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Nearly 3 million people a year visit the San Diego Zoo,
making it the city's most popular attraction.
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Hi, I'm Veronica Hill with California Travel Tips.
Let's take a tour through this beautiful tropical landscape
and learn more about its most popular residents, restaurants and attractions.
Get on your best walking shoes and pack plenty of water
before starting your safari into the zoo's 100-acre
jungle of steep hills, canyons and winding trails.
If you don't want to wait in long lines to see the Giant Panda Research Station,
try to arrive early.
Easily the zoo's most popular exhibit,
the endangered pandas are on temporary loan from China
and each baby returns back to the country's control after its third birthday.
During your trek through the park,
you'll pass by beautiful waterfalls, tropical flowers,
and numerous natural-styled environments.
Approximately 4,000 animals make their home at the San Diego Zoo,
but the koala exhibit from Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane
seems to win over the hearts of most guests.
Here, you'll find the largest number of koalas outside of Australia
Though they sleep much of the day,
you may get lucky and find these adorable gray marsupials
eating the tender Eucalyptus leaves from their trees.
People in wheelchairs or couples with small children
may want to consider purchasing the zoo's Bus Tour tickets,
which include a guided 35-minute ride
through about 75 percent of the park.
You can also catch the Skyfari Aerial Tram,
which begins outside the Reptile House
and ends up at Polar Bear Plunge.
The views of the zoo and city of San Diego are stunning.
When it comes time for lunch,
you can enjoy a picnic at any public outdoor dining area.
Our favorite place to eat is Albert's Restaurant,
a treetop-styled fine dining experience in Gorilla Tropics.
On a sunny day, dine outside by the waterfall
or cool off in the interior dining room with a cold bottle of specialty beer
and a fresh grilled ahi sandwich.
Other must-see attractions at the park include
the 3-acre Monkey Trails and Forest Tales Exhibit,
and the Children's Zoo,
where little folks can enjoy petting small goats and sheep in the Petting Paddock
Plan to spend a whole day at the zoo
to enjoy everything it has to offer.
On your way out, don't miss the foot massager
tucked next to the zoo gift shop.
After all of that walking, it's a great way to rejuvenate your feet
before the drive home.
Next time you're in San Diego,
make sure to check out this world-class zoo.
It's a day trip that's sure to be educational and rewarding.
I'm Veronica Hill and that's your California Travel Tip.
To learn about more great California destinations,
subscribe to California Travel Tips on Youtube
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43 分類 收藏
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