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  • in today's video we're going to be taking you on a food tour of el bolson

    在今天的視頻中,我們將成為 帶您進行埃爾·博爾森美食之旅

  • a charming mountain town in Patagonia Argentina this place is a nature lovers

    巴塔哥尼亞一個迷人的山區小鎮 阿根廷這個地方是自然愛好者

  • playground with crystalline rivers hidden waterfalls and forest trails to

    結晶河的遊樂場 隱藏的瀑布和森林步道

  • explore so chances are you'll have some very active days and then find yourself

    探索,這樣你就有機會 非常活躍的日子,然後找到自己

  • back in town with a big appetite at least that's what happened to us

    回到城裡,胃口大開 至少那是我們發生的事情

  • super juicing such a really tender cut of meat when we weren't hiking we were

    超級榨汁真切切 我們不遠足時吃的肉是

  • getting to know the town's many restaurants breweries and ice-cream

    認識小鎮上的許多人 餐館啤酒廠和冰淇淋

  • shops so today we're going to introduce you to some of the dishes we enjoyed

    商店,所以今天我們要介紹 您來品嚐我們喜歡的一些菜

  • like suprema de pollo parrilla probably the right empanadas egg pizza cakes pies

    像suprema de pollo parrilla一樣 正確的肉餡捲餅雞蛋比薩餅餡餅

  • raspberry beer and even Sam's beloved joints to the lychee ice cream just let

    覆盆子啤酒,甚至是Sam的摯愛 荔枝冰淇淋的關節只是讓

  • it roll around on your tongue now let's kick off this food tour around El Bolson

    它在你的舌頭上滾動,現在讓我們 開始這個圍繞El Bolson的美食之旅

  • son argentinas like there's nothing we've ordered here that hasn't been

    兒子阿根廷人喜歡什麼都沒有 我們已經在這裡訂購了

  • outstanding to surviving the hike survive the hike oh my gosh I've never

    在徒步旅行中表現出色 倖免於難,哦,天哪,我從來沒有

  • been so excited not just to be sitting down but to be having food Theresa is

    感到非常興奮,而不僅僅是坐下 下來但要吃食物特蕾莎是

  • gonna be like the best of all time look how hungry I am anyways we we

    會成為有史以來最好的 看看我到底有多餓我們

  • ordered some starters so we have some empanadas Freitas with carne which means

    點了一些開胃菜,所以我們有一些 肉餡的弗雷塔斯肉餡餅,這意味著

  • meat so there meat empanadas bread baskets I've eaten half the basket one

    肉所以有肉餡麵包 我已經吃了一半的籃子

  • and then over here it looks like we have us a special kind of dip salsa looks

    然後在這裡看起來像我們有 我們有一種特別的蘸醬

  • like there's beetroot also one of my favorite wine brands energy

    就像有甜菜根一樣,我也是 最喜歡的葡萄酒品牌能量

  • it is from the bodega of it's called the Finkel last Morris and this is a blend

    它來自酒窖,被稱為 Finkel最後的莫里斯,這是一個混合

  • the triple blend we've tried them all back this is a triple blend cab saw of

    我們已經嘗試了所有的三重混合 後面是

  • Malbec and Petit Verdot yeah it's fantastic already today all right

    Malbec和Petit Verdot是的 今天已經很棒了

  • and how about we try those empanada


  • yeah-ha-ha and crispy on the outside extremely juicy in the middle solids

    是的,哈哈,外面酥脆 中固體非常多汁

  • here all right ah do you look at you guys complete complete I should mention

    這裡好啊,你看著你嗎 伙計們完整完整的,我應該提

  • that this time around we got the buttery done one person and it is still I know

