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- Boop, boop, boop.
The many sounds of New York,
the beautiful sounds of New York.
(energetic pop music)
- What's going on you beautiful humans?
Matthew Noszka here. I am in New York City
and today we are going to be visiting
some of some of my favorite restaurants.
First stop, Happy Bowls. Let's get it.
(funky music)
- Come on in!
(funky music continues)
- Um, could I please have my regular?
I'll do the beach, please.
- [Server] Okay.
- [Matthew Noszka] Can I do that with acai,
and then can you add strawberries and the
triple berry mix, then at the end can you just
put a little bit of Nutella on top?
There we go. I like it. You see the method?
(Matthew laughing)
- Enjoy your Happy Bowl.
- Thank you so much.
Oh wait, can't leave without the Nutella.
Thank you.
- No man.
(Matthew sighs)
- How do you like to enjoy your Happy Bowl?
Alone? I've definitely eaten three acai bowls in a day.
I can't say that that is healthy.
I know that acai is super rich in antioxidants and
like, cancer-fighting properties. I just really like it.
And it just happens to be healthy.
But I think in the mornings for me,
it's probably the best option,
just because it's not so heavy for starting your day.
Cheat days, I'm a big fan of french toast.
I love pancakes. I don't really have those too often.
Actually never really,
because you've gotta stay fit in this industry.
I used to be like, 'oh, I have to stay in shape,
I can't eat a lot of bread, I can't eat this,
I can't eat that' but now I'm more on a health kick
of like, what's good for me, nutritionally.
I've seen a lot of people lose their health
pretty quickly because of you know, the food in America.
So I kind of try and stay health conscious
about my meals that I'm going throughout the day.
Every now and again, I see The Rock have a big cheat meal
and he's like, eating this stack of pancakes
that's bigger than my head.
I mean it's like a whole bag of nis- bis- bis-
Bisquick? What is it? Bisquick? Bisquick.
Product placement.
(funky music)
Yes, I'm gonna do that. What is the new thing
that I just found out about? The ASMR?
[Woman Behind Camera] You just found out about that?
- I had no clue what it was.
I was filming my best days for Let It Snow,
and they told me that I was going to be doing
an ASMR segment. No clue what it was.
I looked it up on YouTube.
And I was watching these videos,
and it's pretty strange because for me,
I'm so aggravated be people who chew very loudly
and it's a big pet peeve of mine.
So when I found out that I was going to be
doing that to people, I felt bad at first.
I was like, 'no, there's no way.
I can't chew into a microphone and have people
listen to it' but I guess they like it.
So let's maybe I'll, maybe I'll give a bite.
- Aagh. It pains me to do this.
It really does, I'm sorry to anyone who listens
who has the same pet peeve as me.
(Matthew laughs)
- I just laughed and you could hear boogers in my nose.
So gross!
Okay guys, now that I've given you the low down
on these delicious and healthy Happy Bowls,
we're gonna go do a little more of an unhealthy spot,
and grab some pizza for lunch.
(funky music)
- So we are walking to my second favorite spot.
It's called Joe's Pizza.
Joe's Pizza is an iconic pizza restaurant from decades ago.
But I knew it from Spider-Man.
So we're gonna go check it out.
We're gonna have a slice and see what you think.
You know what I wanna say? One of these days,
hopefully this video will make it happen.
You see the wall over here?
There's a lot of cool people on there.
I gotta make the wall. One day.
How's it going, boss?
Could I please have two plain?
It's the good stuff.
(funky music)
Anybody gonna split these with me? Any takers?
I don't know if you like Parmesan cheese, but I do.
As you can see. First bite before it gets cold.
Oh my gosh. So bomb.
All right, so you guys asked me if this is
the best pizza in New York.
I think that's all relative. I personally love it.
I think it's the most go-to pizza.
Like, in a New York minute you're in, you're out.
You got your good slice and you're on the go.
You want a bite? No?
Mmmmmm. This is behind the scenes, this is the good stuff.
Why don't you get some beauty shots?
Oh yeah. There we go.
(cameraman laughing)
- Make that pizza look.
That was a sexy shot.
(all laughing)
(funky music)
- [Matthew Noszka] Okay guys,
we've been back to back to back now,
and our last but not least favorite spot,
is mine not ours!
