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  • one of the best ways to experience traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality is to stay at Atocha or Japanese.


  • In popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists, thes places not only offer a place to sleep but also a window to Japanese culture, as well as an opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and relaxing hot spring baths.


  • Many different kinds of no gun can be found around the country from family run small establishments to large hotel like facilities with hundreds of rooms.


  • Budgets for a night stay also varies depending on the place to stay yet, ranging from 4000 yen without meals over 50,000 yen per person per night.


  • With Gloria's dinner and breakfast, a typical rate for a night's stay is around 15,000 yen per person, which includes dinner and breakfast.


  • Because off the traditional style and atmosphere, staying at Erdogan can seem a bit intimidating For the first time.

    因為關閉的傳統風格和氣氛,住在埃爾多安似乎有點嚇人 第一次。

  • Guests, however, there a special and very relaxing experience that everyone should take the opportunity to try at least once during their travels in order to set your mind at ease.


  • Here is a guide on how to enjoy your stay at a gun reservation no gun can be found all across Japan, especially in hot spring resorts, but also in the city's.


  • Typical Erdogan includes two meals, dinner and breakfast.


  • But some Dugan also offered no meal plans.


  • Thes days yoga on a listed in most hotel reservation websites and can easily be booked online.

    Thes days yoga在大多數酒店預訂網站上都有列出,並且可以輕鬆地在線預訂。

  • Note that most Logan charged by person rather than by room and some dough can do not accept single travelers.


  • Keep also in mind the reservations for the same day, often not possible due to new preparations that have to be made in advance before your arrival.


  • Arrival staff edit.


  • Ogan will put great emphasis on your arrival and ensure that you will feel welcomed, taken care off and relaxed.


  • The entryway off Erdogan, called gang gun, is the physical boundary between the outside and inside world.


  • They're outside.


  • Shoes are to be removed and stored, since they're not supposed to be worn insight.


  • Once you've taken your shoes off, it is considered good manners to turn them to point towards the door.


  • If a stone is present, it is considered part of the outside, and therefore you're supposed to step on it with your shoes on.


  • Do not step on the elevator area with your outdoor footwear and likewise, make sure not to stand in the lower area with your socks.


  • Probably wear socks instead of being barefoot and make sure your socks are clean and do not have any holes in some dough.


  • Gun shoes do not need to be removed at the entrance, but only in the room.


  • Chicken occurs in one of three ways directly in your room, at the lobby lounge area or at the reception disk, just like an irregular hotel.


  • While filling the chicken for tea and snacks are usually offered in many neo con, you will be attended to by one person during your entire stay.


  • Who will take care of your chicken?


  • Serve your meals, prepare a room and bid farewell.


  • When you leave, we highly recommend checking in at least 1 to 2 hours before dinner, which usually starts around six or seven PM toe.


  • Allow time to be properly greeted.


  • Settle in and enjoy a nice relaxing hot bath before your meal.


  • Your room.


  • No gone.


  • Rooms can vary a lot, depending on the size, style and price off the door.


  • Gone.


  • You're staying at the typically can accommodate 2 to 4 occupants, have tatami floors with a low table at the center of the room and often have an adjacent smallest sitting room with Western style table and chairs.


  • I guess in a your gun, sleep on Sedona Japanese mattresses, which is starting a cabinet inside your room during the day and prepared by the staff in the evening during your meal.


  • Typical amenities in yoga rooms include a sink, fridge, truth, precious, a bathroom and western style toilet.


  • However, in old establishments, toilets and sinks sometimes shed in a common area outside of your room, it is important not to walk on tatami with shoes or slippers and to be careful not to dirty or damage it.


  • When carrying luggage, slippers should be left.


  • Meet me outside the tatami room When using the restrooms.


  • A different pair of slippers will be available for guests to use, so they do not use the same ones used in the common areas.


  • Guests will find bath towels and you got up, which you can wear during your whole state, including meals to the bath into bid.


  • Here is a quick explanation on how to wear You gotta put on your yukata over your underwear, undershorts and socks optional.

    下面簡單介紹一下浴衣的穿法。 浴衣要套在內褲上,內褲和襪子可以選擇。

  • Fold the right hand side underneath the left hand side and hold it in place with your hand.


