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  • The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean,

    加納利群島是大西洋中的 西班牙自治群島,

  • just off Morocco in North Africa.


  • Formed by volcanic eruptions and shaped by hot desert winds,

    由火山噴發形成,再經過 沙漠熱風雕琢而成,

  • they are comprised of 7 main islands.

    共有 7 個主要島嶼。

  • When powerful seismic forces lifted these islands

    數百萬年前,當地震威力 把這些島嶼

  • out of the ocean millions of years ago,


  • they sculpted landscapes of unimaginable beauty.


  • So spectacular are the Canary Islands that for centuries,

    幾百年來, 加納利群島的雄偉

  • it was believed that this archipelago formed


  • the peaks of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.


  • Today, the Canary Islands are a magnet for sun seekers,

    今天的加納利群島則吸引了全球各地 追逐陽光、

  • beachcombers and adventurers from all over the world.

    海灘和冒險的人 前往。

  • With, 160 miles of coastline,

    有著 160 英里長的海岸線、

  • 150 beaches

    150 處海灘

  • and a climate that feels like it is always spring,

    和四季如春 宜人氣候的

  • the island of Fuerteventura is a perfect place to start your exploration.

    富恩特伊芬圖拉島正是您探索旅程的 最佳起點。

  • Head to Corralejo, once a small fishing village,


  • now one of the island's largest resort towns.


  • Just a short walk away is Corralejo Dunes National Park,

    走沒多遠就是柯拉萊霍沙丘 國家公園,

  • with dunes that seem to stretch out forever.


  • On the southern end of the island,


  • Sotavento de Jandia Beach is famous for its

    Sotavento de Jandia 海灘以

  • turquoise waters and golden sands


  • while Ajuy Beach has long drawn visitors west to its black sands.

    而阿滬伊 (Ajuy) 海灘的黑沙則吸引西方人士 遠道而來。

  • These islands have long been renowned for their hospitality,

    長期以來,這些島嶼就是以 居住著熱情好客的人們著稱於世,

  • so relax on a sun lounge or enjoy a seafood specialty at a local restaurante.

    無論是享受日光浴或大啖在地海鮮特產, 都能使人舒緩身心。

  • Beautiful beaches and picturesque villages


  • are just some of the offerings in this land of wonders.

    只是這片充滿驚奇的土地 的一部分而已。

  • Brave twisting roads to admire


  • the panoramic view over the island from Mirador Morro Velosa,

    到 Mirador Morro Velosa 欣賞 360 度 全島景觀,

  • once thought to be the home of the Gods.


  • A short ferry ride to the west of Fuerteventura is Gran Canaria

    從富恩特伊芬圖拉搭乘一小段渡輪往西走 就是氣候、景色變化萬千的

  • a place of ever changing climates and vistas.


  • This island abounds with otherworldly landscapes


  • that have been inspiring visitors for centuries.


  • Take a hike to Pilancones Natural Park.

    Pilancones 國家公園健行去。

  • The spectacular plateaus and cool ravines in this area

    這裡的雄偉高原 和涼爽峽谷

  • are around 12 million years old.

    已約有 1200 萬年之久。

  • Visit the town of Agaete

    探訪 Agaete 鎮。

  • where volcanic cliffs plunge into the Atlantic Ocean.

    火山峭壁躍入 大西洋之處。

  • Take a drive to see the Roque Nublo,

    開車前往 Roque Nublo

  • and the surrounding valleys,


  • once described by a visiting Spanish philosopher as “a petrified storm”.

    某位西班牙哲學家到此一遊時, 曾形容此地為「石化風暴」。

  • No matter where you go on the island,


  • great beaches are never far away.


  • Soak up the sun at Amadores Beach

    不管是在 Amadores 海灘浸淫陽光之下,

  • or hit the surf at Caleta de Arriba but be aware,

    或到 Caleta de Arriba 挑戰刺激衝浪, 都要留意一點,那就是在有些海灘,

  • at some beaches, clothing is optional.


  • A port town since the Age of Discovery,

    大加納利島主要城市 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Gran Canaria's relaxed beachside capital city,

    位於海灘邊, 這個港鎮自大航海時代時起

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has long been a cultural melting pot.

    就是一個 一個文化融爐。

  • Stroll the boulevard at Las Canters Beach or visit the Cathedral of Santa Ana

    當漫步於 Las Canters 海灘大道、 或參觀聖安娜教堂時,

  • a labour of devotion that took 350 years to complete.

    都能感受到 350 年的 心血結晶。

  • Tenerife, is the largest and busiest of the Canary Islands,

    特內里費是加納利群島中 最大、最繁華的島嶼,

  • receiving around 5 million visitors a year.

    每年約有 5 百萬遊客到訪。

  • Tenerife's beaches come in many shades,


  • from the golden sands of Las Americas Beach

    從 Las Americas 灘和 Los Cristianos 的金沙

  • and Los Cristianos to the black sands of Jardín Beach.