    這次我們得到了黃油 做一個人,現在我仍然知道

  • look at that beauty this is how much is left and you've already been munching

    看那個美女這是多少 離開,你已經在咀嚼

  • away on munching away I also have a guest of honor who's appeared at my side

    慢慢地我也有一個 出現在我身邊的貴賓

  • any moment on demand at any moment


  • either well-fed poppers I need a well-mannered puppet no matter

    要么吃飽的poppers 無論如何我都需要一個有禮貌的人偶

  • what do you got on your plate here we got it juicy so this crime that's called

    你在這裡得到什麼 多汁,所以這種犯罪被稱為

  • the CEO yeah it's one of my favorites and they're buried itself I think it

    首席執行官,是我的最愛之一 他們埋葬了我自己認為

  • brings like 6 or duck or six or seven different cuts including like tradition

    帶來像6或鴨或六或七 包括傳統在內的不同削減

  • there's lamb there's you can start with URIs oh oh I've already had a bite of a

    有羊肉,你可以開始 URI哦,哦,我已經咬了一口

  • seal when you weren't looking my friend yeah the chorizo is really good as a

    當你不找我朋友的時候密封 是的,香腸真的很好

  • sign we once again order the pumpkin mash amazing it's just really creamy and

    簽名,我們再次訂購南瓜 糊狀驚人,它只是真的奶油和

  • sweet yeah if you're coming to this restaurant in particular we highly

    是的,如果你要來這個 特別是我們高度評價的餐廳

  • recommend it just go so nicely with the meat it's a really nice heart you can

    推薦它與 肉,這是一個非常好的心臟

  • get just pumpkin potato or a combination of the two yeah we like our pumpkin so

    只拿南瓜土豆或組合 是的,我們兩個喜歡南瓜

  • we have who ever experimented with anything else

    我們有 曾經嘗試過其他任何東西的人

  • oh yeah it's a wonderful meal yeah I'm just shocked by the meat portions in

    哦,是的一頓美餐,是的,我是 剛被裡面的肉塊震驚

  • Argentina like I can't believe that one person would be able to eat well we've

    像我這樣的阿根廷簡直不敢相信 一個人就能吃得好,我們已經

  • learned our lesson because we used to order the portion for two becoming

    吸取了教訓,因為我們曾經 訂購兩人份

  • homeless stuff you can't eat that much meat

    無家可歸的東西,你不能吃那麼多 肉

  • I could probably like I mean I could take care of this but it'd be a very the

    我可能想我的意思是我可以 照顧這個,但這將是一個非常

  • rest of today would be very inactive yeah basically you basically need like

    今天剩下的時間將非常不活躍 是的,基本上你基本上需要像

  • three hours yesterday all that yeah all that food and wine okay so you have

    昨天三個小時所有的所有 那食物和酒還好,所以你有

  • selected three different cuts of meat tell us so excited so over here we have

    選擇了三種不同的肉塊 告訴我們很興奮,所以在這裡

  • the side of the theatre which is basically the ribs but Cordero which is

    劇院一側 基本上是肋骨,但科爾德羅是

  • the Patagonian lamb yeah forget the cut of this one what someone call the game

    巴塔哥尼亞羔羊是的 其中有人稱之為遊戲

  • is called tunechi Dean that's in testing guys that's pretty adventurous for some

    被稱為tunechi Dean,正在測試中 對某些人來說冒險的傢伙

  • people but we've been eating it now for a while and actually I like it it's got

    人們,但我們一直在吃它 一段時間,實際上我喜歡它的

  • a nice rubbery texture to it you've been eating it for a while this is not a good

    你去過的很好的橡膠質地 吃一會兒不好

  • thing right here and of course we have the chimichurri which is combination of

    事情就在這裡,當然我們有 混合的chimichurri

  • all things great that our garlic ascription 40 me to everything it is a

    大蒜很棒 歸因於40我是一切

  • combination of all things great oil things good Wonderlic wonderful for

    萬物油的結合 美好的事物Wonderlic精彩的

  • flavoring the middle good guys there you go all right parsley oil vinegar let's

    在那兒調味中間好人 去吧,歐芹油醋,讓我們

  • show some respect for where we are we're in the we're in Patagonia and they're

    對我們所處的位置表示尊重 在我們在巴塔哥尼亞,他們

  • most known for their lamb let's try that first

    最有名的是他們的羊羔,讓我們嘗試一下 第一

  • so I'm super juicing it's actually really tender cut of meat I've had some

    所以我真的很汁 我吃的肉真嫩

  • tougher lamb so that's nice to have some tender lamb moving on to the intestines

