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  • (S&M) It's time for Wonderful Adventure Now Akita! (S) The onsen edition.


  • (W.A.N.K music)

    (W. A. N. K音樂)

  • (S) Ah, yes! Some of you might have felt a little twinge of nostalgia hearing that intro.


  • For the next 3 days, we'll be in northern Japan in the Akita prefecture.


  • We're gonna be taking in the fall leaves and doing some onsen hopping.


  • We're actually 550 kilometres from our home in Kichijoji but getting here was actually kinda easy!


  • (To the tune of Shakira's Hips Don't Lie) Akita Akita~


  • I should've had more coffee!


  • (S) You can get coffee on the train!


  • (S) Hey! Adventure!


  • (S) That's not adventure, it's supposed to be high-five! (M) Oh!

    (S)那不是冒險,應該是擊掌!(M) Oh!

  • (Train horn in the distance) Ruin my adventure!


  • (W.A.N.K music)

    (W. A. N. K音樂)

  • I don't know what your train toilets are like, but I enjoy this one. I think it's a very clean one.


  • An actual bidet! The train toilet is amazing!


  • I'm gonna... I'm gonna make sure it works, hold on. Give me... Give me 20 minutes.


  • We got 3 minutes, girl, we gotta go! (Martina, off camera) Oh my god

    我們有3分鐘,女孩,我們得走了!(瑪蒂娜,鏡頭外) 哦,我的上帝。

  • (S) Holy sh*t (M) Let's go

    (S) Holy sh*t (M) Let's go (M) 我們走。

  • (M) You know when you like the person in front of you but you don't know how to tell them so you just tease them?


  • (S) No, I don't want teasing! Just tell me, okay? I'll believe you.


  • (S) Thank you!


  • (M) Very easy to get here!


  • It felt really overwhelming at first because we've never done this before, but the local bus was easy to catch!


  • Ganiba was great because it was the last stop!


  • (M) There were between 7 to 15 different onsen to choose from. We went for one called Ganiba!

    (M) 有7到15個不同的溫泉可供選擇。我們選擇了一個叫 "Ganiba "的溫泉。

  • And the only way I could remember that was "Ganiba, Ganiba dun dun dun". I did this dance move because it's a... it's a crab

    而我能記住的唯一方法就是 "Ganiba,Ganiba dun dun dun"。我做這個舞蹈動作是因為它是... 它是一隻螃蟹

  • (M) This is a very rustic, typical ryokan. It's a Japanese-style hotel. (S) Yup!

    (男)這是一個非常樸素的,典型的旅館。這是一家日式旅館。(S) 是的!

  • (M) We ended up sleeping on the ground! They put together the futons for you!


  • (S) I'm excited to see what our bed looks like! If you could just open the door...


  • (S) Just...


  • (S) Can you just... open the door? (Laughing)

    (S) 你能不能... 打開門?(笑)

  • (M) It's cozyyyy! (S) Oh daaang!

    (男)很舒服!(S) Oh daaang!

  • (S) Nice! Nice and cozy!


  • (M) I took cold Japanese meals, so if you're not okay eating a lot of Japnese foods this could be tough for you.


  • Might wanna bring something with you.


  • (S) We wanted to live stream this but I don't think we can.


  • Look at this tremendous thing right here!


  • We have this beautiful nabe (Japanese hotpot) here... Some gorgeous mushrooms...

    我們這裡有美麗的鍋(日本火鍋)... ...還有一些漂亮的蘑菇...

  • (S) They have a whole aji (horse mackerel) with a stick of ginger


  • (M) Is it aji or ayu (sweetfish)? (S) Ayu! (M) Ayu, I'm pretty sure.

    (男)是阿吉還是阿尤(甜魚)?(S) Ayu!(男)阿尤,我很確定。

  • (S) Here we have some gorgeous crab!


  • Mmm... It's like macaroni and cheese, potatoes, and crab.

    嗯...這就像通心粉和奶酪, 洋芋,和螃蟹。

  • (S) Well, I'm enjoying my dinner. (M) Well, I'm enjoying you talking about food while I sit here suffering that I only had three(?)

    (S) 嗯,我很享受我的晚餐。(男)嗯,我很享受你在談論食物,而我坐在這裡忍受著我只吃了三(? )。

  • (S) We are the only people here eating. Everybody finished eating!


  • (M) When we checked in, they said we can choose when we're gonna eat dinner. At 6, 7, or 8 o'clock.

    (M) 我們入住時,他們說我們可以選擇什麼時候吃晚飯。在6,7,或8點鐘。

  • And we were like: we don't usually eat dinner that early, we'll go for 7 o'clock. And then we were starving!


  • But! The good news is that we were like: (singing a fancy song) (S) Yeah, we took our time!

