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  • Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel, your virtual ticket to Japan.


  • I just wanted to finalize the whole health issue and problem because I just want to be done with it.


  • And I want to talk about more of Japan.


  • The reason why I have been talking about it is because I have slipped into a very deep depression for the past a month or so, and I was struggling a lot because having reactions to soy an egg in a country that's mainly those ingredients has been really scary and tough and not easy like at all, because going out to a restaurant is scary because everything literally has so in it.


  • And, um ah, lot of Japanese dishes and things that I really, really loved.


  • I can't eat.


  • So I'm trying my best to learn again to eat and cook.


  • And is this not the same?


  • I just want to tell you what happened and what I'm going to be doing to heal myself.


  • This has I'm not giving advice to anybody that has anything else.


  • This is just based on my issue and what I need to do to fix myself.


  • I went to the clinic to get an endoscopy done.


  • And it was a very traumatizing experience because first of all, when we when you went into the clinic and they sat you down, they put an i b in you and they gave you this, like, liquid to drink.

    這是一個非常創傷性的經歷,因為首先,當我們... ...當你走進診所,他們讓你坐下來,他們把一個I B在你身上,他們給你這個一樣,液體喝。

  • And, um, this medicine and all that stuff to kind of put you in a sedated state, is that even the right way to say it?

    而且,嗯,這種藥物和所有的東西 那種把你在一個鎮靜的狀態, 是,即使是正確的方式來形容它?

  • They put, they sedate you basically, but they don't fully sedate you to the point where you're sleeping, So you still feel everything.

    他們把,他們鎮靜你基本上, 但他們不完全鎮靜你 到你睡覺的地方, 所以你仍然覺得一切。

  • But it's not painful.


  • So that was really, like, hard to deal was kind of not fun.


  • So I got all that done, and after I was finished, they put me in a room so I could sleep for, like, 30 minutes.

    所以,我得到了所有的工作,我完成後, 他們把我在一個房間裡,所以我可以睡了一樣,30分鐘。

  • And then I woke up and they basically talked about what they found.


  • So the doctor did a biopsy of my stomach and found no overgrowth of bacteria, which is such good news.


  • And they found no candied a cause.


  • If he's if it was Candida, you would see a lot of white in the esophagus and white in the stomach.


  • But what he did find was a hernia.


  • Yeah, and that was the uncomfortable feeling that I felt thinking that I had acid reflects, which I do have a little bit off.


  • But it's not severe acid reflux.


  • Basically, the liquid in your stomach or the fluids in your stomach kind of come up through your esophagus and this type of hernia.


  • There's two different types.


  • There's one that you really need surgery for and one that you don't and I have the one that you don't.


  • So I'm currently on medication, basically like the The link between my Sophocles and my stomach is loose.


  • So he gave me some medicine, and I'm supposed to go back and see him in a couple weeks to see how that has been working so far.


  • The medicine that I'm on has been working.


  • It's not an antibiotic or anything.


  • It's not a disease.


  • It's just something that's making everything very complicated and could get worse in the future.


  • So he found a hernia.


  • I have symptoms of I B s, which is irritable bowel syndrome, and I also have, um, intense reactions to my allergies.

    我有I B s的症狀,這是腸易激綜合症, 而且我也有,嗯,激烈的反應對我的過敏。

  • So whatever I react to you is going to make all of my symptoms.


  • Worse, it's going to t m.

    更糟糕的是,它要t m。

  • I make me constipated, have diarrhea, all that stuff also, my doctor asked me about history of anxiety and depression, and I do have mild depression.


  • I do have a lot of anxiety, and it stems from a lot of things in my past.


  • It's something that I really, really need to heal first so my body can heal.


  • Normally, I know a couple people personally who have had all of a sudden Thies this onset of a zillion different types of allergies and they couldn't eat anything.

    通常,我知道一對夫婦的人個人 誰有所有的突然Thies這發病的無數不同類型的過敏和他們不能吃任何東西.

  • After practicing a lot of meditation and taking the correct type of vitamins and eating a correct diet, they were able to get rid of all of their allergies, even the more severe ones, which is possible but very rare to hell.


