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- I'm Gwyneth Paltrow and this is everything I eat in a day.
(rhythmic playful music)
First thing I do when I wake up is oil pulling
with coconut oil.
So I have raw organic coconut oil.
I put a spoonful in my mouth while I'm opening curtains
and everything, I'm sort of swishing it around.
It's an Ayurvedic way to remove bacteria from the mouth.
And them I usually have a large glass or two of water.
And then I sit down with my computer at the kitchen table
before the kids wake up.
And then I have coffee and some quiet time with my husband.
And we sort of catch up on email and news
and then I wake my kids up.
I'm not a big breakfast person.
I'll eat brunch sometimes late on a weekend.
But, after I take my kids to school,
I go straight to the gym.
And I always have a big thing of water at the gym,
and I put two of our Gloop Glows in there
for our Vitamin C and for skin.
And I'm obsessed with that stuff.
It's like my morning kind of orange juice.
After that, I go to the office and shower.
And then sometimes I will get a smoothie from somewhere.
So I try to have a smoothie that has some good fat
and some protein and some fiber.
So sometimes I'll have like a cacao
and almond butter smoothie with some spinach
and some protein powder.
My favorite supermarket called Erewhon is pretty close
to the office and they have amazing smoothies there.
So sometimes I'll have like a more green smoothie
or sometimes if I'm in a rush, I just eat these delicious
peanut butter protein bars which I can't remember the name
of them but you have to keep them in the refrigerator.
I eat them all the time.
I can't remember the name though.
If I'm hung over, which does happen occasionally,
although very occasionally at this point,
'cause A, I'm too old to not hold my liquor,
and B, I'm too old to have a hangover,
then I try to eat something like you know,
an egg sandwich or something that will sort
of help me through it.
You can always get an IV too,
that's a very good hangover drink.
I usually have lunch at about between 12 and 12:30
at the office.
So I'm usually eating for lunch stuff that you would see
on the Goop website like a salad with some protein.
Or sometimes they're testing something
really fun for detox.
You know, they're using jicama for taco shells.
You know, they'll do like a really clean version
of a turkey burger with some kind of great sauce
that's very healthy and wrapped in lettuce
or something like that.
Usually at about three or four, I'll hit the snack cupboard
at the Goop office.
Maybe I'll have some cashews or pretzels
or something like that.
But I usually need something salty and crunchy
in the afternoon and then I'll usually have a cup
of green tea with that and then that will hold me
through till dinner.
And then for dinner, you know, my kids love Asian food,
so we'll have some kind of Asian fish,
noodles on the side.
My daughter's vegetarian,
so we always have one kind of vegetarian entree.
You know, one pot dinners are great.
On the Goop website, we developed a bunch
of one pot dinners so those are really great
for weeknights as well.
I mean, let's see, what's my favorite one?
There's one that we've been doing a lot recently
which is like chicken in a dutch oven with lots
of winter vegetables underneath and potatoes.
Really easy kind of but super delicious.
We try to eat early.
It depends on the day.
Sometimes my daughter has something kind of later
and then my son has water polo from seven to 8:30.
So sometimes we're sitting down right at 6:15.
But I like to eat dinner on the early side.
I always feel like I don't sleep very well
if I go to sleep very full.
So I've gotten real geriatric about that
like six, 6:30 dinner time.
It feels good.
I've been trying not to drink so much on week nights
because it's such an easy habit to fall into.
It's like you've had a stressful day and it almost is more
about the ritual of it.
But sometimes work is tough and you just need one.
So I usually have a Gibson.
That's kind of my new thing which is like a vodka martini
but with the cocktail onions.
It's very my father.
Or, I'll have whiskey on the rocks
like a Japanese whiskey on the rocks usually.
So, basically I'm turning into an old Jewish man.
I've pretty much become more of an omnivore.
So there are just a few things that I won't eat.
I don't like dill.
I can't stand dill.
I don't like to eat baby mammals,
so I stay away from lamb and veal.
I don't eat octopus 'cause they're super smart.
One night I got on this, I went down this internet K hole
on octopus and how smart they are
so I had to stop eating them.
Hm, cheap meal, oh,
it's hard to name just one cheap meal.
I love french fries which is a well known fact.
French fries are sort of my favorite meal,
not that they're a meal.
They're technically a side,
but I guess I could eat them for a meal, and I would.
And I love, I do love pasta, I really do.
My favorite french fry in L.A. is at this grocery store
called, Santa Monica Seafood and they have
this little counter where you can go and just have oysters
and french fries or delicious salmon burger they have.
And you can have a nice dry glass of wine.
And they have my favorite french fries in L.A.
But it definitely smells like fish in there.
It's a fish market, so it's not for the fish sensitive.
My dad really got me into food.
He was an extreme foodie.
He loved food so much.
He had a pretty humble background.
And so when he grew up and became successful
and was able to go to restaurants and travel for food,
it was like to him the most extreme pleasure and luxury.
And he appreciated it so much and so I think he really
infused my brother and I with that incredible love
and appreciation for food and good ingredients
and the experience of eating with people you love.
And that's a day of eats for me.
Thanks for watching.
(quiet upbeat music)


Everything Gwyneth Paltrow Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

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