    但是,好消息是,我們就像。(唱一首花哨的歌) (S)是啊,我們把我們的時間!

  • (M) And I picked up my fish and I was like: (Eating noises?) I picked up my rice (More eating noises)

    (M) 我拿起我的魚,我就像。(Eating noises?) 我拿起我的米飯 (More eating noises)

  • And I actually drank some soup and it was so hot that I physically spat it out into my bowl!


  • I was like (splat noise) (S) This is why I can't take you to nice places. (M) No one was around!


  • (M) Good job, Martina!

    (男) 幹得好,瑪蒂娜!

  • (Martina, off-camera) I'm literally! Gonna die! If I don't have any more food!

    (Martina, off-camera)我真的!會死!如果我沒有任何更多的食物!

  • (S) What am I gonna do with my life?


  • (M) Well (S) I'm so hungry!


  • (M) Here's my suggestion to Simon: he goes down to the front desk and he goes "Excuse me, do you have any gohan?"


  • And "gohan" has a double meaning! (Simon, with an accent) You have any gohans? (M) Because "gohan" means food but it also means, literally, rice.

    而且 "悟飯 "有雙重含義!(西門,帶口音)你有悟飯嗎?(男)因為 "gohan "的意思是食物,但它也意味著,從字面上看,米。

  • No matter what scenario, they look at him and go: "Gosh this guy is huge" and he goes: (sad sound effects)


  • Remember when I paid to see a dog earlier?


  • (S) Oh! What's that? Hello!

    (S) 哦,那是什麼?你好!

  • (S) Nice doggy! Oh! Oh, are you coming up? Hello!

    (S) 好狗狗!哦,哦,你要上來嗎?哈羅!

  • (S) Ohohohoho! Thank you!

    (S) Ohohoho!謝謝你!

  • (M) And they'll go: "Listen up gaijin (foreigner), we have food but shh shh, it's a secret!"


  • And then they'll give him extra rice or food! If it doesn't work, they'll say "Oh you've got those snacks in the corner!"


  • And then Simon will go: "Aha! Understood!" and he'll shuffle on over!


  • (S) So! We have another problem here. We have no food and we only have 5 TV channels and one of the TV channels is a FOOD channel!


  • (M) 2 channels. (S) 2 channels! This is another f*cking food show!

    (M)2個頻道。(S) 2個頻道!這又是一個該死的美食節目!

  • (M) And this one has been exclusively about saba, so... (S) So we have 2 shows...

    (M) 而這一次是專門關於Saba的,所以... ...(S) 所以我們有兩個節目...

  • What can we do? We can't eat and we can barely watch TV.


  • (M) This will list all the menu (S) This is our menu. What's room service?

    (M) 這將列出所有的菜單 (S) 這是我們的菜單。什麼是客房服務?

  • (M) Well, let's check room service. There's beer. (S) Beer, whiskey... (M) Shochu. I mean, various kinds of...

    (M) 好吧,讓我們檢查一下客房服務。有啤酒。(S) 啤酒,威士忌... ...(M) 燒酒。我是說,各種...

  • And here is Akita local stuff. So this is like, daiginjo sakes and then we can have, like, a sake flight of 3 or so.


  • Then this is two kinds of wine.


  • (S) So if we're hungry what do we do?


  • (M) That's it, actually.


  • (S) That's it!

    (S) 就是這樣!

  • (M) So

    (M) 所以

  • (S) No food for us!


  • (M) So beer it is!


  • I think they just want us to go to sleep!


  • (M) The onsens were divided up. You have the men's and women's onsens.

    (M) 執勤人員被分開了。你們有男子和女子的 onsens。

  • We also had and amazing onsen! (S) They had mixed gender onsens which were outdoors and absolutely gorgeous!


  • Where you could sit in the hot water and look at the leaves falling into the water.


  • Well that right there


  • Was an amazing experience.


  • It's so cold when you step outside, it was like 11 degrees, 12 degrees (51-53 F)


  • I stepped outside in my little robe and oh God, it's so cold! Samui!


  • And then I get into the water and now I'm just a furnace!


  • I'm dripping with sweat, doesn't feel cold (out here) anymore. Just fresh and crisp


  • This is an amazing, amazing experience!


  • And after going to an onsen, as you know, you need to have some milk!


  • I have a nice chocolate milk here!


  • Ooh! Coffee milk! That's not what I was expecting! Very happy!


  • (S) Milk!

    (S) 牛奶!

  • Now. To avoid any confusion or any complications, before we came here we called up the onsens if they were okay with tattoos.


  • And they all are! There were no issues. Not every onsen is like that.


  • We've called other areas of Japan that did have issues with our tattoos. But this area was totally cool with it!


  • (M) Yeah!


  • (Singing a tattoo song)


  • That's my tattoo song!


  • (S) That's a cool song.


