試,這樣我們就可以了。

  • have progress progress progressing progressed progression progress progress

    有進步 有進步 有進步 有進步 有進步 有進步 有進步 有進步

  • progressing per get progressed progression sorry about that this is


  • like a tongue twister one more time so I can get it correct progress progress


  • progressing progressed progression to make progress


  • you must progress through the lessons give it a try I know people are going to

    你必須通過課程的進步 給它一個嘗試 我知道人們會的

  • notice the difference if you found this helpful please share us with your


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hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


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