  • Then fold the left hand side over the hand and hold it in place while you get your belt.


  • Also called an OBE rep.


  • The OBE around your waist.


  • Cross it around your back and tie in the front.


  • For men, it should rest fairly low on the hips.


  • For women, the belt is tied at the waist.


  • Finally, it just the not so it lies on your right hip optionally in cooler weather.


  • Theater jacket can be worn over the you gotta like a coat.


  • These coats may have a pocket for caring small items such as your room key things to do.


  • Staying Editor gun is synonymous with relaxing.


  • The ends often boast beautiful guidance baths and other common areas for guests to enjoy.


  • The most popular practice editor gun is to indulge in a hot bath usually supplied by a hot spring.


  • Although most yoga and have a whole range of gender segregated indoor and outdoor bats, some offer mixed gender baths or private baths as well called Cascadia Bureau thes private baths, a made for families and couples who wish to bathe together and often require reservations before use at high end places.


  • Guests might also have a private spring bath in the guest room.


  • Bob's can be identified by the curtains that hang outside the changing room door.


  • Blue is usually used for the men's bath in red for the women's bath.


  • Minnie Duggan switched the gender off the baths at a certain time off the day so that guests can enjoy all the baths offered by the facility.

    Minnie Duggan在某個休息日的某個時間將性別關閉,以便客人可以享受該設施提供的所有浴池。

  • Here are a few etiquette rules on how to enjoy a bath at the bar.


  • You will need to towels a big one and a smaller one.


  • The small towel is used inside the bathing area.


  • The big one is left in the changing room and is used for drying your body completely.


  • Bots enjoyed naked, so make sure to leave Kolya clothes and large towel in the changing room.


  • Taking on lee your small body towel with you for washing, drying and enhancing privacy.


  • Wash a wrench yourself well with water before entering the bath, and be careful not to put your body tile in the water.


  • Finally, dry yourself with your body towel before returning to the changing room so that the floor does not get wit.


  • And there you can use your large towel to dry a body completely.


  • Another popular activity when staying in Erdogan is to enjoy the in Skagen and grounds while wearing yukata in old fashioned hot spring results.


  • It is pretty common to stroll around the streets in yukata and enjoy some additional bath houses.


  • Shopping are playing at old fashioned game arcades.


  • Very large neo con facilities often have cut all gay rooms, restaurants, bars and game rooms, which operate until late at night.


  • Meals one off.


  • The highlights of Erdogan's day is getting to enjoy traditional and local Japanese cuisine.


  • Meals are often chi security or multicourse Japanese cell or cuisine, which starts with an appetizer followed by several dishes prepared.


  • Using a variety of methods, including raw dishes, a soup ah boiled dish, a growth dish, deep fried dish esteemed addressed in vinegar dish and conclude with rice, miso soup and pickles.


  • Followed by does.


  • It didn't often starts at around six or 7 p.m. And it's served either in your room.


  • In a separate private dining room or in a communal dining area gets traditionally eat them you while wearing their you gotta.


  • Although regular clothing is acceptable, note that if you have any food restrictions, it is important to notify the establishment prior to your arrival so modifications can be made to the menu when it comes to breakfast.


  • Most neocons of Japanese style breakfast, consisting of rice miso soup in multiple dishes of local and seasonal specialties.


  • Some will offer a Western style option, and some large no gun may have a buffet style breakfast, which includes both Japanese in western dishes, Just like with dinner, it is totally acceptable to eat breakfast in your yukata or in regular clothing.


  • Check out.


  • Last but not least, is the check out, which usually is a 10:11 a.m. Although Minnie Duggan now accept major credit cards, small establishments may require you to pay the bill in cash once the bill is paid.


  • The staff, including the person who attended to you during your stay, will help you into your shoes and wave and bow goodbye as you leave the premises.


  • And there you have it all the nuts and bolts of how to stay in a Dokka.

    在這裡,你有它的所有螺母和螺栓 如何留在一個Dokka。

  • Thanks for watching.


  • Hopefully, this video has given you the confidence to try out one of these traditional inns during your stay in Japan.


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one of the best ways to experience traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality is to stay at Atocha or Japanese.


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