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  • Hi Bob Thing Disguises working Patrick.

  • I mean, Patricia Sponge Bob.

  • You never told me at a girlfriend.

  • Oh, notice girlfriend throw.

  • Your girlfriend is not actually Larry.

  • She's not like girlfriend.

  • She's just that it's cool, buddy, You don't have to explain your girlfriend and may, but she's not my girlfriend.

  • I don't know why you're standing here talking to May when you should be talking to your girlfriend.

  • Come on, Patricia.

  • Congratulations on the new girlfriend.

  • Dude.

  • Bob, this is not the time for Sunday stroll.

  • It's time for work For Mr Crabs.

  • The Krusty Krab doesn't open for another two hours.

  • There would be no such thing is open and too early.

  • May boy.

  • Excuse us, miss.

  • It's going bad.

  • Who's your friend, Mr Crabs?

  • This is Patricia Trish.

  • Most beautiful sound I've ever seen.

  • SpongeBob?

  • Do we need any more help down at the Krusty Krab now?

  • We dio great.

  • She can start right away.

  • On who are you?

  • My ribbon asking beauty.

  • That's Patricia I know.

  • Is Christie Crab employees Well, she sure is stunning.

  • Just keep your eyes on the customer's misters.

  • Quit word.

  • Patricia.

  • I drew this for you.

  • Like those is uncanny if I didn't say so, Master.

  • Very squid.

  • Word order Abcnews.

  • Excuse me.

  • Squid word.

  • Oh, this order goes to table seven.

  • And remember your for me.

  • That's a seven.

  • Patricia Moose Turk rubs you ordered to Krusty meals.

  • Did I order to muse?

  • Oh, City me?

  • I can't possibly eat too crusty meals myself.

  • I guess you just have to help me finish all this food.

  • What?

  • Appreciate?

  • We may have only known each other for a short time now, but I feel like a special connection has been made.

  • Why a woman?

  • You know, I don't call me that sizzle.

  • Lips squared for nothing free there Saturday night.

  • That sort spoon public lawyer having a staring contest go free water.

  • But I don't come back until all those Patties crabby Now that we're alone, how would you like to be my date Friday night?

  • To a or two sports bar?

  • But I won't be flying submarines at night.

  • I have to get back toe crusting the crab.

  • Were those two so nice to me?

  • They were never this nice toe.

  • Patrick, It's weird.

  • Are you sure about Saturday night?

  • Persistent Butch, That's in a branch?

  • No, thanks again But I made reservations for two.

  • We should do No.

  • No word, no move, no.

  • Is it about me that makes those two so friendly?

  • Was something to do with this disguise?

  • Were this any longer?

  • You reveal your secret identity, you'll have to leave the source.

  • SpongeBob I just can't live like this anymore.

  • Attardi Pretending to be someone I'm not time to us.

  • Have an announcement to make.

Hi Bob Thing Disguises working Patrick.


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