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Hey, guys came down here.
Welcome back to my channel.
In today's video, we are going back to Japanese skin care, and we are going to be talking about Japanese facemasks.
So, as you guys already know on my YouTube channel, I do a lot off Japanese and Korean skincare.
Recommendations on our comment I usually get is that a lot of the stuff I show sometimes is a little bit pricey, which is totally understandable because when I get Japanese or Korean skincare, I usually buy them in Korea and Japan themselves.
So it's a lot cheaper than buying online.
But for those who have to buy the items online and don't have a choice, then I got you.
So in today's video, I'm going to be showing you guys the top five Japanese face masks and these are all really affordable.
Just before I saw this video.
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So you got to say lots of Japan videos coming up.
Let's start the video.
First mask is the cost clear.
Turn harder for Could are moisture mask.
The cost clear turned mass has been the number one selling mask in Japan for 11 years.
So you know, it must be good.
This huge pack off 50 masks only cost me $10.
So about 20 cents per mask, which is such a good deal.
Now in Japan, you can buy these masks in smaller packets, but I personally prefer to buy them in these large ones because it's better value.
I just like having this next to my computer or next to my bed.
So whenever I feel like putting on a face mask, I could just grab one out of here and put it on.
Pause it with these face masks.
You are left with less rubbish as well.
Because these masks are not individually packed.
They are all literally just inside here.
So I'm gonna open this up now to show you guys okay, so, typically with these huge facemask packets, when you open it up, you will see a bunch of face masks inside that praise site.
Or so I just bought some moisture.
Help to be careful about that.
Here is a face mask and guys, it is so moisturizing.
As soon as I pulled this out of the packet, I could see it dripping with moisture.
So let me show you guys how much is actually in hell from one mosque.
It has six different roles, so it can be a toner, Sarah moisturizer, cream pack and an eye mask at the same time.
So it's a great overall face mask that has a little bit off everything in it.
This mask has intensive eye and mouth care, where it reduces fire lines and records around those areas, as they are most likely the first areas where wrinkles will start to appear.
Since I am getting older, I am worried a lot more anti aging skincare.
Never those curious about my age.
I'm 28.
This mask moisturizers while plumping and firming your skin.
It contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to moisturizing properties.
The mask is mildly acidic, but it's free from fragrances.
Colors and minerals are actually the mask on for about 10 minutes and then brought the excess onto your skin.
Next we have the submarine, a mess in my shaped mask.
I got this face mask shaped set from Japan for $13.
There are 32 sheet masks inside, so it was about 41 cents each.
This street must has recently become really popular because it's a great mask to use, especially if you are in a rush in the morning.
This mask is like an all in one as acts like a face wash, skin care on our prima's.
Well, this is great to live right next to your bed.
So what do you first wake up, put on the mask for only 60 seconds, take it off, and then you're good to put on your makeup with a day.
To be honest, this mask smells like Vicks.
You know nothing that you shove up your nose when you have a blocked nose.
Yes, not up there.
But it does have a Citrus fruit tea set to it as well, which is quite pleasant.
Now I know it's supposed to have a face wash elements inside the mosque, but I feel really gross if I don't wash my face in the morning.
So I would rather just watch my face first put on the mask A lie down for a little bit longer and then be on my way when you put the musk on.
To be honest, it does sting a bit.
It doesn't hurt, but the mask is quite strong.
So whenever I put the mosque on, I feel like my eyes just wants to close.
Because of that, it does feel very nice when you're lying in bed and had this mascot because it really helps you wake up, especially if you are not a morning person like may, My face feels really good Afterwards it feels refreshed and moisturized.
Now, after the mask is taken off, I feel like you're face doesn't feel quite sticky because it also acts like a make up primer.
I think this mask is great to use on the go, especially if you are one of those people that want sleep a little bit longer.
Like me.
Well, if you are traveling and don't want to bring too much skin care with you is very convenient to use as you only wear for about 60 seconds.
I do love this mask, but I don't use it every day because I do feel like it is quite strong.
I only used on days where I'm in a rush.
We had the Casa Costume Airport, Clear turned black mask.
This mask is one of my all time favorites.
It was about $5 for five mosques, so about a dollar.
Each night his mosque comes in different types.
This one particularly targets.
Visible pores and dry skin.
No way.
Black mask is made on Jack Mason Medical herb extracts.
It has a slight sense off herbs, which is pleasant.
This mosque has so much more story Nuts when you pull it out is just literally dripping.
It has penetrating beauty serum that is packed with moisture on the mask tightens your skin around your cause, which nourishes your skin.
