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- People have told me I have saved their life.
I became a ASMR artist on YouTube.
Because I deal with my own pain each day.
ASMR has truly helped me focus on living instead of dying.
Close your eyes.
An ASMR artist is someone who focus mainly on visual triggers and sounds to bring you some type of relaxation.
Some of the misconceptions that people have with ASMR
is thinking that it's creepy, it's cringey, it's weird,
and I believe the reason why some people believe that
ASMR is so weird is because I'm constantly whispering.
I'm going to take a sip of my hot coffee for a second.
But when ASMR artists' whisper,
it's to bring you to that safe place.
It's to make you feel calm.
Tell yourself, “You're going to be okay."
I find my sounds in any and everything that I do.
If I'm opening up a pack of gum, if I'm brushing my hair,
people love crunch sounds like the pickle video.
I'll snack.
I don't know what happens.
Why does eating a pickle causes a person's brain to shut down, but it will.
Wow. Yeah.
I have a degenerative bone disease.
I can't stop it, there's no cure.
Before I discovered ASMR, I could not move.
I didn't have the strength to make myself stand up.
So, when I discovered ASMR, I felt extremely relaxed.
I feel like I was actually smiling just laying there.
I felt really, really good mentally.
More so than being on medication.
And I said, “Okay, I'm going to create a channel,
and I'm going to create ASMR videos because there's
a lot of people who are dealing with stress, insomnia,
anxiety; who just need some comfort
to get them through the night."
I receive email from people who are bed ridden and let me know how much I have helped them.
I always told my children one person could change the world.
And to actually be a part of maybe some type of change in some type of way, is amazing.


什麼!ASMR 可以減緩焦慮?! (Anxiety Relief with ASMR)

21 分類 收藏
Cindy Lin 發佈於 2020 年 9 月 9 日
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