  • Enough talking, let's go explore this! You ready? (M) Let's go for it ducky, you ready?


  • (S&M) Nanananananananana!

    (S&M) Nananananana!

  • (M) You forgot how to do it!


  • I think you're supposed to go right and I'm supposed to go left!


  • (S&M) Nanananananananana!

    (S&M) Nananananana!

  • (M) No! I mean, come back here. We're supposed to be in the middle and we go nanananananananana!

    (M) 不!我的意思是,回到這裡。我們應該是在中間 我們去nanananananananananana!

  • Okay, so... We got this little onsen pass. Multi pass!


  • And we can get on the onsens and we can go to different ones located in the mountains.


  • (S) Onsen hopping, what what!


  • So we are at Ganiba onsen. We're going right now to this one. (M) Which is the most famous one.


  • (S) Tsurunoyu hot springs. This one's very famous. Now we're going to do all the onsen hopping.


  • We're going to try to go to as many onsens as possible.


  • I read as a rule of thumb, you're only supposed to go to 3 onsens a day. We're gonna try to go to 7!


  • (M) I'm gonna try to go to 2. So... (S) Okay. (M) You go to your 7.

    (M)我想去2號房,所以... (S)好的。(M) 你去你的7號房。

  • (S) Once we go to each one we can use this as a little postcard!


  • (M) It's so pretty! (S) Right?


  • (M) Thank you!


  • We got our stamps!


  • (M) 'Kay. So, we are at arguably the most popular onsen in the Akita area. And I can understand why.

    (男) "好的。所以,我們現在是在秋田地區最受歡迎的溫泉。我也能理解為什麼。

  • (S) This is a scenic dream! Point your camera anywhere and you will have a beautiful picture.


  • Everywhere around you, it's stunning!


  • (M, in Korean) Women's and mixed gender


  • (M, in Korean) Mixed gender


  • (S) I've never... Ah sh*t! (Martina laughing)

    (S) 我從來沒有...Ah sh*t!(瑪蒂娜笑)

  • (M) All over your pants... (S) Noo!

    (M) 褲子上都是... ...(S) Noo!

  • (M) Got it! (S) Got it.


  • (S) Okay!

    (S) 好吧!

  • (M) All right (S) Beer time!

    (M)好的 (S)啤酒時間!

  • (M) Hey! Memory of a lifetime, Captain Beer-pants.


  • (S) Hey. Girl, thank you for going on this adventure with me.

    (S) Hey.女孩,謝謝你和我一起去冒險。

  • (M) Thanks for organizing it for me, ducky.


  • (S) This is wonderful. (M) Stop spilling my beer. (S) Oh f*ck! (M) It's opened didn't you know that?

    (S) 這真是太好了。(M) 別再灑我的啤酒了。(S) Oh f*ck! (M) It's opened didn't you know that?(男)它開了,你不知道嗎?

  • (S) Okay, fine, geez, just trying to have a moment here!


  • In that case, you're not gonna get any of my tsuruman(?) that I bought for us to snack on.


  • Trying to be a romantic and sh*t like "I love you, girl" and (gibberish) I'm gonna eat by myself!

    試圖成為一個浪漫的和sh*t像 "我愛你,女孩 "和(嘰嘰喳喳)我要去吃自己!

  • (M) Ducky, I gotta say this is hands down my favourite onsen I've ever been to.


  • Not just because it looks beautiful but because the actual water is so lovely.


  • I feel so nice right now.


  • So when you come in here, on the left is men and women's private.


  • Then there's the mixed gender one.


  • And then there's the men and women's changing room.


  • The women's side is totally private, so don't worry.


  • You go in there and you change, it's got an indoor hot spring, and outdoor one. It's gorgeous.


  • There was only one other lady there. She peeked over to the mixed gender side and she says:


  • "Do you wanna try together?"


  • And I was like: "Scary!" I'm too scared because as I was walking through the changing room there's men and I'm like there's (dog bark) so I didn't


  • I was feeling scared and shy!


  • Anyhow! So she said we're gonna open the door and people can definitely see.


  • So you take your little manner towel. Which, it's like a tiny one. And you just kinda cover your bits.


  • And as you enter, you kinda roll it up as you go. So, we did and she went first


  • Such a brave woman! And she inspired me to go too!


  • As soon as you're in the water no one can see anything. (S) Like two inches below the water it's completely murky.


  • (M) Then to get out, I showed everyone my butt cheeks... I did, I just did.

    (男)然後為了出去,我給大家看了我的屁股... ...我做了,我只是做了。

  • I came towards the little swim-away exit to the women's and picked up my towel and used it to cover my breasticles


  • I didn't know how to open the door (laughing) (S) Ahh! (M) And went like this! (S) Ahh!


  • Onsen tip! The hotel that you're going to be staying at will provide you with a towel for the onsen.