Their product is made from fermented soy milk extract, glycerin and root extracts.
Just keep the Moscow on for about 10 to 15 minutes and watch a dump.
Remove it and then use excess on the mask.
Just wipe around your face and neck likes we have the clear turn white vitamin C essence mask.
I've actually been using this mask for about five years.
I remembered when I first started getting into Japanese skin care I was a poor university student, so I couldn't afford to buy too much skin care.
I would buy these border time in Japan because for one of these it was about $8 for 30 shape masks.
That's about 27 cents each.
Particular one I have is formulated to be highly concentrated with vitamin C.
It contains hyaluronic acid serum, which penetrates your skin to repair any dry areas off your face.
The mask is free from fragrances, colors, mineral whoa and alcohol, so it's very gentle.
However, I do find that because of the packaging, the face musk does tend to dry out quicker than the previous facemasks.
Actually, you guys time the masks do dry out as the more you open it, the more air gets in and it doesn't feel as tight as the other mosques.
But nevertheless, for $8 is such a bargain because it's so cheap, you can use a face mask every day without worrying that you'll be breaking your wallet.
The mask is sort with a decent amount of product now, because there isn't too much product on this mask.
You should only leave it on for about five minutes reason being is because if you leave the mask on for too long, the mask will start drying up and we'll start sucking the moisture from your face, which is opposite off what you want.
Now I find out this mosque doesn't have as much moisture as the other ones.
Because of that, I like leaving this mosque right next to my computer because whenever I feel like I need a face mask, I can pull it out.
And because it's not too much moisture in A it doesn't start dripping, so I could just put on my Facebook five minutes.
Take it off, put it in the bin, and I'm good to go.
The other face masks when you pull it out.
Just stop stripping with Moshe, which is very good.
But I used those more when I'm about to go to bed so I don't have the worry about, you know, stuff dripping onto my legs when I'm on the computer actually have the Lumen Bella's Moisture Masque.
This mask is one of the most popular in Japan.
It was $15 for 36 masks, so about 41 cents each lattice mask comes in different virgins I got the regular version, which is the pink one.
You can find these mosques in any Japanese drug store.
Even convenience still was variety stores.
I also have a bunch off these smaller versions as well, because these are great to travel with.
This'll Mosque increases your skin's ability to retain moisture and enhances absorption off serums that contains a fee.
Important ingredients such as high Andranik asset, which is great for moisturizing your skin.
Also soybean extract, which gently says trouble.
So overall, your skin is meant to look really bright.
Are you using this mask?
If you have a small face, this musk is perfect because it's one of the only masks that actually fit my face nicely.
Lead this must arm for about 5 to 10 minutes and then remove it.
Now these face masks this big one here, I'll actually this around the house when it's convenient for me to grab whenever I feel like putting on a face mask.
This one here is great for traveling, and there is so much moisture retained in this packet.
But if you're looking for something that's more convenient to leave around the house, I would recommend this one because it also is better values will last Facemask is a you 10 a premium parecen golden jelly mask.
This is one of the most popular Japanese face masks.
And for good reason.
If you won't pass any drug store in Japan, you'll say to sitting right at the front.
I always stock up on the space mask because it's one of the best ones I have ever used it.
This, however more pricier than the other face masks.
I showed you guys so I don't use it too much.
But honestly, the price isn't really that bad.
I got this set for about $4.
In Japan, there are three mosques inside, so it is around $1.50 per mask.
The mosque contains 33 grams off golden jelly collagen serum.
It has double college, and so it works really well for dry skin.
As soon as you open up the package.
Bam, you say.
The jelly colleges already said they are very generous with this product.
The mosque provides moisture for the skin, and it also balances out your skin's oils.
The journey Essence has a kinds off amino acids, and Serra Mayes, which gives nutrition and extra moisture, which really helps your skin state glowy and healthy.
The mask is sucked in so much product that is just sort of amazing.
There's a lot of products left inside the package, so don't put it to waste.
I like supply of excess on my chin on my neck.
Lead the mask on for about 20 minutes, then remover, as you can see, even after having a mask for 20 minutes.
There is still so much products left on my massage product onto my face and seriously, after using this mosque in my face, feels so high drain and bouncy and healthy.
That's the end of this video hope you guys enjoyed and found it helpful.
If you guys have any more request videos like this and please let me know in the comment box down below what you want to say so I can plan.
After those videos.
I'm also going back to Japan again.
So if you guys want me to pick up any products to review, let me know in the comment box down below as well, and I would check them out.
Please sound off this video if you found helpful and enjoyable.
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Thank you so much.
Fastball watching.
I love you all.
See you next time.



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