    堅韌的羔羊,所以很高興吃一些 嫩小腸移到腸道

  • you remember the first time you try that guy's it's like you who's the owner

    你還記得第一次嘗試 傢伙,就像你是所有者

  • do you remember the first time you had change in Venus because I remember yes

    你還記得第一次 金星的變化,因為我記得是的

  • oh alright guys now we're out on that and did you know what you were eating in

    哦,好傢伙,我們現在就 你知道你在吃什麼嗎

  • Peru or were you tricked I was check who tricked you

    秘魯還是被騙了我正在檢查誰 騙了你

  • you ordered it I think your uncle ordered that ya not to order them and

    你下令我想你叔叔 命令你不要命令他們

  • then we fed it to you it's really good it's really chewy

    那我們餵給你真的很好 真的很有嚼勁

  • I mean I wouldn't order like full plate of up put it nice it's a nice

    我的意思是我不會點全盤 說起來不錯

  • accompanying meat if you're adventurous with your taste buds well there's the

    如果您喜歡冒險,請帶上肉 你的味蕾很好

  • one I want favorite cuts of meat in Argentina down that's basically the ribs

    我想要的一種切成薄片的肉 阿根廷下來基本上就是肋骨

  • stop the bone there it's got the bold cut a big piece off here your big fancy

    停下來,那裡有大膽 在這裡砍掉你的大塊頭

  • knife no not quite the knife you bought yesterday but still pretty fancy it's

    刀不完全是你買的刀 昨天,但仍然很漂亮

  • not the go so a knife I think it was so nice about that knife I thought

    不是那麼走刀,我想是如此 我以為那把刀很好

  • yesterday was that all metal mm-hmm this one officer that wooden handle what it's

    昨天是所有金屬mm-hmm 一個木柄的軍官是什麼

  • very sturdy in the hand nice and sharp we got a lot of meat you know otherwise

    手中非常堅固,挺拔 我們有很多肉,否則你會知道

  • you get to


  • and now time just basically my favorite desert in Argentina its flank acero

    現在基本上我最喜歡的時間 阿根廷的沙漠側面aero

  • House flan with a giant portion of bolsa de leche yeah you need the rest or this

