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  • Hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.

    大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer。

  • Today's question is how do I pronounce the words quite meaning to the utmost degree and

    今天的問題是,我如何將 "相當的意義 "這兩個字讀到極致,並將 "相當的意義 "這兩個字讀到極致。

  • quiet meaning not a lot of noise so to say the


  • words quite and quiet the big difference is one beat for the word quite one


  • syllable and quiet two beats or two syllables the confusion


  • the spelling really confuses a lot of people here because though it's the same


  • letters they're just in a different order for the words so let's start with


  • a word quite how do we save this kW what you're going to do here is a tip round


  • your lips and be ready for the W sound as you get your tongue in the spot for


  • the K so I'm gonna round my lips and think about saying a K sound to do that


  • the tip of your tongue is low in the bottom of your mouth and the back of


  • your tongue is pulled towards the roof of your mouth k k k

    你的舌頭被拉向你的嘴頂 k k k。

  • and then I was gonna round my lips and then I'm gonna pull my lips back and


  • retract them while I open my mouth a bit for that w kw kw kw next I'm gonna add an

    縮回他們,而我張開嘴一點,w kw kw kw下一個我要添加一個。

  • I this is a movement vowel you move from an open mouth to a smile and then


  • end with a T by touching the tip of your tongue to the back of the top front

    舌尖觸及前上方的後方,以 "T "字結束。

  • teeth quite quite quite next for quiet again we're going to start with qui and


  • then I think it's easiest just to think about then ending with the word it that


  • we all know how to say very short I relaxed mouth and then end with that T


  • it it it if you want to say ut or if it sounds like up to you go ahead and say

    it it it it 如果你想說ut 或者如果聽起來像你自己決定的,請繼續說

  • it same idea here relaxed short vowel so


  • you can say quiet quiet or quiet quiet so just think short vowel don't

    你可以說悄悄悄悄或悄悄悄悄 所以只要想好短元音就可以了。

  • overthink it at the end there just think short relaxed vowel in that second


  • unstressed syllable so we have quiet quiet quiet


  • quite quite quite quiet quiet quiet and let's try it in a sentence that room is


  • quite quiet give it a try I know people are going to know is the difference if


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  • again soon


Hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.

大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer。

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