  • So I don't have too much confidence in healing my peanut allergy.


  • I'm gonna hold on to some hope, but I don't think that's gonna happen.


  • But basically my doctor referred to referred me to a hospital to do immunotherapy, which I did when I was a kid.


  • So it's basically allergy shots and you keep getting them.


  • You they give you a little bit of what you're allergic to, and then you just kind of grow a type of immunity to it.

    你,他們給你一點點 你是什麼過敏, 然後你只是一種增長 類型的免疫力。

  • It doesn't always work, but it can help.


  • So I'm going to be doing that as well as going to a holistic specialist, someone that does keen Sea King, keen theology, even say it.


  • Basically, it's like a type of of meditation and mental therapy, and I want to do that.


  • But I've always wanted to do those things because honestly, like the mind is connected to your gut and my gut has a lot of problems.


  • So what I want to try is to get rid of my anxiety and to change my thought patterns and all of that stuff.


  • And so I'm going to be doing E F T, which is a type of meditations called tapping.

    所以我要做E F T,這是一種叫做拍打的冥想。

  • And, um, this specialist has done it before, so she's going to guide me through it, and I know a couple people who have went to her here, So I'm glad that I found that someone recommended her to me, So I'm going to be doing that.

    而且,嗯,這個專家已經做了它之前, 所以她要指導我通過它, 我知道一對夫婦的人 誰去她在這裡, 所以我很高興,我發現 有人推薦她給我, 所以我要做的。

  • It's a little pricey, but it's a pretty good deal compared to other countries.


  • I think I think it's like, Ah, $150 to go for a session and then, um, you can also go to Ray Key Meditation course.


  • So I kind of want to do that and I don't want to cause I'm the type of person that just feels, ah, lot of pressure to respond to things and I always say yes to too many things and it's exhausting me and I don't want to do that to myself.


  • I don't want to put that pressure on myself anymore and I don't I want to focus with focus on myself and not focus on other people's issues, other people's problems.

    我不想再給自己施加壓力了,我不想... ...我想專注與專注於自己,而不是專注於別人的問題,別人的問題。

  • I want to be a little bit selfish for a while so I can heal my stomach because I have a lot of irritation and I wholeheartedly believe that my depression and anxiety is linked to all of these issues.


  • And I had a lot of stress and intense worries and things like that before I develop this allergy out of nowhere.


  • So like, I just want Teoh focus on my life and my health, not worry about always having to contact people or text people just want to focus on what I want to do and myself and, um my relationship and my body and mind like that's the most important thing.


  • I'm very grateful that I got answers and I eliminated everything that could be wrong because I was constantly thinking like, Oh, well, maybe I have this and maybe have that.


  • And I'm glad that I did go to a doctor to eliminate all the things that I thought I had.


  • So I'm glad that I did it, and I'm glad that I know where to start and how to heal.


  • I just want to learn to Teoh eat again and to take care of myself, because I I haven't had any type of teacher or anybody to guide me through the mental issues that I have.

    我只是想學會Teoh再次吃,並照顧自己,因為我... ...我沒有任何類型的老師或任何人指導我通過我的心理問題。

  • I think a lot of people struggle with anxiety and depression and all that stuff.


  • I would like to discuss my sessions on this channel if you guys would want to hear about it.


  • And um, obviously when I do share cooking videos, they're not going to be like amazing recipes.

    和嗯,顯然,當我做分享烹飪視頻, 他們不會像驚人的食譜。

  • It's just gonna be recipes that I can eat when I get really stressed and sad.

    這只是會是食譜,我可以吃 當我得到真正的壓力和悲傷。

  • I start to get psoriasis again, which grows on my scalp, and I've had that all my life, So I want to be able to control it.


  • So that's why I'm going to a holistic specialist.


  • And that is why I'm doing the things that I am doing to have and live a happier life despite the things that are trying to hold me back.


  • If you think positively and you change your train of thought and you do different types of meditations like E F T or Ricky or whatever you choose, it can help in the healing process because I know there are a lot of people that that had something from birth that they can't get rid of.