Last but not least,
we have my favorite restaurant in the city.
I'm gonna regroup.
I'm gonna regroup under here. I'm gonna come back.
Okay guys, so we've been running around the city
all day today checking out my favorite spots.
The last but not least is Covina.
They have some of the most incredible food.
Let's go check it out.
Oh hey. Didn't see you there.
Covina is a spot that I've been coming to
ever since I've like, pretty much first came to New York.
A friend of mine named Luke introduced me to it.
There's this spicy honey pizza and it's
one of the best things I've ever had in my entire life.
I've been to Italy and I've had pizza over there
and it's incredible but this place comes pretty close.
I can't say enough good things, so let's get to the food.
What's up man?
[Server] Welcome.
- Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I usually know exactly what I'm gonna get
every time I come here.
The spicy honey is the number one.
The truffle fries, number two.
And then this kale and pear, uh kale and pear salad.
It is outta this world.
I try to stay away from meat. It's difficult for sure.
I don't eat red meat. I don't have steaks,
I don't really eat burgers. Chicken I still dabble in.
I wanna go vegan, I will eventually, mark my words.
It might not be today. Will definitely not be today.
But it will be soon. I'm gonna start with
the kale and pear salad,
and then I'll do the rigatoni, no fennel.
And then the truffle fries.
Can I have the truffle fries cooked well-done?
- Well-done?
- Yeah.
And then you know what? For the gang,
let's throw in a spicy honey.
- Spicy honey?
- Yeah. That's the number one.
A little bit well-done on that as well. Yeah.
Cool. Thanks, man.
If you guys also want to know something about me,
I am probably the pickiest eater that you will ever meet.
I grew up with my mom's cooking and
if I didn't like something,
she would just make me something else.
She was the sweetest human being.
But now, I've gotten a little better.
I do eat tomatoes, which I hated for the longest time.
Onions are an absolute no, but I like onion soup.
It's weird right? French onion soup,
I'll like drink the broth, but I cannot eat an onion.
Like a raw onion or red onions, green onions,
the little chives that they put on things.
Horrible. If you order a pizza and it has
oregano or basil, I won't eat it,
because it's way too strong and overbearing.
This is just for, you know, anyone that may cook for me.
Sometime. Or take me me on a date. Just kidding.
(soft music)
Here we go. Here we go. We'll start healthy.
And just work our way up.
(soft music continues)
I think it's really lighting it up for ya.
- Maybe if you push it that way a little bit,
yeah just, there we go.
Get that flare in there. That lens flare.
- Does it give you a flare?
- No not at all. (laughs)
- Actually, I'm gonna say a quick prayer before my meal.
(Matthew silently praying)
All right, now we're ready to dig in.
So I'm not usually a vegetable guy,
I like salads that have fruit in them.
It's more light and citrusy for me.
But this, this kale and pear salad.
(chewing softly)
My favorite.
I don't know if you guys have ever had
truffle fries before.
The aroma that comes from them is outta this world.
These are some of the best,
if not the best truffle fries in the city.
You guys want one? Want a fry?
- Rigatoni with no fennel.
- Ohhh. Wow.
Okay, all of this needs to be shared.
Because I can't eat all this and we don't waste food.
(chewing softly)
Mmm. Wow. This is delicious.
We went through a lot of my favorite spots.
Most of them are not ideal for staying in shape.
Well, there's two ways you can look at this.
You can work out, and have a lot of cheat days
but you really have to work out.
But I feel like if you find a very
healthy balance between the two,
you can do your most desired foods in moderation.
And if you still wanna eat your foods,
like your pastas and your pizzas and things,
just do it in moderation. If you're gonna get a piece,
just get one slice. Don't eat six, or a whole pizza.
Which I've done. It's not fun.
This one I didn't get for myself
because I've already eaten so much today.
This is for the crew. You guys are going to love it.
I had this last night, so I'm pretty good on it.
Well guys, there you have it.
My three favorite spots in New York.
There's so many more. I'm gonna continue eating this.
I wanna thank you for joining me today.
And I really hope that you take my recommendations
and try these spots out.
See you later.
(soft lounge music)


Everything Model and Actor Matthew Noszka Eats in a Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

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