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Hey fruity-toots!
A to the O here with mon frere Pear.
Today, we're showing you how to deal with bullies, and Orange, I think you should lead today's episode.
Me, really?
What can I say?
You're really good at this kind of thing.
You've got a gift.
I know I do, can I open it?
Can I?
Yeah, something tells me I'm not gonna like what's inside, maybe later.
Okay thanks Pear, you're the bomb.
So option one for dealing with a bully is to be confident.
Ready to demonstrate Orange?
Here comes a bully now.
Hey, guess what?
You are annoying.
I'm not annoying, I am an orange.
You're an orange and you're annoying.
You're an apple and a vegetable.
What the heck are you even talking about? Mommy!
See what I mean?
You're great at this Orange.
You totally disarmed that bully by staying confident.
I don't know if I disarmed him, Pear.
Most apples are born without arms.
Okay, option two.
When a bully tries to get under your skin, show minimal reaction.
Hey, guess what?
Your teeth are yellow.
Okay, well they're supposed to be white.
So yours aren't white and that makes you look stupid.
Sure does.
Why aren't you getting angry?
I don't know, guess you're not a very good bully.
Huh, guess that thug needs a hug.
Nice going, Orange.
Finally, option three with dealing with a bully is to simply avoid them when possible.
Hey guess what?
Hey, where'd he go, hey.
I've got nobody to bully.
And that's how you do it.
Orange, you can come out now, Orange?
Right here, sometimes it pays to be a 2-dimensional character.
Well, that does it for today's episode.
Great job today.
Ooh, does that mean I can open my gift now huh?
Can I?
Okay, fine.
But only cause you did such a good job.
Woohoo! This is gonna be a...
Wait, where is it?
Looking for this?
You might not wanna open that, dude.
Shut up, you green bowling pin, I'm bigger than you.
I'll do what I want.
Pear, I've thought about it, and I think he should open it.
I think that's a great idea Orange.
Yeah, a banging idea.
Yeah that's right, scram losers, I win, you lose.
I get the present you get nothing.
Oh man, I hope it's a father figure.



走心就輸了!一起來看煩人橙子如何對付霸凌者 (HOW2: How to Deal with Bullies!)

1753 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 24 日
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