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- So, yes, there has been times
where I have fallen asleep with my makeup on
and woken up to the craziest looking pillow.
That's usually after a night of, like, champagne.
(gentle music)
So I have sensitive, dry skin.
Whenever I'm in the airplane my skin gets super dry.
Whenever I try new products I break out in a rash,
so I'm just gonna give you guys that routine today.
So I'm just gonna push my hair back first.
All right, there we go.
So the first step I'm gonna do is
I'm gonna go ahead and take my makeup off
with the Dermalogica PreCleanse,
this is their oil cleanser that they have.
Everything I have pretty much is travel size
because I am traveling right now.
Oh, I'm already forgetting steps.
Gotta take my lashes off first.
I know you're not supposed to rip off your lashes,
but I have nonexistent lashes anyways,
so, it is what it is.
I tried different oil cleansers,
but this one's just, kind of, bey.
It's just been around for a while so I use it.
So yes, there has been times
where I have fallen asleep with my makeup on
and woken up to the craziest looking pillow.
That's usually after a night of, like,
So next I'm going into the Kiehl's
Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash.
This product is for normal to oily skin types
but I like it because it really doesn't dry you out
and also it gives you a really nice, deep clean.
If you're looking for a drug store
or affordable version of that
the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser is pretty good
and it's also affordable.
So I started double cleansing
when I started wearing makeup
and I realized that the oil cleanser
wasn't getting my makeup off good enough.
Like, it'll get that first layer of stuff off your face,
but then you'll still have some stuff
left all over your face
so then I go in with an actual cleanser,
that's just kind of like my thing now,
I don't like to just do an oil cleanser
or I don't just like to do a soap cleanser.
And I do try to practice the one-minute rule.
It is time consuming, not time consuming,
but sometimes it's annoying when you're tired
and you just wanna go to bed, so.
Sometimes it's 30 seconds.
After this step I usually go into the
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant
and this is supposed to be really good for,
like, antioxidants and also resurfacing your skin,
but I've been using it pretty much every day this week
so I'm gonna give it a break.
But I'm gonna go into the
Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.
And I've been on this journey
of trying to balance out my face and my chest
so my face is a few shades darker than the rest of my body
so I've been on this journey
of doing healthy peels for my skin
and this is one of those products.
It's a nice, light, healthy peel.
And also stuff that's not really gonna irritate my skin.
So I used to not be into masking at all,
I used to be like, what's the point of it?
Masking and eye cream used to be,
like, what's the point of it?
Because I've always had pretty decent skin.
But as I started wearing more makeup
I realized that masking is super important.
So this mask right now that I'm wearing
and then eye cream, but I've only noticed a big difference
with two eye creams.
So I'll show you guys those at the end,
like, when we get to eye creams.
But yeah, I'm supposed to have this on for five minutes,
so we're just gonna let this cook for another five minutes
and then we're gonna take it off.
Usually at this point in time I'm watching YouTube
so I'll either have, like, a candle going
or I'll have my phone there
and I'll be watching YouTube
or catching up on, like, 911,
or I love HeyParis
and then a lot of commentary,
like social commentary, on YouTube.
So I've been watching Chrissie and Paris Milan
and yeah, that's what I've been up to on YouTube.
So I'm gonna go ahead and take this off now
with this towel
and I'm gonna get it a little bit warm.
So we're just gonna get some hot water on it
and then I'm just gonna wipe this off.
So on my chest I have
a bunch of little tiny scars from, like,
and I'm also a picker,
so that doesn't help my case at all.
But I have a lot of scaring on my chest
and I've actually been trying to fix that as well.
That's a new, a whole new journey that I'm going on
right now.
But, yeah, I've noticed that with scaring
the peels have actually been helping it.
So, like, me using the peels regularly has helped.
So next I'm go into a toner.
I'm gonna use the Fresh Deep Hydration Facial Toner.
I'm using this because
I know I'm gonna be using a peel after this
and also I've been going a little bit more,
not invasive, with the toners that I've been using recently,
but I have used more aggressive toners in the past
and they just don't work for my skin type.
So when I'm trying to find
products that work for my skin type
I definitely don't rely too heavily
on other people's recommendations,
only because I have to actually see the actual proof
and see the change in my skin.
The product actually has to work
for me to see a difference.
So next I'm using the
Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Essence.
This is just a bougie product that you don't need,
but if you have, go ahead and enjoy it.
So in between products
I definitely like to dry my face in between them.
I don't know, I just have this weird feeling
that I can't just throw a wet product
on top of wet product on top of wet product.
I have to actually let it sink in,
it has to skink in first so I dry my face in between.
