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  • Taiwan Coronavirus | 20 Rapid response Strategy to combat Covid 19

  • top ways that Taiwan is fighting the coronavirus just take a look at these

  • facts four percent of Taiwanese work in China 2,000 Chinese come every day to

  • Taiwan as tourists the corona virus outbreak happened there in Chinese New

  • Year and this is the busiest time Taiwan for traveling it's very similar to

  • Thanksgiving Taiwan was ranked the second highest risk in the entire world

  • for the corona virus yet Taiwan has the lowest incident rate in the entire world

  • and don't forget Taiwan is a democracy so here are 20 quick facts of things

  • that Taiwan did to keep its country safe from the corona virus

  • number 20 extremely proactive before the first case in Taiwan was ever documented

  • number 19 monitoring people from Wuhan this was back when there's only 27

  • people that were diagnosed with this disease

  • number 18 banning travel from Wuhan before any other country did and also

  • banning several other cities in China from flying to Taiwan number 17

  • temperature monitors in the airport and because of the SARS outbreak there

  • airport already had a ton of temperature gauges number 16 anyone coming from an

  • affected area had to have a 14 day quarantine and they would have it on

  • their cell phone with an app and if they violate it they would be huge fines and

  • this was even if they were feeling okay they had to do this home quarantine

  • number 15 huge fines if you didn't report anything

  • number 14 retesting those people even if they were negative number 13 greatly

  • increasing mass production and number 12 taking the military actually having the

  • Morgan factories to produce even more mass number 11 educating everybody about

  • hand-washing number 10 educating people that not

  • everybody shows symptoms number 9 letting people know it's not about your

  • race or ethnicity but it's about who you've contacted and that is what

  • determines if you would have corona virus or not number 8 every office

  • school and community center would check your temperature before you entered

  • number 7 having hand sanitizers everywhere

  • number 6 having health insurance that covers 99 percent of the citizens and if

  • you have to go into quarantine your food shelter and lodging is all

  • covered by the insurance so you don't have to worry about anything

  • number 5 Taiwan is a culture of wearing masks so that helps prevent corona virus

  • from spreading number for tracking the last 14 days of where a person had been

  • especially if they've been overseas and relaying that to the hospitals number 3

  • ration masks and saying a limit to how many you could buy number 2 the

  • communicable disease control act what this allows is in these rare

  • circumstances that can take a little bit more control and

  • that helps with producing more mass and doing the protocols that they needed to

  • to make sure that the country's safe number one just a collaboration of the

  • government the people and private businesses all working together to make

  • sure the country is safe so I went through that kind of fast but those were

  • 20 ways that Taiwan is doing things to prevent coronavirus from being a big

  • crisis in their country and I wish more of the world would use Taiwan as an

  • example they've already laid out what you need

  • to do they were the second highest country at risk and yet one of the

  • lowest rates in the entire world let's all be a little bit more like

  • Taiwan

Taiwan Coronavirus | 20 Rapid response Strategy to combat Covid 19


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臺灣冠狀病毒|20種臺灣對抗Covid 19的方法 (Taiwan Coronavirus | 20 Ways Taiwan Fighting Covid 19)

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