B1 中級 美國腔 35 分類 收藏
This one is 30hkd, stinky tofu
it does smell bad
really bad
hi guys it's another day it's another vlog and today we're going around for a
city tour
I'm actually a family right now so I'll try my very best to the vlog as much as
I can but I will show you guys where we're going through my video but I probably
talk just a little we are now actually at Cultural Center and we are going to
around tsim sha tsui promenade
we're now here tsim sha tsui promenande yehey
clock tower
and cultural center
we are now here at hk cultural center
did you get it? i did not even understand,
now we're going to be Garden of the stars or stars avenue
supposed to be Bruce Lee
is this ok?
like this?
or this?
speak up
tell me what to do
jackie chan's hand
dude it's so big
my twin
we're looking for food we're looking for place to eat for lunch
we're so hungry
now here at Gochiso
mix of Mediterranean and Japanese
SIMOT = consumed entirely
really good
but not too sweet but I think it's it has a lot of flour
they're very tasty very Italian style
but overall great restaurant if you want to come here it's just
Gochiso try it out if you want
here it's very very cheap but you still need to know how to bargain so that u will save more money
my gosh
hotdog with bacon
it does smell bad really
i will just put some soy sauce
it stinks!
that is why its called stinky tofu
yeah better,but it does smell so bad, urgh
super duper yummy worth it
lowbattery (cam), so yeah I got this matcha green tea, so good



35 分類 收藏
John Yu 發佈於 2020 年 9 月 3 日
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