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You’re walking down the hall to your Chemistry class
when… you see him.
Immediately you feel like you’ve been shot in an elevator
and you’ve left your stomach 2 floors below.
“Stay calm.” You tell yourself
“Get your heartbeat under control.”
Maybe ask him if he wants to see a movie.
That’s not too painful, is it?
Alright, he’s almost approaching now.
Flash him in that cool confident unflustered smile you…
Okay. You just walked smacked dab into a locker door.
Hey love birds! Welcome to Wellcast!
Do you wanna ask someone out
but you’re afraid of accidentally injuring yourself instead?
That’s okay. This week, we’re gonna talk about
that stupid, awkward, awful,
awesome feeling of liking someone.
And we’re gonna make you do something about it.
We’re gonna give you 4 tips for asking him/her out on a date.
Are you ready?
What have you got to lose?
The hardest part of approaching someone you like is
the anticipation of it.
So, let’s cut right to the chase.
Step 1:
The first thing you’re gonna do before anything else
is set a deadline for yourself.
That’s right! A deadline gives you a built-in time to approach him
and start a conversation.
Step 2:
Have a specific plan in mind
before you approach him.
Pick something you know he’s interested in.
So, if he’s a fan of horror movies,
ask him to a new blockbuster.
If he’s a political one,
ask him if he wants to watch the debates.
The more specific the plan, the better.
Take out your Wellcast journal
and open it to a brand new page.
Write on the date that you have to approach this person
and what you will say to him when you do.
I’d have to ask him by Friday
if he wants to go to the new John Carpenter movie with me.
If you want, you could try to hold yourself to this by adding a penalty.
I have to ask him by Friday
or else I can’t go out this weekend.
Okay, you don’t want to be too hard on yourself of course
but any added incentive helps.
Step 3:
Here’s the hard part!
You’re going to have to bite the bullet and do it now!
Don’t do it over the phone or text or G chatter by carrier pigeon.
Do it in person.
I don’t know if I can handle this kind of rejection.
Okay. What If they laugh at me?
And then the whole school knows that I like him.
And I’m gonna have to move to Canada.
I don’t even like syrup!
Then check out our automatic spots video.
Approach him as confidently as you possibly can.
Pay attention to your own body language.
Don’t slump or look embarrassed.
Smile! Keep eye contact the entire time.
Also, call him by his name.
It’s a proven fact that that a person’s favorite word is their own name.
Also, keep in mind that a person’s reaction to being asked out
regardless of the response is almost always unabashed flattery.
Hey! Stick to the plan in your Wellcast journal.
Take a deep breath
and ask.
Step 4: Granted!
All of this depends on what he says.
So first of all, if he said yes,
Congratulations! Have fun on your date!
You should also open yourself up to the possibility of rejection.
It’s possible that he might say, “No”.
But take it gracefully.
Okay? And no answer isn’t even necessarily
a rejection could just mean not right now.
And either way,
be proud of the fact that you put yourself out there!
You’re gonna find that your worst part is the multitude of thoughts
running through your head right up until you ask this person
if they maybe wanna go out sometime?
Let’s recap.
You’ve decided to take the plunge
and see if someone you like wants to hang out.
First, you set yourself a deadline
and decide where you wanna go.
Have a specific date in mind one that’s tailored to his interests.
When you do approach him,
make sure you smile and make eye contact.
Take a deep breath and just do it.
Whatever he says, be calm and confident.
So how did your first date go?
Let us know! Tweet us!
Tweet us @watchWellCast
E-mail us at watchwellcast@gmail.com
or leave a comment down below.
We’ll see you next time!



簡單四步驟,讓你追愛大成功 How to Ask Your Crush on a Date

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