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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation


  • question today's question is how do I pronounce the word necessarily which can

    今天的問題是,我怎麼念 "必然 "這個詞,可以做到

  • also mean certainly and we are going to break this word down into syllables


  • the confusion here for most of my students are the syllables are incorrect


  • so let's look at the word this way we have five syllables one two three four

    所以,讓我們看看這個詞這樣 我們有五個音節 一二三四。

  • five then we have two schwa syllables as most of you know the longer a word is

    五 那麼我們就有兩個音節,因為大多數人都知道一個詞越長越好

  • the more likely we are to have that schwa syllable or that uh beat in a word we


  • have two here Ness uh Sara Lee now I did stress those in that case so that you

    有兩個在這裡尼斯呃薩拉-李 現在我強調這些在這種情況下,所以你。

  • could really hear them but what we're going to do is we're going to think


  • about linking them to the syllable before so we want to say Nessa


  • Sara Lee Nessa Sara Lee necessarily necessarily necessarily super easy

    Sara Lee Nessa Sara Lee一定一定一定超級簡單

  • breezy lesson for today so I'm going to use a nice summer sentence for you I


  • don't necessarily make the healthiest choices for food in this summer because


  • ice cream is often available so give it a try I know people are going to notice

    冰淇淋是經常有的,所以試試吧 我知道大家會注意到的

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hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation



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如何給NECESSARILY發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce NECESSARILY - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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