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Alright guys, we are currently at Dongmen station here in Taipei.
And everytime we come here, we are tempted by these amazing desserts that they have advertised all over the walls.
I'm going to show you what it looks like and then I'm going to tell you all about it.
So they clearly do not skimp out on (skimp on) advertising like that entire station is plastered in ads for this dessert.
And apparently, this is called Mango Iced Snowflake.
And they have two shops right outside the station, so let's go eat.
Let's go do it!
And like most places worth eating out here in Taipei, there is a huge line but we're going to go stand there anyway.
Alright, so our dessert has arrived.
And it is standing room only at this particular spot.
So they've got like this little bar outside where you just bring your dessert, you eat it here, but check this out ...
Yeah, because all of the tables are full.
I know it is packed with people and there is a huge line of people ordering.
So this is it.
This is the Mango Snowflake Ice.
It is a mountain like this is huge.
And we went for the classic, so it is just mango and panna cotta on top.
But I mean they probably have like ten different flavors with like strawberries and chocolate and red bean, like you can choose anything really.
This is also called Ice Monster in some places as well.
Okay, yeah so there's two chains.
There is Ice Monster and Smoothie House.
We're at Smoothie House right now so let's just dig right in!
-Dig right in. -I'm gonna grab a bit of everything.
-Guys we're sharing this, like, apparently this serving size is enough for two to four people. -Yeah, two to four people.
Yeah, Sam was like, "we should each get our own!"
Horrible idea.
That would have been awful.
That would have ruined dinner.
Brain freeze.
Brain freeze?
- Did you take too big of a bite? - No, that is amazing.
- The mangoes are so sweet and ripe. - Yeah.
What else are you're tasting though?
Oh, man.
It's got ... the mango has kind of like this glaze almost.
Do you taste, like, ice?
Ice and the panna cotta?
Oh yeah.
You've got your ice.
Your ice mountain.
But seriously, the fresh mango that is like my favorite part so far.
It's got like this syrupy sugar, it's amazing.
And I love panna cotta.
I love ordering this dessert whenever we're traveling in Italy.
It is just so creamy and milky.
So yeah, I'm really, really pleased with this dessert.
Alright, so Sam finally gets to dig in.
You've had about five bites and I've had none.
-So ... -Someone has to film and somebody has to eat!
I've got a bit of catching up to do here.
Okay, so I'm just going to try and get a bit of everything.
Oh wow.
The ice is melting a bit already.
I know you have to be fast with this because it just starts melting on the spot.
And I'm going to get some mango ...
So I've got a little bit of everything now.
What do you think?
Oh yeah, that's really sweet.
You taste the ...
-You really taste the shaved ice, you really taste the syrup and the nice big chunks of mango. -Fresh mango!
(It) reminds me of something we had in Korea not too long ago called Sulbing.
- Yeah. - Which is their shaved ice dessert and yeah it is really good.
I think I would enjoy this even more on a hot day as opposed to a cool one like this.
But it is still a lot of fun and still really enjoying it.
Okay, so how would you rate your first mango ice snowflake experience?
That was really good.
Really filling.
-We needed the two of us to finish that off. -Yeah.
We probably could have used a third spoon in there.
Yeah, I kept getting brain freezes like every second bite.
That stuff was so cold.
I know, it was really cold.
-Eating cold shaved ice on a cold day. -On a cold day!
Probably not the best strategy in life but anyways, yeah, it was 210 Taiwan dollars which is under just under seven US dollars.
- So I mean if you divide it by two people it's like three dollars and fifty cents. -Not bad.
Not bad value.
It is not the cheapest dessert but I think it's really good.
It's really filling.
-It is one of the top 40 things you've got to eat in Taipei according to CNN, so ... -Well there you go.
Yeah, it is worth trying and, yeah, let us know what you think when you give it a shot.



就是要吃芒果雪花冰!(Taiwanese Dessert - Mango Shaved Ice in Taipei, Taiwan)

639 分類 收藏
Eunice Lin 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 25 日
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