    如果你積極思考,你改變你的思路,你做不同類型的冥想,如E F T或瑞奇或任何你選擇,它可以幫助在癒合過程中,因為我知道有很多人,有一些東西從出生,他們不能擺脫。

  • And I understand that for sure that it can't always help, but for my type of condition and for a lot of other conditions, I think that training the mind to get rid of your anxiety and your stress and learning to relax and learning to not worry about what other people think or say, um or feel like you have to do something.


  • I feel like if you get rid of all of those habits that your body can start to naturally heal in certain ways.


  • But I'm not saying that if you have some some terrible, terrible disease that you you were born with or you're already in, like the last stage of something like, I don't think that it could help completely.

    但我並不是說,如果你有一些 一些可怕的,可怕的疾病,你 你你出生的,或者你已經在, 像最後階段的東西一樣, 我不認為它可以完全幫助。

  • A lot of things like allergies, asthma, anything that has to do with the stomach or colon or whatever learned to hell by relaxing and training your mind to not think so negatively.


  • There's a lot of cases of people that have healed this way, so that's my next step, because there's nothing doctors could do for my issue in my condition.


  • The only thing that they can recommend is immunotherapy and the medication that was given to me to help fix my hernia.


  • That's where I'm at right now, and I don't want to offend anybody like that's not what you guys should do.


  • What you feel is best for your body and your lifestyle.


  • And I'm not giving any, like I'm not saying you have to do this.


  • This is just what I'm going to be doing, and this is how I'm going to try and heal.


  • I'm horrible at explaining things.


  • I'm horrible at talking about things like in general.


  • So, like, I always try not to misconstrue things.


  • So I hope that this video isn't me telling people that have the issues that I have to hell This way, If you have other ways that you want to heal or whatever I please do because it's all up to you, it's your choice.


  • It's your decision.


  • It's your body and how you decide to approach things.


  • Yeah, I appreciate the people that did DME and email me.


  • I can't answer everybody, but, um, for those of you who I talked Teoh, I appreciate your help sending the YouTube videos and recipes and all that stuff.


  • I really, really appreciate it.


  • Don't worry.


  • The next video is all girl abroad.


  • It's gonna be all about Japan and, um, a little bit more of an update of what's been going on in my life.

    這將是所有關於日本和,嗯,一點點的更新 什麼是一直在我的生活。

  • So I hope you guys will watch.


  • I wanted to upload this video first because a lot of people were asking, Oh, what happened and are you okay?


  • And yes, I'm OK.


  • I think I will be OK as long as I take the steps to heal I'm lucky to be in a relationship with somebody who listens to me and to supports me and who wants to do these things together?


  • Like we want to do yoga together.


  • We want to go to meditation sessions together.


  • We want Teoh to hell together.


  • I need to learn to accept that this is happening and accept that I am safe and I can heal.


  • And this isn't the end of my life.


  • Because I was very upset because I had so much, so many plans to travel the world and I still want to.


  • So I was I was really down about not being able to do those things.


  • And, um yeah, so I'm taking the medicine.


  • I'm taking more vitamins.


  • And another thing that I also want to try is getting off the pill because I've been on it for 10 years, I think, and I often on actually, and I just want to finish it and get off of it as soon as possible to see if there's any change in my body and my health.


  • For now, I'm going to be trying a couple things like immunotherapy and going to see the holistic specialist.


  • So I'm glad that I can.


  • I have a plan and a strategy, and we'll see what happens and how it goes again for like, the third time.

    我有一個計劃和策略, 我們將看看會發生什麼,它是如何去再次喜歡,第三次。

  • I'm not saying that if you have another specific disease, that this kind type of thing will help you.


  • But for anything that you have, I think changing your mindset and how you approach these things is going to to help heal you help.


  • That makes sense.


  • Because, like I said, I'm bad explaining everything.


  • I hope that you'll watch me next video.


  • It will be up on Sunday in the morning here in Japan and ah, we can get back on track.


  • And in six weeks you do.


  • You will be here, so we'll be filming a lot together.


  • So I hope that you guys will enjoy our time finding apartments and moving and creating together and traveling and all that stuff because I'm really excited about that, and that's something to look forward to.


  • So anyway, thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys next time.


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel, your virtual ticket to Japan.


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