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Hello everybody and welcome to
and I have a brand new question from Kevin from China
so let's take a listen
Hello Kevin and Hello China!
Kevin, I can see you're really "gung ho" about boosting your English
through understanding how native speakers of English really talk
You and so many others want to know how native speakers link words together
when they're talking naturally
Obviously, as in any language, we change our pronunciation
according to how formal or informal the situation is
So let’s take a look at our first example
Now straight out of an English course book
you probably learned to say that question in its complete form
OK, no problem! Then you start to see people using contractions
then you hear people talk fast in a Hollywood movie
a conversation between close friends
and suddenly you find yourself listening to an entirely DIFFERENT kind of English
Yes it’s that informal and fast spoken English you can hear in American movies and TV series
To help you understand how this fast English is spoken
I am going to use my new Ragdoll kitten Sapphire to illustrate my examples
I’m workin'
Nooo, not unless you wanna teach people how to meow!
yummy, yummy,
human food!
Noooooo! You’re a cat!
yeah! yummy, yummy!
and this is human food
and you already ate 4 times today
I'm going to the supermarket
no Sapphire, they don't allow cats in the supermarket
I gotta go now, can you get outta the way?
wait for me!!!!!!!!!!
So slowly
and then really fast
Say it with me
we'll break it down
good job!
The second one here is
when we say this quickly, the question becomes almost unrecognizable
give me becomes gimme
of becomes o’
and that loses the “t” and become tha(t)
So slowy
getting better
(it) really rolls off your tongue and that's why we use it
we also have the classic
and then really fast
Now, Ken from China, you had requested I answer your question
about how to say “keep an eye on him” really fast and naturally
I’m going to do that, but since Sapphire is a female
I am changing it to
You see any time I go out
Sapphire always manages to run out, she darts right out into the hallway
I have to keep an eye on her
So split the words in blocks to get the fast pronunciation here
and slowly link the 3 words together
got it?
Well Kevin and everybody out there watching my lesson
I hope I’ve helped you today with how native speakers talk fast
and I want to thank my little kitty for helping me out
I’m saying goodbye
yeah, say goodbye!
I wanna pizza!


快速說英語 (Speak English Fast - Learn English Live 20 with Steve Ford)

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Susy 發佈於 2014 年 5 月 24 日
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