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  • hey everybody two for Tuesday welcome let's jump right in our words today are


  • course which is a route or a flow of class and course meaning rough we can


  • also use the word course to describe a personality that's being not that fun and a

    也用 "當然 "這個詞來形容一個被不是那麼好玩的個性和一個。

  • little miserable so these words are spelled with lots of letters this leads


  • to confusion but this is actually a super easy lesson we're going to


  • pronounce this word with k or s to say this word correctly start with the K


  • sound tip of your tongue will be low in your mouth back of your tongue will be

    舌尖在嘴裡會很低 舌背在嘴裡會很低。

  • pulled up for the sound next move to the or and do this by puckering and then


  • pulling your lips back into a square when your lips will be tense and this


  • will help you use the correct er sound to finish that vowel for the er you


  • know the drill tip in your tongue can be down or rolled back just do not touch


  • your teeth or or or and then end with an S sss and to do this your tip of your tongue


  • is going to be behind your top front teeth can also be pointing down it's


  • just not touching the teeth and you're going to allow the air to move out of


  • your mouth let's give it a try course course course the coarse professor made

    你的嘴,讓我們來試試 當然 當然 當然 粗俗的教授做的

  • the course unenjoyable give it a try I know people are going to notice the

    課程不愉快的給它一個嘗試 我知道人們會注意到的。

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  • and iTunes and visit us at tarle speech comm thank you all so much i'll see you

    和iTunes,並訪問我們在塔勒演講通訊 謝謝大家這麼多,我會看到你的

  • next week


hey everybody two for Tuesday welcome let's jump right in our words today are


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