    房子果餡餅與一攬子的很大一部分 de leche yeah你需要休息或這個

  • is just for this is just one portion pass the portions here are so generous

    只是因為這只是一部分 通過這裡的部分是如此慷慨

  • with the meeting with the slides anything you order here is it's just

    與幻燈片會議 您在這裡訂購的任何東西只是

  • massive and just the quality is fantastic like the empanada was so juicy

    龐大而優質 像肉餡捲餅一樣多汁

  • and tasty the solid the pumpkin mash even the brain that's good even the

    並用固體南瓜泥搗碎 即使是大腦也很好

  • bread they bring with with like the homemade dip like there's nothing we've

    他們帶來的麵包 自製蘸醬,就像我們什麼都沒有

  • ordered here that hasn't been outstanding

    在這裡訂購尚未 優秀

  • like it's just been that good how is that dessert you just let it roll around

    就像那樣好 那個甜點你就讓它滾來滾去

  • on your tongue and it's like the best thing ever

    在你的舌頭上,這就像最好的 曾經的事情

  • yeah this is it's one of the better restaurants we've come to on our entire

    是的,這是更好的之一 我們整個都來的餐廳

  • trip so if you come double soon got to come here so right now guys that we are

    旅行,所以如果你來雙倍很快 來這裡,所以現在我們

  • eating at a place called novena they specialize in pastries and cakes but for

    他們在一個叫做novena的地方吃飯 專營糕點和蛋糕,但

  • lunch they also had pizzas on the menu yeah I had a Patagonian pizza and we're

    午餐他們在菜單上也有披薩 是的,我有一個巴塔哥尼亞披薩,我們

  • like mm that is interesting yeah so we

    喜歡 嗯,這很有趣,所以我們

  • decided to order it it has mozzarella cheese cooked ham bacon fried eggs for

    決定訂購它的芝士 奶酪煮火腿培根煎雞蛋

  • fried eggs my super cheesy on my plate how's it with the egg okay nice I like

    煎雞蛋,我的盤子超級俗氣 雞蛋好嗎我喜歡

  • it's just really unusual toppings for a pizza like hence the Patagonian beat

    這只是一個非常不尋常的澆頭 像披薩那樣的披薩

  • though I don't think I've ever had fried eggs on a pizza before we're like big

    雖然我不覺得我炸過 我們變大之前先在披薩上放雞蛋

  • strips of bacon and we are so hungry after I doing all morning along yep

    條培根,我們好餓 在我整個上午都做完之後

  • planning to get dessert we are why I'm here Sam is going in with or without a

    打算吃甜點,我們就是為什麼 在這裡,山姆要進去有沒有

  • these pieces are so thick it's like wait I left this up yo hands dirty look at

    這些碎片太厚了,就像在等待 我把這個丟了喲雙手臟看看

  • the size of that it's big chunks of bacon music Sam likes to eat pizza with

    它的大小很大 培根音樂Sam喜歡與披薩一起吃披薩

  • his hands forget colouring work needs coloring

    他的手 忘記上色工作需要上色

  • that's Jesus all right in the fighting that she is giving the matzah a little

    耶穌在戰鬥中沒事 她在給matzah一點點

  • stretch is amazing that's my cave man that's the cave man

    伸展是驚人的 那是我的穴居人那是穴居人

  • for you that's the man you married but Baker there's some small detail such as

    對你來說那是你結婚的男人 貝克有一些小細節,例如

  • it picks up yeah but like we came here for the desserts but we've been

    是的,但是就像我們來到這裡 甜點,但我們去過

  • pleasantly surprised by their manes oh my it is officially dessert time it sure

    他們的鬃毛令人驚喜地哦 我確定是正式的甜點時間

  • so what do you got of it chocolate sponge cooked in double filling

    那你有什麼巧克力 海綿在雙重填充中煮熟

  • chocolate shavings like a three boys and what you got yourself over there that

    像三個男孩一樣的巧克力屑 你在那裡得到了什麼

  • looks pretty magical I'm so excited to try this piercers actually like maybe

    看起來很神奇,我很興奮 試試這個穿孔器實際上就像

  • kind of like a fruit glaze on top the coconut sugar glaze and there's layer of

    有點像水果釉 椰子糖釉和一層

  • cake which is a thick of dense cake but coconut really weighs it down it's more