    到花園灘 (Jardín Beach) 的 黑沙都有。

  • For water adventures of a different kind,


  • head to the Siam Water Park.


  • Hit the water slides or just relax in the lush environment

    在泰式風的主題樂園中, 挑戰刺激的滑水道

  • of this enormous Thai-themed park.


  • Or, make a splash at Loro Parque

    或者,到自 1972 年開幕來

  • which has attracted more than 40 million visitors since opening in 1972.

    已吸引超過 4 千萬名遊客的 Loro 動物園 濺得一身濕爽。

  • The island's capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    特內費里音樂廳 (Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martin)

  • is home to the Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martin.

    位於島上主要城市 聖克魯茲。

  • The auditorium's sail-like silhouette,


  • harks back to days when the islands were an important stopover

    追溯了群島做為重要中繼站的地理位置, 早年冒險家

  • for early adventurers such as Magellan and Christopher Columbus.

    如麥哲倫和哥倫布 都曾駐足於此。

  • Experience the archipelago's mythic past at Icod de los Vines.

    去風洞 (Icod de los Vines) 體驗群島的神祕過往。

  • Stand before theDrago Milenario” a Dragon Tree,

    昂首挺立的「千年龍樹 (Drago Milenario)」 是一顆號稱已超過 1 千歲的

  • reputed to be more than 1000 years old.


  • At Teide National Park, watch the sun set over El Teide,

    在泰德國家公園的泰德峰 俯瞰夕陽西下,

  • Spain's highest mountain. It is easy to believe,

    泰德峰是西班牙最高峰。 正如島上原住民所 深信,

  • as the island's indigenous people did,


  • that this magnificent mountain actually touches the sky.

    對此您也不會 感到意外。

  • Lanzarote is the Canaries' easternmost island


  • and is sometimes called theIsland of 100 Volcanoes.”

    又名 「百座火山之島」。

  • Be humbled by Mother Nature's destructive power

    前往提曼法雅國家公園 臣服在

  • on a tour of Timanfaya National Park.


  • This region suffered a series of devastating eruptions in the 1700s

    這一區在 18 世紀時 曾遭受一連串的火山爆炸,

  • and has remained largely unchanged ever since.


  • Standing guard at the park's entryway is El Diablo,

    公園入口處站著 名為惡魔 (Devil) 的

  • the Devil,


  • an image designed by Lanzarote's most famous son, César Manrique.

    係由蘭薩羅特最有名的兒子, César Manrique 所設計。

  • Manrique's artistic vision was to seamlessly integrate art,

    Manrique 懷抱的藝術願景是要將 藝術、

  • local traditions and the natural elements


  • and almost everywhere you go on this island you'll see his influence.

    他的影響力在島上 處處可見。

  • Descend a spiral stone staircase into Jameos del Agua,

    踏著螺旋時接往下走進 哈邁奧斯火山水洞 (Jameos del Agua),

  • a natural cave transformed by Manrique

    Manrique 將這個天然洞穴轉變為

  • into a magical amphitheatre and performance space.

    充滿魔力氛圍的 展演空間。

  • Just a short journey away you can hire a guide


  • and venture even deeper into the earth at the Cueva de los Verdes,

    更深入地下 探索維爾德洞穴 (Cueva de los Verdes),

  • the green caves.


  • Just like the other Canaries,


  • Lanzarote is blessed with many different beaches.


  • Relax under the sun at Playa Blanca at the south of the island

    在島嶼南部的 Playa Blanca 可以享受熱情陽光,

  • or stroll to Papagayo Beach.

    也可以到鸚鵡海灘 (Papagayo Beach) 悠閒漫步。

  • The tidal rock pools at Punta Mujeres are the perfect place

    Punta Mujeres 的天然潮汐海岩游泳池 除了能清涼消暑,

  • to cool off or rent some snorkelling gear


  • and discover the island's underwater wonders.


  • Lanzarote's busiest town is Puerto del Carmen

    Puerto del Carmen 是蘭薩羅特最熱鬧的城鎮

  • and is a great place to enjoy


  • the Canary Islands' incredible sunsets.


  • No matter which of these magnificent islands you choose,

    無論您選擇了哪一個 壯觀島嶼,

  • as the sun's molten rays merge the ocean with the earth,

    當夕陽金光與浸淫到 燦爛海面時,

  • you'll realise this is a place where Mother Nature and history collide.

    任何人都會因大自然與歷史 融為一體而感動不已。

  • The mythical city of Atlantis may be a story,


  • lost in the mists of time,


  • but the Canary Islands are only a plane ride away.

    但只要搭乘飛機,就能輕鬆前往 加納利群島。

  • Whether you are searching for dramatic adventures or a sun-soaked vacation,

    無論您想要的是戲劇化的冒險行程、 或盡情享受陽光的舒緩假期,

  • this archipelago is alive with a powerful magic all its own.

    這個群島絕對具有 令人無法抗拒的魔力。

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean,

加納利群島是大西洋中的 西班牙自治群島,


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