So yeah, here's my Patrick Ta fan.
Bougier it gets.
So I started playing with makeup when I was 21,
I was a late bloomer to the makeup game.
And as soon as I started playing with it,
first product I tried was a brow product
and as you guys can tell, my brows are nonexistent
so I was able to literally reframe my entire face,
'cause that's how brows work, they frame your face.
And ever since then, it was just like, love at first sight.
So that's how I fell in love with makeup.
And then as I started
experimenting with complexion products
I noticed that there was a gap in the industry
and there weren't products for me,
for my complexion, really,
and that's how I got onto YouTube.
After years of trying to find
products that were for my skin,
that were supposed to work for my skin tone,
and not really finding them.
So that's how that started.
And three years later here we are,
changing the industry one video at a time.
This is the Murad Replenishing Multi-acid Peel.
That's what I was talking about with hydration.
It's still a peel that's gonna peel,
like, gonna give you that nice, fresh layer of skin,
but it's also replenishing, it has oil in there
so it doesn't dry your skin out.
Like, if I was using any other peel right now
my skin would look crazy.
Not any other, but any other peels
that doesn't have a hydrating component to it.
So next I'm going into
the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.
I have been in love with this line
for so long, it just does what it needs to do.
Like, it really just does.
As far as hydration, all the hyaluronic acid
and then they just came out with a new component, too.
Not component, but new edition.
And that one has 15 times the amount of hyaluronic acid.
So then next we're going into another
skin rejuvenating product.
This is the Peter Thomas Roth 3% Retinoid Plus
high potency retinoid serum.
These names, they're so long.
You don't really think about it
until you're actually trying to name them.
This serum, though,
is bomb.
It's truly, it truly has transformed my skin.
My skin is so dehydrated that it cracks
and so I have to actively make sure
I am rejuvenating my skin.
And since, like, I'll always making sure
I'm getting that dry layer of skin off
and this definitely helps with that.
I'm gonna go ahead and go on eye cream.
This is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Eye Supercharged Complex.
I am literally almost out of this
and this is my third one.
So she's definitely a good one.
Hmm, let's just go on with this
and I'll probably skip moisturizer today.
I just went in with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Intense Reset Concentrate.
And I'm just gonna use that as my moisturizer today.
There is a really good one, though,
that I normally would use
which is the Fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Cream.
This is the most expensive product
that I use on a regular basis.
But that's because that's how good it is.
You know, at the end of the night
when you're trying to,
you're supposed to go through your serums
and your moisturizer
and then seal it all off with a oil,
that's that product in one.
It's your moisturizer and your oil sealing in one,
but it's not too heavy on the oil side so it feels greasy
and it's not too light on the moisturizing side
so it doesn't feel like it's hydrating enough.
It's literally the perfect cap.
And then I'm going to go in with the
Fresh Vitamin Nectar.
This is the Antioxidant Glow Water.
Another bougie product you don't need,
but I have so I'm gonna use it.
It's just really nice, it feels really good on the skin.
It's like that last,
it just feels so good,
the perfect last step.
So next I'm going into a lip serum
and definitely buy into the lip serums,
they definitely are needed and they serve a purpose.
This is the Naturally Serious
3-in-1 Lip Service Lip Serum.
And actually, I've been recently
taking my entire skincare routine onto my lips,
like using my peel on my lips
and all of my serums on my lips.
And I've kinda actually been into that
and it's kinda been a vibe.
We're just gonna seal that off
with the Kiehl's Butter Lip Mask.
This, if you don't try anything from this,
try this, you'll see how good it is
and then you're gonna wanna try the rest of the stuff.
Because this is just like,
you will see the difference the next morning in your lips.
Like, it's almost instant.
The YouTube community has changed in a sense,
where people, their capacity to be entertained
requires a lot more
as far as like, it's always,
everyone's doing the next thing,
the next thing, the next thing.
What's gonna get people's attention?
What's gonna be the next viral move
or the next viral video?
And I think that has changed a lot,
especially since when I started.
But as far as my relationship with YouTube,
I think it's amazing.
I think the fact that I've been able to do
what I've been able to do on this platform
and not only, you know, create an outlet
for myself to feel free,
but to also create change in it as well
is just an amazing thing.
And so, YouTube is here,
I mean it's here to stay regardless,
but yeah, I'm definitely a fan of the YouTube Live.
Alrighty guys,
so that is pretty much it for my skincare routine.
I'm about to head off to bed and put on my fuzzy slippers.
Maybe I'll give you guys a chance to see them,
they're pretty ugly, but they're bomb.
But anyways, thank you guys so much for watching
and a good night.
(light music)


@Nyma Tang's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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