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Kill Endermen easily
Wheres that endermen
This is not how you kill an enderman
You can't do it like this
If you want to gather enderpearls
I can show you an easy way to kill them
I will show you how to kill Endermen easily
We will make a small "trap"
First: Dig out a 3x3 hole
You can replace the floor, like me
Now, make a small root using slabs
Leave 1 block open though
We will place a Trapdoor here
This will be entrance and exit
You need a better sword
Take either iron or diamond
And try to enchant the sword
We need at least Loot 1
Try to get Loot 3 with sharpness if you can :)
We are ready!
{Both}There is an Enderman!
Look at his face now!
We are going to die!
He won't be able to hurt you in here!
And now kill him!
(Enderman Death noise)
You did great!
You can use the same trick in the end!
I wish you good luck
2. House design
(For sale)
Here are the papers
the house is all yours !
good house hmm..
lets check this out
the interior is good !
m going to settle here now !
so here is my kitchen
here is my ladder
i dont know why i need those ladders ? here
even though
here is my bed
i just need a gf now
ya thats right !
god damn !! let's go ask her dad
um.. where is he !!? ???
there he goes !!!
hey hey !!
come here you !!
What ?
i made a house for your daughter !!
How do you know i have a daughter
just come
you want me to check out your house ?
ya ya !!
please please
but hey listen i dont have a daughter !
i am sorry
don't have a daughter
but i thought so ....
lol i would not stay here if i was your gf
then be one
and m not your girls father
and wouldn't let her in even if so
hm ?
this does not look good
i am your girls father actually !
i will help you design
you don't want to place random blocks like that
this room is so empty
you can't live like this
I will help design your house
lets start with kitchen
start with a nice kitchen floor
i use white and black clay
place them with chess pattern
it will look like this
now place a border here
now continue with kitchen items
furnance water tap, fridge
let's decorate the top too !
you can place the pressure plates on the furnances
And add water and hook to the caudren
maybe here a cutting board
we can turn these blocks into a table
this is it
The kitchen has it's own area
looks great doesn't it ?
lets continue with a nice dining table
i use stair fences and pressure plates
and plant on the side
You can use different pressure plates
Or even carpets!
m gone
and dont you don't call my daughter !! here



12 分類 收藏
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