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- Hi, my name is Maggie Rawlins
and I'm gonna take you through my night time routine.
(soothing music)
My routine has changed a little bit
over the past few months.
I've spent the last three weeks in New York
working as a nurse.
I was a nurse before I started modeling
and so I thought that this was kind of the perfect time
for me to get back to New York and help out.
The city that has been so good to me
over the past few years.
So my skin kind of freaked out,
I guess wearing that mask for twelve hours a day,
every day and taking it off and lysoling it
and then wearing it again the next day.
Masking just did not handle it well
and already have combination skin as it is.
So I'm gonna kind of take you through what I've been doing
to get my skin back on track,
and to anyone who is there working
or has been working whether you're a doctor or a nurse,
respiratory therapists, whether you're,
serving meals in the cafeteria
or helping keep all of the rooms clean.
I'm just so appreciative and grateful for you.
So thank you.
Okay, so I'm fresh out of the shower.
And the first thing that I do and I know that this is bad,
but I go to bed with white hair every night.
And I know you're not supposed to
but I've been doing it since I was a little girl
and it's worked for me and I've been fine.
So I use this OI All In One Milk.
It's my favorite.
I'm actually almost out of it.
But I put this all in my hair.
I mean, I do not hold back
and it smells so good.
That is how I start, is with my hair
that keeps it nourished, it hydrates it
and it keeps it from getting super tangly.
The second thing that I do well,
I guess before, is I use this as a cleansing water
to take off any I makeup that I have.
Already done this, especially if I'm coming home
from a long day of work on set
and I have on heavy eye makeup.
This is a must have.
And then I will cleanse with Cetaphil.
This is also a favorite of mine.
I get the big bottle from CVS and refill these tiny ones
so that I can travel with them.
If I am working and I have a lot of makeup,
I'll double cleanse,
so I'll wash my face twice with Cetaphil
and that's what I've been doing recently
getting home from the hospital is, I wash my face twice,
just kind of know that you're sweating
and you're wearing tons of PPE and your face,
you just breathing all day in this mask,
so I'll double cleanse.
The next thing that I do is I use these toning pads.
They're by bare face and it's by Jordan Harper.
They are my favorite and they have kept my acne
from getting too out of control
and they've helped heal them.
They're just pads that are already, ready to go.
And you can kind of just dab on your skin
and it burns a little bit,
and they're not like soaped but
my face turns a little bit red when I use them
but I feel like that's how I know that they're working.
The next thing that I do is I use a vitamin C
and I think that if you use a vitamin C
you have to use SPF but I haven't been outside too much so
haven't had to worry about that.
This is the vitamin C I use, by Obagi.
I think that's how you say I'm not sure.
So I just do a few, actually,
drops of this
and just kind of put it all over.
So I try to pull this down to my neck a little bit too.
So after vitamin C, I use the Super Potent Serum by Dior.
This is it.
And I love it, I think it's really hydrating.
It's a little bit of a splurge.
But that's one of my go tos after my vitamin C.
And it's calming, especially after those toning pads.
After that serum, I let that dry for a second.
And then I'll put on a moisturizer,
kind of lock everything in,
that I wanted to share this with you.
It is a Peeling Solution by The Ordinary.
I've have already used it once this week.
I think you're supposed to use it only once a week.
So I'm not gonna put it on right now,
but I use this and it helps so much
with pores and new scars.
Okay, and the next thing I use is this moisturizer,
by Dr. Barbara Sturm.
So my skin breaks out easily.
And this has kind of been one of those moisturizers
that has not irritated my skin at all.
I mean I right now, if I think about getting on a plane,
I'm gonna break up.
If I'm studying and I'm stressed at school.
My face is gonna break
I don't have that like naturally normal skin.
I have to really work to keep my skin looking okay.
And then to end, I normally use,
this lip serum by Rodan + Fields
but I left most of my stuff in LA before all this happened.
So right now I'm using this it's called Bag Balm.
And I've used this not only on my lips,
but on my cuticles and then behind my ears as well
my skin behind my ears the first couple weeks
got really irritated.
And then last but not least I use the Nue Company.
They have this just,
really good smelling fragrance
and it's just calming and relaxing
and I like to spray that on before
I get settled in bed with a book.
And that is it.
Thank you so much for watching.
(soothing music)


A Nurse's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Maggie Rawlins | Harper's BAZAAR

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