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today I'm here with grampa lovin You baby your little apple, Honey, it's wants to know you up to the challenge.
Am I now?
The first thing you need to know about using a telephone is to speak very loudly.
Your voice has to carry through miles and miles of cables and we don't speak up.
How is your switchboard operator going to know how to connect your call?
I think that's what we're talking about today.
If there's one thing I know, it's telephones.
I want racked up $7 in long distance fees.
$7 could buy you a hot rod and a jar here.
Greece in those days, I think they're asking about the phones people used today.
You know, like, there you call this little square piece of glass of phone, it doesn't even have buttons.
And what I'm supposed to cause somebody on this rectangular surfboard.
Seriously, I'm not sure I understand what the who now operator is.
You grab a lemon that's very hurt by serious.
I'm only gonna say this once this line I'm trying to reach the switchboard.
Yeah, pressure on our phones.
Don't you lecture me about the history of telephones.
I went to high school with Alexander Graham.
Bell Pepper now?
No, like, I think the audience wants to know how to use a smartphone.
You know, like abs and stuff.
Ah, that's precisely how Alexander Graham Bell Pepper met his end.
He mistakenly got served as an app at the Met gala.
Not that kind of crap.
A lemon.
I have so many questions.
All right, all right.
This is too much.
I'm not put the apse time for the next.
Maybe it could wait until the episode is finished.
You know that Already drooling, I see.
Oh, it's actually a good demonstration of what?
Not to deal with your smart phone.
Water resistant or even wanted program.
Four point.
But still, it's a good idea to keep him away from liquid, if possible.
Otherwise they go.
Would you look at all those grab having a dream about appetizers?
They look delicious.
You know who the what now?
Gosh way.
Oh, no.
We should get out of here.
Let's sir for no time to talk.
Oh, I feel young again.



15 分類 收藏
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