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  • - Is my mom here?

  • - It's just us. You and us.

  • - Who were you in the park with?

  • - I don't know names.

  • I just got lost.

  • - Where did you see the lady? - What lady?

  • - The female jogger was severely beaten and raped.

  • Every black male who was in the park last night is a suspect.

  • I need all of them.

  • - What's going on with my son?

  • - Your son was involved in a rape in Central Park.

  • - No. No, that's not possible. No. - Wait a minute. Wait a second...

  • - They saw you rape the lady.

  • - I didn't see a lady or hit anyone.

  • - I didn't see any lady.

  • - Kevin.

  • - I didn't see any lady.

  • - I wanna see my son right now. Right now.

  • - Whatever they said I did, I didn't. - I know.

  • - Nothing these boys state matches the central facts of the crime.

  • - All we need is for one to tie this whole thing together.

  • - These tapes are not as clean as the state would have you believe.

  • - There is injustice happening here.

  • - There is not one shred of evidence.

  • - Imagine the frenzy of these teenagers, ripping off her clothes.

  • - They are innocent of these crimes. - They are guilty.

  • " the count of assault, and to the count of rioting and to the count of attempted murder"

  • - Why are they doing us like this? - What other way they ever do us?

  • - I've been having these dreams. I keep hearing these footsteps.

  • And they're coming closer and closer.

  • - That's me, coming to bring you home.

  • - They said if I went along with it, that I could go home, and that's all I wanted.

  • - The police will do anything.

  • Lie on us. They will lock us up. They will kill us.

  • - This is my life.

  • - I don't think we should admit to something that we didn't do.

  • - Okay, you keep fighting.

- Is my mom here?


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WHEN THEY SEE US預告片(2019)青少年劇情,網劇系列高清。 (WHEN THEY SEE US Trailer (2019) Teen Drama, Netflix Series HD)

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