    濃密的蛋糕 椰子真的使它更加沉重

  • like a tart like coconut yes it's like I can see what my piece is

    像椰子一樣的蛋t 是的,就像我可以看到我的作品是

  • so much simpler than your there's so much so dense then the dull side that I

    比你簡單得多 如此沉悶的一面,以至於我

  • see all that coconut it's a really decadent guys feel like we're gonna be

    看到所有的椰子真的 廢的傢伙覺得我們會成為

  • in a food coma all this sugar no idea coma I'm like falling asleep cause it's

    在食物昏迷中所有這些糖不知道 昏迷,我想入睡,因為

  • so good


  • well guys the food has arrived and what can I say

    伙計們,食物已經到了,什麼 我能說......麼

  • number one tip if you're eating out in Argentina you probably got one name and

    如果您在外面用餐,則要給小費第一 阿根廷,您可能有一個名字,

  • share with two people because horses are just massive

    與兩個人分享,因為馬是 只是巨大的

  • especially the polygon where they're known for the big portions look at that

    特別是它們所在的多邊形 以大部分聞名

  • it's filling out so we got the milanesa I'll bullion which is their specialty

    填滿了,所以我們得到了milanesa 我要去金條這是他們的專長

  • I'm not going to get the supremo but a mod which is basically chicken breast

    我不會得到至高無上的,但是 mod基本上是雞胸肉

  • that's been like breaded and fried and this one has tomato sauce mozzarella

    就像麵包屑和油炸 這個有番茄醬芝士

  • and this is just like of the meal on top of Puri and because we didn't realize

    這就像最上面的一頓飯 的Puri,因為我們沒有意識到

  • it's gonna be that big so these ones are meat we're still gonna get dessert

    會那麼大,所以這些是 肉,我們仍然會得到甜點

  • that's the plan I mean we'll see how we feel

    那是計劃,我的意思是我們將看到我們如何 感覺

  • the tapas I am in cheese I forgot they have meat or ham and cheese we ended up

    我在奶酪裡的西班牙小吃我忘了他們 吃了肉,火腿和奶酪,最後

  • choosing the ham and cheese ones look about she's oozing out

    選擇火腿和奶酪的外觀 關於她滲出

  • Bheema rising is lot try not to burn I'd


  • like rolled up to him that's how that's that's what good empanadas are like

    就像捲到他身上那樣 那就是好肉餡捲餅

  • they're always stuff to the max this is lovely

    他們總是盡最大努力這是 可愛

  • appetizers wonderful I can't wait to dig into the main it's gonna be good

    開胃菜很棒,我等不及要挖 進入主站會很好

  • guys check out my Fred Flintstone portion this is literally the half

    大家看看我的弗雷德·弗林特斯通 這部分實際上是一半

  • portion if this was the whole thing you can imagine them you know they should be

    部分,如果這是你的全部 可以想像他們,你知道他們應該

  • spilling out over the plate yeah I remember your dad telling telling NASA

    灑在盤子上,是的,我 記得你爸爸告訴NASA

  • is were the best kinds of Milanese as you go to the phones now so big that the

    是最好的米蘭人 您現在使用的電話太大了,

  • plate can't even contain it yeah spills out over exactly I keep going into

    盤子甚至都不能容納它 恰好我繼續進入

  • milliliter but it is a supremo yo should get with chicken yeah let me know news

    毫升,但它是至高無上的 和雞肉一起吃耶讓我知道新聞

  • but it's usually veal yeah so I'm grabbing a piece here bacon and then a

    但是通常是小牛肉,所以我 在這裡抓一塊培根,然後

  • little bit of a yeah oh yeah tomato sauce and cheese to them some peeps

    一點點的是的,是的,西紅柿 醬和奶酪給他們一些偷看

  • ingredients they always blow I just love this kind of food buddy this is like

    他們總是吹我只是喜歡的成分 這種食物夥伴,就像

  • party Argentine food to the max the kind of food that you eat when you're hungry

    最大限度地提高阿根廷美食的種類 飢餓時吃的食物

  • or I mean it's a hot day today it would be perfect for the hall yeah it's a

    或者我是說今天天氣很熱 非常適合大廳,是的

  • little cooler hmm and this pumpkin mash goes really

    有點涼 嗯,這個南瓜泥真的

  • nicely with it so light kind of balances things out of

    很好 如此輕盈就能平衡事物

  • it well how was that meal oh it was great

    那頓飯怎麼樣啊 大

  • I feel like a beached whale other moment


  • my belly is so full we ate so much yesterday so it's just like an

    我的肚子很飽,我們吃了很多 昨天,就像

  • accumulation of yesterday's overeating and then another big meal today yeah I

    昨天暴飲暴食的積累 然後今天再吃一頓大餐

  • do feel very satisfied the portions were huge great price - yeah only fourteen US

    的確感到非常滿意 巨大的價格-是的,只有14個美國

  • dollars seven per person yeah we had a lot of bread we had really good

    每人7美元,是的,我們有一個 我們吃的很多麵包真的很好

  • empanadas no I'll go have this shine never yeah I was like you know no

    肉餡捲餅不,我要去閃耀 從來沒有,我就像你知道不

  • alcohol no dessert either and so but you know what we are going for dessert right

    酒精也沒有甜點,所以你 知道我們要吃什麼甜點吧

  • now scream shop we were at night that place was so good yeah we're like you

    現在尖叫商店,我們在晚上 這個地方太好了,我們就像你一樣

  • know what were our time elbows own is ticking down we gotta go one more time I

    知道我們的時間手肘是什麼 滴答作響,我們得再走一次

  • don't enjoy it but maybe we'll try different flavors

    不喜歡它,但也許我們會嘗試 不同口味

  • Tim got the same flavor again minun get a we ordered a quarter kilo of ice cream

    蒂姆再次得到相同的味道 我們訂購了四分之一公斤的冰淇淋

  • to share the delicious one flavor mitigation which as you know is the do

    分享一種美味 如您所知,緩解措施

  • legite with meringue I got Andean chocolates I don't know if it's gonna be

    我有安第斯蛋白酥皮 巧克力,我不知道會不會

  • sweet or bitter and a mousse with berries from the forest those are the

    甜或苦和摩絲 森林裡的漿果

  • three flavors were sharing and we're sharing some eating it's a quarter of a

    共有三種口味,我們 分享一些吃的東西是四分之一

  • kilo and it just had ice cream last night for supreme supreme pig O's when

    公斤,它剛吃完冰淇淋 晚上為至高無上的豬O的時候

  • it comes to ice cream guys we have a quarter kilo to get through order kilo

    說到冰淇淋傢伙,我們有一個 四分之一公斤通過訂單公斤

  • yeah remember we talked a little bit of being piggy this is evidence Demming

    是的,我們還談了一點 小豬這就是證據

  • right here are so heinous guys I'm going to show you the best flavor and all of

    就在這裡,我要去的令人髮指的傢伙 展示給你最好的味道

  • our GT nut also de leche with meringue you haven't even tried chocolate from

    我們的GT堅果也可以酥皮 你甚至都沒有嘗試過巧克力

  • the end easy yet so this may not be the best mmm you just wait we'll just let it

    最終容易,所以這可能不是 最好的mmm,你只要等我們就讓它

  • roll around on your tongue and the strong dulce de leche flavor just

    在你的舌頭上滾來滾去 濃郁的杜爾塞德萊什風味

  • overpowers chocolate where's the chocolate

    壓倒巧克力在哪裡 巧克力

  • oh that's it is it on this side it's a very similar color to do the ditch it's

    哦,就是這邊,這是一個 非常相似的顏色來做溝

  • right there oh that's it okay so what you're trying to move out of the way

    對,哦,沒關係,那又怎樣 你正在努力擺脫困境

  • that's what you want to be trying mmm it's such a rich flavor it's really good

    那就是你想要嘗試的mmm 味道很濃真的很好

  • no it doesn't beat the dulce de leche oh come on

    不,它沒有擊敗dulce de leche哦 來吧

  • leave this is porous various this is a local one mm-hmm

    離開這是多孔的,這是一個 本地一毫米-毫米

  • oh yeah it's premium and refreshing dulce de leche and the chocolate one are

    哦,是的,這很新鮮 dulce de leche和巧克力之一是

  • really alike potent I'm going from what surprise your horse anyways guys this is

    真的很有效,我要從什麼 無論如何都讓你的馬感到驚訝

  • a really fantastic place to get ice cream the name of it yes ha ha ha ha

    一個真的很棒的地方去冰 奶油它的名字是的哈哈哈哈

  • you're passing to elbow zone definitely common especially if you're visiting

    你肯定是經過肘區 常見,特別是如果您訪問

  • during the summer


  • be sure the other chairs a rare nightlife moment for us burning

    確保其他椅子 對我們來說難得的夜生活時刻

  • the midnight oil over here lot bunch of sets we got this is like a

    午夜的油在這裡 很多套我們得到的就像

  • twist on teen and fries with melted cheese smoked bacon chives

    在青少年和炸薯條上融化 芝士煙熏培根細香蔥

  • and that concludes our food tour of a wood sauna we hope this video gave you a

    到此結束我們的美食之旅 木桑拿,我們希望這個視頻能給你一個

  • few ideas of some of the delicious Maine's desserts and drinks you can

    一些美味的一些想法 緬因州的甜點和飲料可以

  • enjoy in town if you ever do find yourself in this part of patagonia now

    如果有的話,在城裡享受 自己現在在巴塔哥尼亞的這一部分

  • wishing you one drove it and we'll see you soon with more videos from el bolson Argentina

    希望你開車,我們會看到 很快就會收到來自El bolson Argentina的更多視頻

in today's video we're going to be taking you on a food tour of el bolson

在今天的視頻中,我們將成為 帶您進行埃爾·博爾森美食之旅


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